SCAM ALERT!!! THE BILLION COIN (TBC) – Exposing the Scam

If you are reading this to find out if TBC (The Billion Coin) is a Scam or legit, be rest assured your question will be fully answered.

I heard about TBC in 2016 about two months after it was launched. Since then I have reviewed and followed it to this recent 2020 update

The truth is that The Billion Coin (TBC) is a scam. Sorry if I hurt your feeling in the beginning by being so blunt. However, I will present all the facts so that you can judge for yourself.

Let’s Dive right in.

How I Learnt about TBC

I heard about The Billion Coin (TBC) in 2016 when a friend of mine who went for a seminar (here in Nigeria) told me about it.

I lent him N10,000 to buy 3 TBC. The price of 1 TBC then was about N3,000 ~ $8.

I did not buy it because I could not understand how this Cryptocurrency could continuously increase in price for no reason. Unlike other currencies, its value is not determined by supply and demand.

Back to my friend,

It’s about 4 years now and he is still stuck with the coin. Even though it’s stated on the official TBC website that 1TBC = 105BTC, my friend has not found a way to exchange it for any other crypto coin, fiat money, goods, or service.

He is a millionaire but only on the TBC website.

The above should be enough info on the legitimacy of the TBC. However, I want to dig deeper… in this order.

  1. What is TBC?
  2. TBC official websites
  3. How does it work?
  4. The Billion Coin Exchanges
  5. TBC Admin Fee Scam
  6. The Billion Coin in Uganda
  7. FAQ
  8. Conclusion

You can click on any of the subjects above to go straight to the section

1. What is TBC?

The Billion Coin Review

This is a cryptocurrency that was created to allegedly end poverty globally and bring a sort of balance between the poor and the rich.

It was launched with an initial price of 0.001 Euros per TBC in March 2016.

The Creators are not known, the only name tagged to it is an unknown Kris Kringle who is the admin.

“Kringle” is the smallest Unit of TBC such as the cent is to dollar and Satoshi to Bitcoin.

The coin is said to be decentralized, but it has been reported that members’ accounts have been indiscriminately suspended.

The 24 mins video below from the official website says more about the untrue claims.

2. What are the official websites of The Billion Coin?

The Billion Coin has about six official websites.

  • thebillioncoin.INFO

Note that these sites are not secure while some no longer work.

3. How Does it Work (Principle of The Billion Coin)

The Billion coin uses a software formula that measures the growth of its verified members and hence compensates the growth adequately.

What this simply does is multiply the total number of verified users by 1 Euro.

let’s say the number of verified users = 1 million.

Thus, the price of 1 TBC = 1 million X 1 Euro = 1 million Euros

It is also stated that the price of TBC grows by 1% – 5% daily.

The logic above is clearly devoid of market forces and defies any financial logic.

The question is who formulated it and why are people buying into the idea?

4.The Billion Coin Exchanges


Yeah, None…

There is no exchange anywhere for TBC. Even though TBC is alleged to be worth 105BTC, if you have it, you are stuck with it. Which logically places the true value at zero.

It is not listed on Coin Market Cap or the world Coin Index.

The only way to exchange your TBC is to lure someone else to the scam and directly sell the coin to him/her.

5.The Billion Coin Admin Fee Scam

One of TBC’s claims is to make a billion people millionaires but it seems, in reality, its mission is to scam a billion people.

Besides selling worthless coins to unsuspecting individuals, especially in developing countries. The TBC admin devised more ways to cash in on members.

One of the ways is the locking of members’ coins. They promised members that TBC will soon hit the exchange. Thus $10 admin fee in BTC is required to unlock the coins.

Your guess is correct… lots of people paid the fee…. Yes, their coins were unlocked… Yes, the exchange promises were lies.

The question is; why did these persons pay? Why didn’t they ask why they have to pay in BTC and not TBC?

6. The Billion Coin in Uganda

The Billion coin in its inception was popular in Nigeria and the Philippines majorly because of its population and recession at the time. Its next big market was Uganda.

In Uganda,

  • They claimed to have an investment scheme where members can get a monthly return. Then encourage members to invite their friends to earn more.
  • To receive your return on investment, you will have to create a TBC wallet and Pay admin fees. Member did this but did not get paid
  • …But they were not done scamming members… they told members that they have started a new project in Gold mining…. That members have to pay for the project to recover all their fund.

The truth is that if you don’t count your losses and walk away, TBC Admins will find more ways to scam you.

They often cite Nigeria as a success case. That there are stores that accept TBC in Nigeria for the exchange of goods and services.

I am in Nigeria, and I can tell you that it is a big lie. Nigerians that fell for TBC scammed have counted their losses and moved on.

7. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the current price of TBC?

The true current Price of TBC is $0. It is worthless

List of Stores that accepts TBC

No store accepts TBC. Those who claim to have spent TBC in stores are lying, they cannot provide proof.

Is TBC a scam?

I believe that you know the answer to this question by Now.
TBC – The Billion Coin is a scam keep off, if you are already involved, do not pay more money to the admin.

I believe you know the principle of demand and supply, i.e when the demand for a commodity goes high it is only natural that its price goes high too.
TBC goes high irrespective of the demand. It only cares about people registering and tries to enforce its membership agreement on people. That is extortion. Please be guided, do not fall a victim to this.

Also, the admin is in charge of your worthless TBC, they can take it away from you at any time.  At the end of this whole thing, Kringle (the admins) is the only one in profit.
I believe most people that hold TBC know deep down inside know that TBC is one big scam although they pray and hope it magically becomes valuable.

How do I identify a Scam Coin?

Check out for the following:
– Is the coin being centralized?
– Does the coin pay return to its investors?
– Does the coin depend on investors for it to be sustained?
– Finally, do they keep begging you to join? Buy? Keep to rules?

If the answer to the above is yes, then you should find a better thing to do with that little cash of yours or better still help the less privileged with it.

It is also worthy to note that TBC is not listed in where all cryptocurrencies are listed.
Also, it is not traded on any cryptocurrency trading platform like Binance, Luno, or Quidax.

8. My Conclusion on The Billion Coin

That brings us to the end of the review,

What’s your thought on TBC,

Did you fall prey or do you intend to buy it?

Maybe you have a question or contribution.

Let me know right away in the comment section.


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135 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT!!! THE BILLION COIN (TBC) – Exposing the Scam”

  1. None I know of! My wallet does not work anymore. I wanted to use in the Philippines, but no body takes it as a form of currency!! It is a scam I wish I had not invested in!

  2. Those who are saying tbc is a scam should understand wgwh TBC is we still hope big for tbc,that is how bitBitc were criticized in United States and other couple here we are now , just watch the future for me I am not giving up on TBC ,TBC wallet has been on ,

    • Hello Omoniyi,
      We are still waiting for what TBC will become even after 5 years?
      If you have any proof of flicker of hope left, kindly share so our zeal to wait can be rekindled.
      Besides, there’s no basis to compare BTC with TBC. I mean they have nothing in common asides the same letters of the alphabet arranged differently.

  3. BTC has successfully launched their scams in Papua New Guinea and are now recruiting people to join TBC. They have changed the TBC to kringle coin which can be cashed they promise using KLUV. I have refused to join because of these testimonies coming out from Nigeria. Please keep informing people to stay clear off this scam.

  4. Just like any other contributors joined in 2017 up till now nothing to show for it at Ibadan office no6 Akande street agbowoexpresss I want to advise people to please move away totally from these fraudulent element and I will contact all continents of the world to take them up very soon

  5. I made a lost in that coin. I purchased about thirteen BTC in 2016 hoping to sell it in a short time but I was scammed. I realized that when we were asked to pay 10 Dollar in order to migrate to BTC009. I didn’t not pay and then, my account was suspended. What a scam!

  6. Where in South Africa can you exchange TBC for anything of value The person who sold this to me explained that is a spreading of wealth from rich to poor _ Lie
    It is useless and a scam because money was spend and nothing in return Only yoy guys are getting richer and richer

  7. mr jude you dont know what TBC is all about, TBC is a cryptocurrency mainly used for exchange of goods and service, it is money on it own, tbc dose not need to be exchange before it can be spend, TBC is used P2P not to be exchange with cash. TBC has been for over 5 yrs now and still getting stronger. haven’t you hard about MR TBC PROFESSIONAL in Dubai and all over the world that accept percentage in TBC and Cash. pls say what you dont know . hv you see the person that created BTC and every body is using it today as real crypto. BTC and TBC are not the same ok. better know that a house was not build in a single day if you u really want to know that TBC is doing well pls come to the TBC MASS ADOPTION TRAINING so that you be corrected and learn what TBC is ok. we have many meeting going on TBC Kringle.cah, please any body that want to learn every thing about TBC should attain any of that meeting.


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