Cashchain (Review) – Is This Another Scam or a Legit Investment Opportunity?

Lately, Cashchain has been on the waves with a promise of 100% ROI for investors in 3 days.

Even, there are online video clips where some Nigerian celebrities vouched for the platform, encouraging the public to invest.

I had to quickly do my research on the platform to know how the magic is done. And I have shared my findings in this post.


If you feel lured to invest in Cashchain, you should read this post to the end before making a decision.

Let’s get started!

Post Summary

This Cashchain review is summarized under the following subheadings:

  1. What is Cashchain?
  2. How Does Cashchain Work?
  3. How Do I Earn From Cashchain?
  4. Cashchain Contact Channels
  5. Is Cashchain Legit?
  6. Conclusion

1. What Is Cashchain?

cashchain club

Cashchain is an online investment platform that promises investors a 100% profit in just 3 days.

Following the online ads I viewed for this platform, it seems to have been existing for over a year but I cannot say for sure.

Based on the company’s registration details on, Cashchain was registered in 2019 at Panama in Central America.

But a statement in the company’s Terms and Conditions page implies that it is operating under the law of the Netherlands, Europe.

The founders of Cashchain are also not in the open.

Judging from the information on its website, this platform was created to make members financially independent.

Let’s see how Cashchain intends to do that in the next section.

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2. How Does Cashchain Work?

Cashchain admins claim that investors’ funds are used to trade Bitcoin and other currencies to triple the funds in less than 30 minutes.

The system then pays investors 2 parts of the earnings (i.e. double of whatever they invested). And the other part remains in the system.

For example, if Margaret deposits ₦50, 000.

The system uses this ₦50, 000 to trade Bitcoin and earn ₦150, 000 in 30 minutes. Then it pays Margaret ₦100, 000 and keeps ₦50, 000.

All investors need to do is, sign up on the platform, choose a package, make payments, and earn huge profits (or, so they claim).

More details on the packages are shared in the next section.

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3. How Do I Earn From Cashchain?

To earn from Cashchain, you have to first register on the platform.

Some personal information is required for the registration including your email and bank account details.

After registering on the platform, the next thing to do is to choose your preferred package and make payments. Then expect your profit in 3 days.

The packages to choose from are:

PackagesCost (₦)ROI (₦)
Starter5, 00010, 000
Smart10, 00020, 000
Ultimate20, 00040, 000
Gold50, 000100, 000
Diamond100, 000200, 000
Arab200, 000400, 000
Black500, 0001, 000, 000
Legend1, 000, 0002, 000, 000

You can see from the table above that you earn double of whatever you invest on the platform. Also, the minimum amount that can be deposited is ₦5, 000.

So, it is just a matter of making deposits and receiving double. No more, no less.

Sounds tempting, huh?

Let’s continue.

4. Cashchain Contact Channels

Two principal means to reach Cashchain admins are:

  • Support Ticket
  • Telegram –

The team rarely replies to queries sent via the Support Ticket; yet to get responses for the ones I sent.

And when I reached out via Telegram for clarity on how the platform works, the Admin was not willing to shed any light on my query.

So until you sign up, you will not get further information besides what is available on the site.

Moving on, I’ll try to answer the question that brought you here.

Tag along!

4. Is Cashchain Legit?

From where I stand, there is nothing that makes this platform legit. Below are my reasons:

a. Unknown Founders

The founders of Cashchain are not known. This means that the platform can fold at any time, and there won’t be anyone to hold accountable.

And just as we saw earlier, the physical location of the company cannot be traced.

b. No Proof Of Payments Made To Investors

I searched for Cashchain on ‘Web Of Trust‘ and ‘Trust Pilot’, no reviews were found. It means there is no proof that anyone has earned from this platform.

On the website though, there are 3 listed testimonials from supposed beneficiaries of the platform but we cannot work with that as no company will upload a negative review.

Also, in the Cashchain promotional videos that I watched (Vid. A and Vid. B), there was no mention of persons who have earned from the platform.

Plus, the comments on these videos show individuals who invested in this platform and are yet to receive their ROI. Have a look:

cashchain investment

c. Inconsistent Information In Different Ads

I also noticed differences in the information provided in the different ads of the platform.

For the duration of time it takes for investors to get paid, some ads say 2 hours, others say 3 days or 4 days.

Even some ads have names of other investment platforms on it. Making the promotions appear like “copy and paste.”

Secondly, I cannot say whether Cashchain operates a referral program or not.

From their Telegram page, I learned that there is no need for referrals but on the website, there is a section that says, “Your growth depends on how you build up your community and its growth, get more people in your chain and the sky is your limit.”

Very contradicting!

d. I Did Not Receive Answers For My Query

Apart from the contradicting statements mentioned earlier, there are other unexplained statements on the website like over 400% ROI, online P2P network, 2:1 matrix, referral bonus, and auto-assign.

I tried getting answers using the support ticket on the website but it looks like it is there for fancy.

Then, the admin on Cashchain’s Telegram page was not willing to share any information beyond, “register with us and send proof of payment”.

He either does not know anything about the platform or he is just unwilling to give out the information.

So disappointing!

e. No Proof Of Trades

Furthermore, the system claims that investors’ funds are used to trade bitcoin and other currencies to triple funds.

However, there is no proof of the trades, or at least the name of the trading platforms being utilized.

f. Typos On The Company’s Website

I am not sure if this counts but just in case it matters to you, there are lots of typos/grammatical errors on the company’s website.

You will find some in the image below, I marked them in yellow ink.

cashchain investment

Based on these reasons above, it goes without saying that Cashchain is not legit.

It does not prove the means it intends to pay investors.

5. Conclusion

There is no mild way to put it – Cashchain is not legit. Don’t waste your money!!!

If you have any alternative opinion though, do well to tell me.

Type it in the comments section right now.

Also, share this review with your friends. You never know, they might be on the verge of making a decision.

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24 thoughts on “Cashchain (Review) – Is This Another Scam or a Legit Investment Opportunity?”

  1. I invested yesterday 10k immediately they called me to make it up to 30k that they are no longer accepting 10k or I will receive a reversal I said ok reverse the 10k which I never see pls can anyone help get my money back

  2. almost a victim. At a point I was so mad about it but didn’t had money at that time because of the well known and respected celebrities involved. Danm

  3. Thanks alot for this review chinma, you just saved me from being a victim too. Their offer is quite tempting but I decided to do my research first and I found this.. THANK GOD.
    I still wonder why celebrities will endorse them knowing the platform ain’t legit. Making fans who believe in them think it is.

  4. The platform Cash chain is a scam, i was lured into it by one Mr IDODE BENEDICT*
    *BANK NAME: UBA bank* . He told me that they trade on bitcoin. I invested N20k but never got return on investment. I wrote to Uba customer care to retrieve my money but the reply from the bank was shocking. I believe there is synergy between the banks and the platform.

  5. Can you please help us with some list of legit platforms where we can invest as low as #10000 or less? I really believe in investment but the scummers are too much.

  6. This people are all fake I invested in crowed 1 fx investment immediately I paid 20k to the idiot that calls himself zuberu dirisu in his zenith bank acct the man just blocked me on all chat platform till today

  7. Thank u very much for this review but am already a victim of the site I sent 10000 to an account given to me and till now I haven’t received any credit, they are a 100% scam ooo pls do not invest your hard earn money

  8. Sure Money NG is actually paying, it takes a maximum of 6days for you to get your money back, am a member of sure money ng and i was matched for payment yesterday.

  9. Wowww, thanks so much for this review. I saw the ad on Facebook (some celebrities endorse them) so I joined via WhatsApp, they said the same thing you said above but it wasn’t convincing so I ask a friend who trades with bitcoin and he said they are scam. To my surprise, the admin of the WhatsApp sent me a message this morning asking about my investment with them(who does that 🙄🙄) and I told him I was doing my findings. With what I just read here, I am convinced they are scam.

  10. I wish I have read this before sending my hard earned money. I read between the lines but I was blinded by seeing this Mr. Johnson lead actor who did their ads so I just went along with it. I must get that small boy who claim to be admin and sent me a UBA account to transfer to.

  11. Pls sir I av been trying to buy bitcoin on even when is showing NGN but is not working… I have tried with uba zenith and gt bank card all to no avail.
    My question is there anyway I can buy bitcoin from paybis… Or is it that it dose not work in Nigeria?

  12. It is better I don’t get my self involved in any of those online investments that , their locations can not be traced like “Fellow Funding Investment” who claimed to be genuine, but later scammed me.
    I partner with LONGRICH and I’m not regretting it because there is no scam or secrets about them.


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