BTCC: How to Earn $1000 a Month by Trading Bitcoin Futures Contracts

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Warren Buffett has a great quote that says:

“If you cannot find a way to earn while you sleep, you’ll have to work… till you perish.”


Reality is: You do not earn forever!

This applies whether you are on a monthly pay-slip or at whatever earns you bread and butter.

Here’s the deal:

Most people are often aware that their earnings are not perpetual. And they take a step further to create a savings kitty. They have a fat savings culture and accounts.

And here comes the greatest fallacy: Saved resources never earn – if you can buy my advice, which jells greatly with Buffett’s saying above. 

Here are my two cents: go for wise investments, go for Bitcoin futures.

This story is not a hoax. I know folks hate blocks of text but please stick around and relish how I hit $1000 from the comfort of my laptop.

How I Landed on a Gold Mine

This is a story of how I clocked $1000 within a month.

I was introduced to online trading by one of my buddies – Collins.

Over time, I had admired the way Collins did things. He never ventured into losing sprees.

So, in November 2019, Collins guided me to sign up for a fiat trading account, and I was burning with the desire to learn every bit and make it.

Unfortunately, the FX markets felt the heat of the Coronavirus effects.

Wrong story short, I kept losing trades, and my capital base dwindled.

I still believed in Collins, and as we passed the year 2019, I had a brief but candid discussion with Collins. 

He sounded assuring, even as my hopes kept waning away. But here is a clean take away: Find a way to minimize your risks!

How?,” I retorted.

Collins responded, “Bro, you are on the right track. In fact, I’m amazed you stuck this far. You are among the top 5% that make it.”

Come January this year, and Collins signed me up for an account with

He assured me that my strategies in FX were smart, but my risk mitigation was wanting. And that trading Bitcoin futures should fix that gap for me.

Guess what? I landed on a gold mine!

I’ve built on consistency, holding my figures together, learning the ropes, and consistently plowing in my returns.

So, come last month, I clocked a clean $1000 trading Bitcoin Futures!

It’s amazing!

Both I and Collins do not have College degrees, but we made the right and smart choices when it comes to investments.

Over to you now. Do not leave your savings lying idle in bank accounts. Make sure you reap more from your hard-earned labor. 

Make wise choices. Be smart with your risk appetite, but be smartest with risk mitigation mechanisms. 

Go for Bitcoin futures, and thank me later.

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What are Bitcoin Futures? 

First, you know that prices of stocks and commodities rise and fall. That arises from many factors, which bring about risks.

A Bitcoin Future is a superb way to beat the risks.


As an investor, you speculate and buy or sell whenever the prices shift to your favor in the future. The time element is critical and is tagged to future dates in the Bitcoin Futures contracts.

That’s how a Bitcoin Futures contract works.

Note: Traders should not confuse Bitcoin futures with forwards. Forwards are unregulated while Futures are under regulation.

Trade Bitcoin Ethereum Futures on BTCC Today and Get 1000 Interest-free USDT.

Hedging Explained

Hedging is, in other words, risk reduction.

When you get into a Bitcoin futures contract, you are bound to buy or sell when the underlying conditions are satisfied.

That’s what allows you the wonderful leeway to invest in a less risky way.

Hedgers compose the key participants for the futures market. 

A Hedger arises from either an individual or corporate participating in the selling or buying of a commodity.

Of particular interest to Hedgers partaking in the trades with Bitcoin Futures are:

  • the general prices of digital assets, and
  • the rates of both interest and exchange.

Hedgers should not be confused for speculators.

Speculators follow a pattern where they make assumptions of risks for them to profit from them.

Essentially, Hedgers take the approach of managing market and economic risks and offsetting them.

There exist the following three categories of Hedgers:

  • Buyer-side Hedgers: Their concern is a bullish market (rising prices)
  • Seller-side Hedgers: Their concern is a bearish market (falling prices)
  • Merchandisers: A category of Hedgers who cascade both selling and buying markets. This category may have the advantage of being able to net-off positions, either long or short, to their advantage. 

Risky Wallets – Counter Them With Bitcoin Futures Investments

Transacting with digital wallets requires that users own a wallet.

And all-around exchanges and wallet service providers lurks the dangers of hacking and theft.

The advantage with Bitcoin Futures emerges from the fact that no Wallets are required for you to transact. There’s no physical exchange of Bitcoin while settling your transactions.

Regulated exchanges facilitate all the transactions, and settlement is done by cash. 

The note that regulation is in the picture creates an enabling environment for institutional investors to come into the picture, invest, and create a credible investment vehicle.

Pillars of a Crypto Futures Contract

It takes the form of a legal contract with the following items:

  • Contractual unit: This states the number of Bitcoins per unit. For instance, the CME sticks to 5 Bitcoins as one unit applicable across all reference rates
  • Price quotations:  In Fist amounts like the USD
  • Trading schedules or hours: Running from Sunday all through a working week to Friday and from 6 p.m.-5 p.m.
  • Product code for Bitcoin futures is BTC
  • Listed contracts: This shows the length of validity of contracts floated for durations of 6 months following each other.

More Details on BTCC

BTCC has accumulated hands-on 9 years of expertise in the digital-assets space. It has a great score with no significant security incident since its inception.

BTCC is a global marketplace, with humongous interests spanning the entire globe.

Bitcoin’s future under BTCC exchange comes out as an exclusive product leveraging cutting edge technology into investment opportunities cascading the frontier between virtual assets and physical ones.

You have the choice to transact in English or Chinese languages with web modules enabling each according to your choices.

Can I Trade via BTCC While on the Move?

Sure, BTCC allows you very flexible interfaces to suit your schedules.

For one, if you are the office type, Windows suits you best.

BTCC is mindful of the busy schedules and has mobile client-side interfaces for Android and iOS, Google, and Apple stores.

The language translation supports are incorporated in each of the choices you prefer above.

Parting Note

BTCC is your go-to platform for Crypto Future Trades. Apart from Bitcoin (BTC), other altcoins involved are:

CFDs are an emerging and profitable investment vehicle by virtue of adding a more robust risk mitigation cover.

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