Stay Away From GreenGold Investment – Here’s Why! (Scam Alert⚠)

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Today’s post is a review of GreenGold, an investment scheme that promises users monthly returns for a complete year.

We have seen several online investment platforms fold and go away with people’s funds.

GreenGold claims to be different with focus on maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

But does that make it legit?

Keep reading to find out!

Post Summary

This GreenGold review is summarized under the following subheadings:

  1. What Is GreenGold?
  2. How Does GreenGold Work?
  3. How Do I Earn From GreenGold?
  4. GreenGold Contact Channels
  5. Is GreenGold Legit?
  6. Conclusion

Happy reading!

1. What Is GreenGold?


GreenGold is an online investment platform that claims to generate profits from nature.

Judging from the information on its website, the founding team led by one Adam Durand is a group of eco-entrepreneurs.

They plant trees to help get rid of greenhouse gases and other pollutants from the environment.

For the past 7 years that the company has existed, over 9million trees have been planted.

In December 2020, GreenGold introduced a network marketing plan to get the public involved in its programs.

By participating in the network marketing plan, users stand a chance to earn attractive ROIs.

Let’s see how this plan works in the next section.

Keep reading!

2. How Does GreenGold Work?

GreenGold is based on the principle that industries that generate greenhouse gases need to adopt measures to reduce pollution.

As a way to solve this problem, GreenGold provides these industries with carbon credits (via tree-planting) and gets paid in return.

A carbon credit is a permit that allows the company that holds it to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. One credit permits the emission of a mass equal to one ton of carbon dioxide.

Solving greenhouse issues is a big deal and attracts lots of investors.

And as such, GreenGold is encouraging the public to partner with it to solve these problems with the promise of sharing profits.

There are different packages available for users to select from.

You earn returns depending on the package you have chosen.

Let’s discuss the packages in the next section.

Read on!

3. How Do I Earn From GreenGold?

To earn from this platform, first, you’ll register by completing a form on the site.

Your email, phone number, and referrer’s name are some of the required information.

Then you subscribe to the package that best suits you.

The available packages are:

GreenGold investment packages


Deposits are made in Bitcoin. You’ll be provided with a Bitcoin wallet address when you’re ready to make payment.

After you’ve made deposit, your account will start accruing interest depending on your package.

You can see your earnings from your dashboard and you can make withdrawals once you earn up to the minimum withdrawal for your package.

Withdrawal attracts a charge of 9% for any package.

Each package lasts for 12 months but you can upgrade to bigger package at any time.

And you can open more than one account and invest in different packages.

There’s more!

Apart from the daily ROI of 1.6%, you can earn an additional profit when you refer people to the platform.

You earn 15% on your direct referral and then 10% of any new investment in your team.

Furthermore, GreenGold has a career plan for active members.

As you refer people and your referrals do likewise, you earn points in your lowest leg that reflects in the number of trees you’ve planted and the bonus you’ll receive.

More details are given below:

GreenGold Career Plan

*PS: The minimum number of people you need to refer to enjoy these benefits was not specified.

But if $25 means you planted 1 tree then you can imagine how much you will invest (directly or indirectly from referrals) to hit rank GoldTen. Mad o!

4. GreenGold Contact Channels

GreenGold provides an Investment plan document for users to study and know what to expect from the platform.

Users of this platform can also stay updated via the following channels:


As of press time (23/06/21), the Investment plan document and the YouTube channel are not available. Hmm!

In the next section, I answered the question that has been on your mind.

Tag along!

5. Is GreenGold Legit?

Though GreenGold appears to have good intentions for the environment, I have reasons to believe that this investment scheme is not legit.

They include:

a. The founder mentioned on the website looks like an actor especially after watching this video.

Apart from the company’s platforms, I could only find him on Facebook.

Guess what? He has only GreenGold posts on his wall; nothing about his personal life.

I mean, who is this guy?

b. GreenGold does not have any products that are yielding profits for the company.

It claims that it plants trees and sells carbon credits to chemical industries but there is no proof of that anywhere (not even on their website).

Instead, all we get is a video displaying trees across the globe. Mtchew!

c. Another red flag is that there is no official way to reach the admins.

I sent a message to their Facebook page but I’m yet to get a response.

Plus, there is no way to know the members of the founding team; no names, links, nothing!

This means that there is no one to hold responsible when the company crashes eventually.

d. According to, this company was registered in late 2020.

This contradicts the claim of 7 years of ‘tree planting’ on its website.

GreenGold may just be an investment scheme that launched last year. Oops!

e. Then I checked the platform on popular sites like TrustPilot where it has about 38 reviews and on SCAMADVISER where it has only a 1% Trust score.

I saw some positive reviews on TrustPilot but they look falsified.

Also, the negative reviews/complaints did not get any reaction from the GreenGold team.

Too bad!

f. Again, I found different promoters of the platform on YouTube but none of them could prove that they’ve ever withdrawn their earnings.

One of them that claimed to have made withdrawals showed a ‘receipt of Bitcoin payment’ that could have come from anywhere. ?‍♀️

Where do these reasons leave us?

From where I stand, GreenGold is a company that wants to transcend from growing trees to growing Bitcoin (if at all they ever planted any tree).

Its investment plan is a mirage. I’m not sure you can withdraw your earnings.

And the company is likely to fold when it can no longer recruit new investors.

Take a good look at its Career Plan again, you’ll see a mere combination of figures to attract ignorant investors.

Don’t waste your money!

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6. Conclusion

GreenGold presents an opportunity for investors to earn while contributing to a healthy environment.

Earlier, we identified reasons that make its investment scheme a scam.

If you still wish to invest in the platform, only put in an amount that you can afford to lose.

And that’s all I have for you in this review.

Got any suggestions or questions? Let’s hear them in the comments section right now.

Also, share this post with your friends; you may just save someone from making a bad decision.

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  1. DON

    Please is there any legit investment platform that doubles investors money.

    • Chiamaka Atueyi

      Hello Don, most legit companies do not promise you “double” of your investments in a blink of an eye.
      Yes, the profits accrued may eventually get to that but it takes a while depending on the type of investment.


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