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Nigeria Bitcoin Community

We are a group of Nigerian entrepreneurs who have years of experience in online investing and internet marketing.

Bitcoin is proven to be one of the world most important development of the 21st century and every informed person need to have knowledge of Bitcoin as Bitcoin is the future of money. But the fall back is that people are scammed off their Bitcoin especially the new once because they invest in mouth-watering opportunities in Bitcoin which are just SCAM.

We created this site – Nigeria Bitcoin Community –  to;

  • educate you on all you need to know about Bitcoin including where you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria.
  • bring you tested and trusted income opportunities in Bitcoin and how you can start earning.
  • help you know and avoid Bitcoin scam by exposing them. they are increasing by the day, so we advise you contact us to help you review the Bitcoin business you just discovered before you put your money.
  • continually update you on the important trending informational news in the bitcoin world
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