Sure Money NG (Review) – A Legit Donation Platform Or Another Scam?

Today’s post is a critical review of Sure Money NG, a newly launched donation platform.

Sure Money NG promises users a 100% ROI on any deposit they make into other members’ bank accounts.

With over 727 testimonies of users on the platform’s website, a visitor can easily be convinced to register.

But is Sure Money NG legit? Can you trust this platform to double all your investments?

Read this post to the end to find answers to these questions and more.

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  1. What Is Sure Money NG?
  2. How Sure Money NG Works?
  3. How Do I Earn From Sure Money NG?
  4. Is Sure Money NG Legit?
  5. Conclusion

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1. What Is Sure Money NG?

Sure Money NG is an online donation platform, where members are promised 100% ROI on every donation they make.

The goal of the platform is to enable users overcome financial challenges as they earn from the comfort of their home.

On its website, there is no information on the founders of the platform and when it was launched.

But following the registration details on, the platform was launched in July 2020.

Also, judging from the ‘NG’ attached to the name of this platform and the fact that donations are made in naira, it is possible that the founders are Nigerians.

In the next section, I described how Sure Money NG works.

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2. How Sure Money NG Works

This platform is quite easy to navigate.

Firstly, interested individuals will register on the platform. Registration is free.

Upon registration, you will provide personal information like your name and bank account details.

Once you register successfully, you will be merged with another member on the platform.

Then, you are required to pay in money into the bank account of this member.

The amount you will pay depends on the package (more details later) you chose during registration.

When this member confirms that he has received your payment, you will be assigned 2 other members who will pay the same amount into your account.

So, you register, make deposit into a member’s bank account and then receive payment from 2 other members.

The first payment is your capital while the second payment represents your profit.

Users are to expect their payments before the end of 5 days once their deposit has been confirmed.

At this point, you can stop or if you prefer, you can proceed to make more donations in order to earn more.

Moreover, Sure Money NG allows users to open multiple accounts using different emails and usernames.

Now, let’s look at the platform’s packages and how you can earn from the platform.

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3. How Do I Earn From Sure Money NG?

There are 2 principal ways to earn from this platform – Direct ROI and Referral Bonus

Direct ROI

For direct ROI, users are paid double of whatever they donate to another member.

The amount each user pays depends on his chosen package. Here are the available packages:

sure money ng packages

You can see from the table above that choosing the bronze package means you will pay ₦5, 000 into a member’s account.

Then you will receive ₦10, 000 before the end of 5 days.

If you choose Silver package, you will deposit ₦10, 000 and expect ₦20 000. And so on.

Referral Bonus

Here, users are given 10% commission of the deposit of anyone they refer.

However, the referral bonus is not paid until it accumulates to ₦5, 000.

For example:

If Adeola is a Sure Money NG user and she refers Agnes who chooses the Bronze package, she will be given ₦500 which is 10% of ₦5, 000.

But she will not be paid this ₦500 until she refers more people and her bonuses accumulate to ₦5, 000.

On this platform, referral is optional and you can refer as many persons as you can.

Moving on, I answered the question of whether this platform is legit or not.

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4. Is Sure Money NG Legit?

I wouldn’t say that this platform is legit. Below are my reasons why:

a. The Founders Are Not Known

When the founders of a platform are not known, it raises a red flag. There is no one to be held accountable when the platform crashes.

I tried messaging the phone number I saw on the platform’s website but I didn’t get any reply.

Even the mail I sent to the contact email address I also saw on the website was not delivered because the email address does not exist.

Then I checked for the platform on Facebook and I found two pages that contain a similar promotional message with the one on the website but they had different names – ‘Sure money ng investment platform’ and ‘Sure money investment limited

sure money ng facebook

It is possible that these pages were created by users of the platform who are trying to refer people.

The founders of this platform are in hiding and that is suspicious.

This also means that users will have a hard time resolving any issues they may encounter while using the platform.

b. No Retail Products Or Means Of Generating Funds

Sure Money NG does not have any retail products from where its funds can be traced.

I even came across a phrase on the website that states clearly that there is no buying and selling on the platform

sure money ng no trading

All we know about funds for this platform is:

Users are made to believe that they are donating funds to one another. But they are not told how these donations are being regulated.

Also, the platform does not explain how it generates profit for itself and it is common knowledge that no one starts a company without the aim of making profit.

Isn’t it possible that the bank account details that are provided for users to make deposits are disguisedly owned by the founders?

I’m just thinking out loud!

Again, there is no assurance that users will get paid after they have made their deposit. Take a look at this phrase I saw on their website:

sure money ng payment rule

You can see now that the platform has no means to ensure that users get paid their dues.

It’s a similar case with the Cashchain Investment Platform.

Furthermore, if every user pays money into an account when they register. And these accounts do not belong to the founders, who then are the 2 persons that will pay a particular user?

c. The Referral Bonus Is A Cliché

Let’s refer back to our previous example of Adeola and Agnes.

After Agnes pays whoever the system assigned to her (maybe Gabriel) the entire price of her bronze package (₦5, 000), there is nowhere the system will get the 10% commission of ₦500 to give Adeola.

Or, will they hijack Gabriel’s account?

Let alone compiling the bonuses till it reaches ₦5, 000.

Obviously, the referral bonus was added just to give users the impression that they can earn more.

d. Public Reviews/Testimonials Exist Only On The Platform

I searched for Sure Money NG on popular sites like Trust Pilot, WebOfTrust, and Reddit but there were no reviews.

On the platform’s website though, you will find about 727 testimonies of individuals who claim to have benefited from the platform.

The number notwithstanding, I believe they are fabricated.

Even on those Facebook pages I mentioned earlier, you will find photos of individuals posing with bundles of money as a way to lure the public to register.

There are also videos that only prove that the actors were paid to compel the public to register.

One even appeared to be reading his words from a paper (LOL).

My Take

Based on the reasons given above, Sure Money NG cannot be trusted.

There is no information on how donations are regulated so that every user gets paid.

I wouldn’t invest in this platform if I were you.


Sure Money NG promises users a 100% ROI without explaining how it will be generated.

Investing on this platform is like taking a risky leap of faith, don’t do that!

And that is all I have to say. Do you have a contrary opinion?

Let’s hear it in the comments section right now.

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