Unveiling the Top 25 Nigerian Cryptocurrency Influencers 2024

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It’s January 2024 and everyone is gearing up for the highly anticipated crypto Bullrun which historically, is expected to happen come the next halving in April.

It’s no wonder then, why “Crypto Influencers” has been a hot topic.

No one wants to miss out, both projects, crypto fans and investors are scouting for influencers to help them amass the opportunity that the season presents.


The Nigerian crypto influencer space is oversaturated, with the increased adoption of crypto over there, many people are vying for attention.

How do you discover the best crypto influencers in Nigeria? In this post, we’ll delve into the top 25 Nigerian crypto influencers and provide their authentic X (formerly Twitter) accounts.

Crypto Influencers on X (Twitter) That are Nigerians


  • Most of the influencers on this list maintain a pseudonym presence online.
  • Since Twitter’s recent rebrand to X, you might see both names pop up here.

1. Jude Umeano

Here comes the No.1 crypto influencer we have on the list.

Jude Umeano is a well-known Nigerian crypto influencer who has helped many projects grow a strong, vibrant and engaging community.

He is the African ambassador to the Tenset project, his other partnerships include big industry players like Binance, Bybit, OKX, Bitget, CoinW, and Windsor Broker among others.

As a crypto tutor, Jude helps thousands of people around the world gain knowledge and manage their cryptocurrency wealth.

With over 100K subscribers on YouTube and 10,000+ members on Telegram, these impressive numbers speak to his success in building a large and engaged community.

He is also an investor in numerous projects that delivered more than 3000% gains including Farcana, Metahero, Everdome, and Ivendpay.

He consistently shares insights into these projects with his community during opportune moments.

Additionally, he is the founder of Nigeriabitcoincommunity.com, Afibie and CTMastery.

Jude shares his nine years of crypto journey and market insights on his X (Twitter) page. For in-depth technical analysis, you can join his Afibie Masterclass.

2. Anagor Micheal (Achillas.eth)

Micheal Anagor takes 2nd spot on the top Nigerian crypto influencer list.

He is a prominent cryptocurrency expert, educationist and influencer.

Micheal has partnered with innovative projects like Wizardia, Velodrome and Afibie, actively contributing to their growth.

He also serves as a brand ambassador for established players like Tenset Nigeria and CTmastery leveraging his influence to drive their mainstream adoption.

From airdrops, Defi walkthroughs, 100x gem coins, and technical analysis to how to trade, Michael pours his 4+ years of crypto expertise into educating his community.

He goes by the pseudonym Achillas.eth on Twitter.

3. Sanera

The pseudonym Sanera is an iconic crypto influencer in Nigeria.

She leverages her (X) Twitter presence of 11k+ followers to raise crypto awareness and promote brands.

Also, she is a Solidity developer and a Web3 ghostwriter; she shares insightful analysis, and engaging discussion on Defi and top tokens to buy.

Sanera has collaborated with projects such as Bingx, SuperEx Nigeria and Farcana.

4. Dami-Defi

Dami-Defi, with over 40,000 followers on X (Twitter), has carved a niche for himself as a Nigerian crypto influencer.

He is known for his insights into gem coins, alpha threads on whale’s wallet tracking, and the latest airdrop to help his followers navigate the crypto space.

With his sizable following, there’s no doubt he influences the investment decisions of many Nigerians interested in crypto. Note that he is not a financial advisor!

For a daily dose, follow Dami-Defi here.

5. DeFi Princess

This Nigerian crypto influencer goes by the pseudonym Defi Princess.

She has captivated over 90,000 followers on X (Twitter) with her unique style of storytelling.

Defi Princess is renowned for demystifying Defi through personal stories and engaging narratives, providing her followers with a profound understanding of the space.

Her profile also hints at helping crypto brands build a successful 7-figure through storytelling.

6. Crypto MaMa.L2

Meet the Nigerian crypto influencer known by the Pseudonym, Crypto Mama.L2.

Crypto Mama.L2 is a Web3 Marketer and Content Writer, wielding influence on X (Twitter) with over 60K followers.

She is a contributor to prominent crypto projects, including Orbiter Finance and Seedifyfund.

Crypto Mama.L2 provides in-depth threads to dozens of Airdrop opportunities, some of which have received thousands of impressions.

This highlights her influence within the space.

7. Olaoyenikan Samuel (Xeusthegreat)

Olaoyenikan Samuel is a Nigerian crypto influencer who goes by the Pseudonym, XeusTheGreat.

He is a Blockchain Serial Marketer and Web3 Educator/Advisor.

Adding to his achievements, he founded Nirvana Academy, where he claims to have trained over 5,000 students in the African web3 space.

Xeusthegreat boasts a large community of over 125k followers on X (Twitter).

8. Crypto Coach (@WisdoMatic)

Crypto Coach has been a prominent figure in the crypto scene for years.

This is evident from his pinned post made in 2021 on X (Twitter), recommending investors to buy bulk BNB when it was only worth $40.

As of today, January 30, 2024, BNB is priced at $308, meaning those who followed this advice have seen a significant return on their investment.

Crypto Coach identifies as a crypto, DeFi, and NFT enthusiast, project advisor, and market strategist but not a financial advisor.

With over 150,000 followers on X, Crypto Coach’s content reaches a wide audience interested in cryptocurrency.

9. BMS (@bloomstarbms)

Meet BMS, a Nigerian crypto influencer Known on X (Twitter) for his in-depth and educational threads on Defi, NFT and Web3.

His articulate insights into various projects have garnered him thousands of views and amassed a following of over 120k on X.

He identifies as a Defi analyst, researcher, and content writer in the Web3 space, as well as an ambassador for a blockchain project called Redbelly Network.

10. Wendy J

Wendy J identifies as a Crypto, NFTs, DeFi and data analyst.

However, her true passion lies in Cosmos, the interoperable blockchain ecosystem. So much so, that some even call her “The Lady of Cosmos.”

Wendy J breaks down all the complexities of the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem into an in-depth thread.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the Cosmos world, you can follow her for educational content and fast-hand updates.

With over 20,000 (X) Twitter followers, Wendy J has made a notable mark in the Nigerian crypto-influencing space.

11. Chase

Chase is a seasoned crypto investor with substantial investments in solid projects.

His Debank profile reads like a roadmap of success, boasting strategic investments in projects like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Manta, and zkSync.

Chase explores the world of Defi, market insights and easy-to-follow guides to potential airdrop opportunities on X (Twitter).

No wonder he has a large following of over 140,000 on X – Chase is a DeFi guru for many.

12. CryptoLord NE

CryptoLord is a rising star in the Nigerian crypto scene.

He is known for his bold predictions, market insights and humourous market commentary.

With over 100,000 followers, he uses his page to preach the word of crypto, making him an icon to many crypto enthusiasts on X.

13. Defi Queen

Defi Queen lives up to her title as an icon among Nigerian women in crypto.

True to her name, she demystifies Defi through her in-depth threads and shares insights into potential gem projects.

With over 50,000 followers on X, Defi Queen champions crypto adoption and its easy navigation.

14. Prudent (@prudentsammy)

Prudent isn’t your average crypto influencer.

He’s making a mark in the blockchain space on X (Twitter) as a web3 enthusiast.

Prudent simplifies Defi concepts, offers wallet security tips, and highlights promising early projects for investors.

Don’t want to miss out on the next big thing in crypto? Then you may want to be part of Prudent’s 80,000+ followers.

15. Enigma (@0xAdesola)

Seeking updates on 0cost airdrops? Enigma has got you covered!

Enigma, the self-proclaimed friendly Web3 Idolo, is not only a DeFi maxi but also a skilled Web3 content writer, marketing strategist, and ambassador for Aark Digital, a perpetual decentralized exchange.

He focuses on crafting simplified threads about Defi and providing potential airdrop guides.

Enigma’s enthusiasm for crypto has attracted over 20,000 followers on X. Also, his tweets garner an average of around 16,000 views. Impressive!

16. C4B Freedom

C4B Freedom has been a seasoned crypto investor since the early days.

He has experienced both the positive and challenging sides of the market, making him a battle-tested crypto OG.

He shares insights into various crypto topics, including DeFi, NFTs, blockchain technology, and market trends with his over 100,00 followers on X (Twitter).

17. Achusi Amara Jennifer

Talk about the iconic Women in Defi (WID)!

Achusi Amara is known by the handle @marablossom on Twitter.

She regularly shares insights on various DeFi protocols and emerging trends through storytelling.

Achusi Amara is making waves in the blockchain space with over 9,000 followers on X (Twitter).

18. Emmanuel Babalola

Emmanuel Babalola (Babz) is a key figure in blockchain adoption in Africa, renowned for popularizing Bitcoin trading in Nigeria.

His contributions earned him the role of Business Development Manager at Binance Nigeria and recognition from Coindesk and Forbes.

Currently, Babz is championing crypto adoption through the innovative platforms that he co-founded. He is the co-founder of Cashlink and CEO of Bundlepay, a popular crypto payment gateway.

Want to learn more about Babz? feel free to connect with him on X (Twitter).

19. Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe

Tola is the founder of Cryptomaster Masterclass, an online cryptocurrency education platform.

He is one of the nominees for the Top 6 crypto influencers in Africa organized by Binance in 2020.

With over 40,000 followers on X (Twitter), you can follow him here.

20. IZU (@izu_crypt)

Want to get onboard from X (Twitter) to Web3 in a snap?

Izu leverages his Twitter page to provide one of the easiest paths to the world of DeFi.

As a dedicated DeFi analyst and Web3 tutor, Izu shares his in-depth knowledge of yield farming, DAOs, and the future of decentralized finance.

He engages his over 9,000 Twitter followers through insightful threads and impactful discussions on Spaces.

21. Eni Joshua

Eni Joshua guides traders to shift from repeated losses to profitability by navigating the right market narrative.

He lives up to his reputation as a content creator and growth marketer having attracted over 300,00 followers on X (Twitter).

His profile reads that he “helps crypto startups with unique ideas to attract users without airdrops”.

22. Temmy(@Only1temmy)

Temmy is a rising star among Nigerian crypto influencers, driven by a mission to onboard millions to crypto.

He fulfils this goal by demystifying DeFi and Web3 through beginner-friendly and engaging Twitter threads, living up to his reputation.

In addition, Temmy is an advisor to Minterest, a yield farming protocol. Impressively, he boasts a community of over 33,000 followers on Twitter.

23. El Patron

Prepare to dive into the world of airdrop hunting, Defi degen and Web3 exploration with El Patron!

Known by his pseudonym, EL Patron, is a content creator, alpha airdrop caller and crypto investor.

His invigorating tweets and threads focused on Defi opportunities receive over 50,000 views on average, attracting 8,000+ followers.

24. Hokage

Scrolling through Hookage’s Twitter, you get the sense that he’s deeply invested in DeFi and Web3, almost like someone who invented it!

Well, it simply underscores his undeniable passion as a crypto enthusiast.

In his bio, Hookage identifies as a content creator, a Cosmos Maxi, and someone passionate about everything crypto.

Hookage boasts over 100,000 average views and a vibrant community of 25,000+ followers on X (Twitter), setting him apart as more than just an ordinary crypto influencer.

25. Nigeriabitcoincommunity.com


The crypto influencer list wouldn’t be complete if Nigeria Bitcoin Community isn’t mentioned.

Talk about being the real OG! Nigeria Bitcoin Community has been in operation since 2016, driving crypto adoption and onboarding millions of people into crypto.

We aspire to become the gateway to help you build wealth in crypto.

Follow us @NigBtcCommunity.


The crypto influencers on this list are leading the charge and shaping the future of crypto adoption in Nigeria.

Did your favourite crypto influencer make it to the list? Reply in the comment section.

We plan to update this post annually, so consider bookmarking it for a yearly roundup of Nigerian crypto influencers who are still rocking it.

Note that crypto influencers are not financial advisors.

Some influencers might shill a coin for personal gain and then exit the market.

Always do your research before making any investment decision based on their recommendations.

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