Review: How To Trade Successfully – A Must Read!

In this article, you will learn about one of the top crypto exchanges – is an advanced crypto exchange that supports the trade of over 1000 crypto pairs.

This exchange has one of the highest trade volume on Coinmarketcap.

And hey! before I forget, you can make some passive income off this platform.

If you want to be in the know about this exchange then, let’s dive right in!

Post Summary

Before I unpack all that I have for you in this post, here is what I intend to cover;

  1. (An Overview)
  2. Features of
  3. Products and Services
  4. Native Tokens of
  5. Supported Currencies and Countries
  6. Fees and Payment Method
  7. Limits and Verification Requirements
  8. Customer Support and Public Opinion
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Conclusion

All set? Let’s get started! (An Overview) is a subsidiary of Technology. It is a crypto exchange founded by Lin Han.

This exchange launched in 2013 as but rebranded to in 2017. used to be a Chinese based exchange providing fiat on-ramp services to users.

However, it has since shifted attention from China and has remodelled into a crypto-to-crypto exchange after the crackdown of crypto in China.

Currently, this company is headquartered in George Town, United Kingdom, and it supports users worldwide. is one of the largest crypto exchange in the world by trade volume.

It ranks 6th on CMC with a $3,648,383,836 trade volume as of May 21, 2021.

On this exchange; you can trade, borrow and lend crypto assets, participate in DeFi, and earn passively off your coins.

Apart from being a crypto trading platform, is also a “Token Sale Platform” like Binance, OKEx, etc.

This simply means that can crypto projects can host their ICO or IEO on their exchange.

You can now head over to the next section, where I will show you its features.

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Features of

  • Intuitive UI
  • Advanced trading tools
  • Plethora of tokens
  • High trade volume
  • Super secured SSL Link
  • Offline Bitcoin Wallet Technology
  • Low Fee
  • Mobile App
  • Sub-account

Below, I will take you through all the services offered on this exchange.

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Products and Services

There are tons of cryptocurrency-related products and services offered on this exchange. I will exhaustively discuss them below.

i. Deposit USD

This is a newly launched product on

It allows you to buy cryptocurrencies from a third-party platform with fiat currencies by depositing your USD with

ii. Markets

“Market” shows you all the cryptocurrencies that can be traded on this exchange.

It equally shows you their trading pairs too.

iii. Trades

The following types of Trades are available on

  • Spot
    • Spot Trading: This is where you exchange your crypto asset for another – Say you placed an order to buy or sell 1INCH for your BTC.
    • Margin Trading: Here, you are borrowing additional funds from to perform your trade. Note that this type of trade can amplify both your profits and losses.
    • ETF: ETF simply stands for Exchange Traded Fund. allows you to trade, leveraged, combined, and inverse ETFs. More so, it supports up to 143 ETFs. Impressive!
    • Push Transaction: Using this feature, you can flexibly trade your cryptocurrencies directly with another user in a peer-to-peer manner.
  • Derivatives
    • Perpetual: supports two types of Perpetual contracts – BTC Settled and USDT settled.
    • Delivery: This is basically futures trading, BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT are the 2 contracts supported. Contracts are settled Quarterly, Weekly, and Bi-Weekly.
    • CBBC: This is a futures contract that allows you to predict the market trend of a crypto asset in the future (whether Bullish or Bearish). Read more here.
    • Warrant: This is similar to options trading. It is a contractual right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specific price in the future. Note that, as of May 2021, “Warrant” is still on the testnet. Find more details here.

iv. Finance

Gate,io has the following services under Finance:

  • Lend
    • HODL & Earn: Here, you can earn passively by staking any of the supported crypto assets for a predetermined time. For instance, you earn USDG when your stake your GT tokens for 7 days, Note that you cannot withdraw your staked assets until the contract is settled.
    • Periodic Investment Plan: This is a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) product on It is one of the very best investment strategies in crypto that allows you to buy a fixed amount of crypto-asset periodically. Click here to learn more.
    • Crypto Lending: This is where you lend your crypto assets to margin traders and earn an interest in return. You can withdraw your interest after 10 days.
    • Dual Currency Product: This is the DCD investment plan on Learn more.
  • Loan
    • Crypto Loan: Here, you lend a certain cryptocurrency (let’s say EOS) as collateral to borrow another crypto (say BTC). However, your collateral must be up to 70% of your borrowed amount. The loan obtained must be repaid before or after the duration of 10 days.
    • Margin Borrowing: If you wish to top up your trading capital, allows you to borrow any of your desired crypto assets with either BTC or USDT. Note that you need to, first of all, deposit your BTC or USDT to your Margin wallet/account before you can borrow.
  • Mining
    • Yield Farming: Here, you earn passively by staking your coins to the following yield farm pairs: ETH/BTC, ETH/BTC, and SUSHI/ETH
    • Lending and Farming: This is very similar to the “Yield Farm” product we discussed above. The difference is that here you can earn passively by adding liquidity to over 70 liquidity pools that are not paired.

v. Quantitative Trading

This basically allows you to automate your trade using the grid trading strategy.

You can use “Quantitative trading” to conduct both Futures and Spot trading. Learn more.

vi. Wallet offers you its custodial cold storage and a hot wallet to store, send and receive over 180 cryptocurrencies.

vii. Other Products on

1. Startup

This is the “Token Sale Platform” of You can participate in any of the ongoing ICO by clicking on the image of the token and following the instruction that follows.

2. Cryptopedia

With this, you can search for any Blockchain-related terms and get their meaning instantly.

3. Voting Activities

Here, users are allowed to vote for the listing of two quality projects. In the end, the project with the majority of votes will be launched.

Also, all voters can win an airdrop of the project token too. However, to qualify for any of the list votings, you must have HODL your GT tokens for 14 days.

4. Gate Chain

This is’s blockchain and it is dedicated to funding safety and decentralized exchanges. Find more details here.

5. is the block explorer on this exchange.

It enables you to view all the transactions that have taken place on 4 respective blockchains: BTC, ETH, USDT, and GT_EVM.

Having completely discussed the products on this exchange, we will talk about its native tokens below.

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Native Tokens of has 2 native tokens that aid in the smooth running of the platform.

  • Gate Token (GT)
  • USDG

Gate Token (GT)

This token is an ERC-20 token and it powers two ecosystem of

  • Gatechain: Just as ETH is used to pay for gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain, the GT token is likewise used to pay for network fees, and also for POS mining on Gatechainthe public blockchain of
  • Exchange: Here on, the GT token is used to pay for trading fees at a discount rate.

It also serves as the currency that permits a user to participate in any activity carried out on the exchange including Vote Campaign, HODL & Earn,

Initially, the total supply of this token was 1 billion. However, the team behind it implemented a buy-back and burn function to their coin some years later.

This led to subsequent Coin burn of the GT tokens (as you will see here). As of May 2021, the total supply of this coin has reduced to 3 million.


USDG is a USD stablecoin managed by

It is interoperable with the Gatechain and Ethereum blockchain. users can swap their USDG for another stable coin on S. Finance.

They can also earn this token by participating in HODL and Earn product.

These are the two tokens of this exchange…

Meanwhile, scroll down to the next section… I will take you through the Supported Currencies and Countries.

Supported Currencies and Countries

Supported Currencies

Cryptocurrencies supports over 600 cryptocurrencies with over 1000 trading pairs; including ETFs.

I have a list of some of them here:



  • USD

Supported Countries supports over 180 countries. Find some of the supported countries in the table below!

‍The following are the list of countries that are NOT supported on this exchange:

  • Washington State ( U.S. A)
  • New York ( U. S. A)
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Pakistan
  • The Government of Venezuela
  • Crimea

Next, we will look at the fees and payment methods on this exchange. Keep reading!

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Fees And Payment Methods On


  1. Deposit USD – 0.08%

2. Trading Fees – This fee is calculated based on your:

  • Tier rate: has up to 16 VIP tiers and it is calculated based on your 30days volume trade
  • GT holdings: You get a 70% fee discount when you pay with this token
  • Points: You also get a 70% fee discount when you pay with this token. 1Point = $1 trade fee discount, and you can buy them on

See the trading fees at a glance!

For Spot trading:

(Normal fee/ GT debit)
(Normal fee/ GT|Point debit)
VIP 00.2% |0.15%0.2% |0.15%
VIP 10.185% | 0.139%0.195% | 0.146%
VIP 20.175% | 0.131%0.185% | 0.139%
VIP 30.165% |0.124%0.175% | 0.131%
VIP 40.155%| 0.116%0.165% |0.124%
VIP 50.145% |0.109%0.155%| 0.116%
VIP 60.135% | 0.101%0.145% |0.109%
VIP 70.125% |0.094%0.135% | 0.101%
VIP 80.115%|0.086%0.125% |0.094%
VIP 90.105% |0.079%0.115%|0.086%
VIP 100.095% | 0.052%0.105% / 0.058 %
VIP 110.085%| 0.015%0.095% / 0.045 %
VIP 120.075% | 0.01%0.085% / 0.04 %
VIP 130.065%|0.005%0.075% / 0.035 %
VIP 140.055% | 0%0.065% / 0.03 %
VIP 150.055% | -0.005%0.065% / 0.025 %
VIP 160.055%| -0.01%0.065% / 0.025 %

For Futures trading:

(Normal fee/GT|Point debit)
VIP 00.00%0.050% / 0.075 %
VIP 1-0.005%0.048% / 0.075 %
VIP 2-0.005%0.046% / 0.075 %
VIP 3-0.005%0.044% / 0.075 %
VIP 4-0.005%0.042% / 0.075 %
VIP 5-0.005%0.040% / 0.075 %
VIP 6-0.005%0.038% / 0.075 %
VIP 7-0.005%0.036% / 0.075 %
VIP 8-0.005%0.034% / 0.075 %
VIP 9-0.005%0.032% / 0.075 %
VIP 10-0.005%0.030% / 0.075 %
VIP 11-0.008%0.030% / 0.075 %
VIP 12-0.010%0.030% / 0.075 %
VIP 13-0.012%0.030% / 0.075 %
VIP 14-0.015%0.030% / 0.075 %
VIP 15-0.020%0.030% / 0.075 %
VIP 16-0.025%0.030% / 0.075 %

3. Deposit and Withdrawal fee

Deposit FeeFor ERC20 USDT and OMNI USDT:
Other Cryptos:
Withdrawal feeDependent on

4. Crypto Lending Fee

VIP 018.0%
VIP 117.1%
VIP 216.2%
VIP 315.3%
VIP 414.4%
VIP 513.5%
VIP 612.6%
VIP 711.7%
VIP 810.8%
VIP 99.9%
VIP 109.0%
VIP 118.1%
VIP 127.2%
VIP 136.3%
VIP 14 – 165.4%

Payment Methods

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • USD

Scroll down to the next section!

Limits And Verification Requirements


LimitsUnverified UsersVerified Users
Deposit Amount
Min: 0.0001
Max: None
 Min: 0.0001
Max: None
Withdrawal Amount No
Min: Dependent
on crypto
Max: $100000 –
(per day)

Verification Requirements

The verification requirements on this exchange is not that tedious. Here they are:

  • Country
  • Full name
  • Identity document (National ID, Driver’s License, Passport)
  • A picture of yourself holding your passport and a note with your account ID

Note that you must complete your verification before you can trade or withdraw from this platform.

Hope you are still here? Good!

Now, let’s head straight to’s Support and reviews!

Customer Support and Public Opinion

You can send your queries or complaints to through these channels:

  • Support Ticket:
  • Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:
  • Biyong:

You can also make use of the “Help Centre” or the “C2C guide” on the website.

We wills look at the Public Opinion from these platforms:

Coinmarketcap 8.2/10 trust score,
and it is one of the
Top Crypto Exchanges
on CMC.
Trustpilot2.0/5 Star Rating– Withdrawal
– Not so
User friendly
Google Playstore3.3/5 Star Rating– Not so
User friendly

These are all I have for public opinion. You can give us your personal review in the comment section…if you are already using this exchange.

We are almost close to the end of this review. Scroll down!

I answered some of your questions about this exchange.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I register an account with this exchange?

Follow these steps:
1. Go to and click on “Sign Up”

2.Fill in the registration form and click on “Next”.

3. Enter your “Fund Password” and click on “Create account”.

3. A verification email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link and activate your account by entering your email address and password again.

Congratulations! You now have a account.

2. How do I deposit funds into my wallet?

Here is a quick step to guide you through:

1. Log into your account, navigate to the “Wallet” section and click on “Deposit”.

2. On the “Search box”, type in the crypto asset you want to deposit. (Remember to select the right “Chain”; for crypto that has multiple blockchains.

3. Once you are done with the step above, a “QR code” and a “Deposit address” will display on your screen.

4. Send the coin to the address by scanning the Qr code or pasting the address to the wallet you wish to send from.
And that’s it!

3. How do I withdraw my funds from

This is an easy step on how to:
1.Log into your account, navigate to the “Wallet” section, and click on “Withdraw”.

2. On the “Search box”, type in the crypto asset you want to deposit. (Remember to select the right “Chain” for cryptos that exist multiple blockchains)

3. Enter your wallet address, write a short description, and then enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

4. You will find your fee already displayed on your screen. Enter your “Withdrawal password” and click on “Send Email code”.

5. A Withdrawal code will be sent to your email. Copy and paste it in the “Email code” box. Click on “Submit Request”

It is that easy πŸ™ƒ

4. Is Safe?

I will say yes based on these points:
1. It has a high trust score rate on CMC
2. It secures users funds with a cold storage wallet and Super secured SSL
3. It is one of the top exchanges with high trade volume (this shows that the exchange is a big one and it is trusted by many users)
4. It has been in existence since 2013 and has a known a founder
5. The team behind it is also very active on their social media platforms.
6. The exchange accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies and has continued to list promising altcoins such as Tenset.
See How You Can Earn Up to $300 for Participating in AMA Tenset

However, this exchange has been hacked in the past; when it was

Nonetheless, I suggest you DYOR before investing!

Ps: If you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably, we developed a perfect course to help you master Cryptocurrency Trading.
Go to to enrol.

Conclusion is one of the top exchanges where you can trade multiple cryptocurrencies with advanced trading tools.

Most of its services are designed to give you the best trading experience. No doubt!

Here is where I will draw the drapes close for this review.

But what is your view about this exchange?

Do you still have a question about this exchange?

Drop your comment in the box below.

Feel free to click on the Share buttons! Cheers!

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  • Gluts of crypto assets
  • Advanced trading tools


  • Some countries not supported

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