Fortron Review: Is This Decentralized Smart Contract Legit?

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In today’s review, I will do my best to encapsulate everything you need to know about Fortron.

Fortron is the new trending MLM platform that promises to help investors accumulate as much Tron as possible.

If you are a good networker, this platform may be a very good opportunity for you.

But is it worth the hustle? You will find the answers to this and more by the time you read through this post.

Post Summary

Our discussion of Fortron will be in the following order;

  1. What is Fortron?
  2. How Does Fortron Work?
  3. Fortron Matrix Plan Explained
  4. Payment Structure|How to Earn on Fortron
  5. Customer Support Channel and Public Opinion
  6. Is Fortron Legit?
  7. Conclusion

Let’s proceed to the main post.

What is Fortron?

Fortron is a Matrix program built on the Tron Blockchain.

This matrix is self-executing and is designed to be a decentralized Tron smart contract that can be viewed by everyone on the Tronscan.

It was pre-launched sometime in August 2020 but launched it Version 2 on 9th October 2020.

The holy grail of Fortron is to build an overwhelming community where investors can mutually grow their Tron through an MLM strategy.

Since the platform is fully automated, it is virtually managed by all members on the platform; no admins needed.

The team behind Fortron is the same as that of Forsage.

As gathered from this pre-launch video found on YouTube, we saw Lado Ohhotnikov(the Forsage guy) explaining how the platform is expanding to the Tron Blockchain.

So in other words, Fortron is Forsage based on the Tron blockchain.

Impressively, this move may cause a spike in the price of Tron and can greatly be profitable to veteran networkers.

Let’s go see how the platform works.

How Does Fortron Work?

To join the business plan, you have to register with a referral link or sign up instantly on the website.

Getting serious with the business requires you to purchase the Fortron plans worth 100 TRX (at 50 TRX each) at the same time.

You can make this purchase by installing and funding a Tron support wallet, preferably, Trust Wallet for mobile and TronLink for computers.

The successful purchase of the plans will spontaneously bestow on you the rights of membership.

After then, the hustle into the Fortron Matrix program begins.

Any payments made on the platform are transferred directly to and from person to person wallets.

To get more details on how Fortron works, below, we will be looking at the Fortron Matrix Plan.

Fortron Matrix Plans Explained

Fortron has two distinct matrix plans that come with 12 different levels.  The plans are;

  • FTR3 (for 50 TRX and requires 3 direct referrals to close and reopen slot)
  • FTR4 (for 50 TRX requires 6 referrals to close and reopen slot)

Below is the table that shows a breakdown of the plans and the price tag allotted to each level.


FTR3 has three open slots, and you are required to make at least three direct referrals to keep the matrix running.

Failure to do so will bring an end to your earnings.

Here, it is also pertinent that you know that your earnings largely depend on your networking potential.

There are no passive income coming from this level; thus, the more referrals you make, the more earnings.

So your earning ends abruptly once your referral power fades.



In FTR4, there are 6 open slots to be filled by your direct and indirect referrals. Once the 6th referral fills this slot, it goes to your upline and reopens the same level.

The fascinating drive in this plan is that; you do not have to work so hard before you can earn.

This is because the goal of this Matrix is to form a formidable network of people that can earn a passive overflow of income coming from their downline.


  • The two plans are activated at the same and can be operated simultaneously.
  • Levels that are already activated do not expire, so long there is a referral to reopen the matrix.
  • Multiple levels can be activated at a time, but you cannot skip levels in between
  • To keep your affiliates under you, you must operate at the same level or at a higher level than them.

Considering the explanations that I have given you above, you can say Fortron is lucrative, right?

Well, don’t be too certain yet till you read to the end of the post.

Payment Structure|How to Earn on Fortron

Since Fortron has no product to sell, earning on the platform is solely based on referrals.

Below, I will give you a breakdown of the payment structure and how you can earn as a Fortron member.

  1. Referrals
  2. Reinvestment
  3. Undertaking
  4. Spillover

1. Referrals


Fortron gives you a 100% compensation of the payment made by your referrals from their wallet directly to your wallet.

The screenshot above displays an estimation of profit that you can make on Fortron by referring people.

Here is how it works:

In FTR3: The payments made by your 1st and 2nd referrals are transferred directly to your Tron wallet.

Whereas, the income coming from your 3rd referral belongs to your sponsor or upline.

In FTR4: The capital of your 1st and 2nd referrals goes to your upline.

The payments made by your 3rd, 4th, and 5th referrals are paid directly into your personal wallet.

While your upline earns the income deposited by your 6th referrals.

2. Reinvestment

This means that earnings on the same level of a matrix plan are reoccurring once there is a referral to reopen the level.

Simply put, there is no limit to the amount of income you will make at each level (and you can earn forever on the same level).

3. Undertaking

These are the earnings that come from the downline of a member who has not upgraded to a higher level as their downline.

4. Spillover

Fortron FTR4 Plan

The Spillover bonuses are only earned on the FTR4 Matrix Plan.

Remember that in FTR4, 6 positions must be filled before a level is ropened.

However, you cannot place all this referrals directly under you.

For the 6 slots to be filled two referrals must be registered under you and your referrals till the level reopens.

Thus, spillover is the income you earn from the downline registered under you by your upline.

These are the ways you can earn from Fortron.

Let’s check out the next subheading.

Customer Support Channel and Public Opinion

Telegram is the only customer support channel available on the platform.

And you can reach out to the community using the link that you are seeing below.


Unlike Lion’s share Telegram group where members cannot air their views, Fortron’s community on Telegram is very interactive.

Speaking on the public opinion, I was able to find only two reviews of Fortron on Trustpilot on a 1:1 ratio of varying opinions.

The first review spoke ill of the platform while the other review was a good one.

You can check out the reviews I got by clicking on the link here.

Nevertheless, I cannot make my judgement based on these two reviews.

This is because Fortron is relatively new, and people are still getting to know about it.

Is Fortron Legit?

Based on my findings and research, I cannot openly state that Fortron is a scam. This is because I do not have substantial evidence to say so.

Here are some of the reasons that make Fortron Investment moderately acceptable;

  • It is self-executing and so, there is no admin to manipulate and mishandle members’ funds.
  • It is a very profitable business model for a good networker
  • All transactions can be viewed on Tronscan, thus, making it open to the entire public.
  • Since it is completely self-governed, it can run eternally.
  • It has no hidden fees, commissions, and charges.

However, there are still some mind-boggling issues that I have to share with you below so that you can be the judge here.

Fortron is a Ponzi scheme because of the underlisted reasons;

1. It Operates a Ponzi Scheme

Fortron has no retail products for sale. All profits are made through referral; which is almost like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Ultimately, referrals will go extinct and the platform crashes like a tidal wave.

If you are interested in making legit money in cryptocurrency, you should try and consider any of the ideas listed in this post.

2. Heavily Promoted by the Team Behind Many Ponzi Schemes

On the website, it is stated that Fortron is in partnership with Forsage and Lion’s Share.

These two platforms have been reviewed as Ponzi Schemes in NBC.

As at the time of this writing, interest in Forsage has extremely dropped, and members find it very hard to make referrals.

And since we still have the same people involved, this will eventually be the case with Fortron.


This is the end of this review.

What I have given you above is my unbiased review of Fortron.

But here is my simple verdict – Fortron is not an Ideal investment program.

There is no guarantee that you will make money on this platform if you do not have anyone to refer.

Having stated the above, I will not recommend this platform to you if you are honest about making money in the crypto niche.

I have stated my views, it is now time I get your own opinion in the comment section.

What do you think about Fortron?

If you have signed up already, are there any shady things you have found out so far about the platform?

I will be waiting for your response in the comment section below.

Remember to share this post to your friends on social media. Cheers!

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