How Cat Owners Made $4.2 Million Online From CryptoKitties!

In this post, I’ll show you how you can make money on CryptoKitties.

CryptoKitties is a game hosted on the Ethereum blockchain where users breed and sell cats.

To say the least, this game has won the hearts of many. Talk about 1.5 million users and over $40 million worth of transactions!

And if you love collectibles, you should get on board to make some money.

Read this post to the end to learn how.

Post Summary

  1. What Is CryptoKitties?
  2. How CryptoKitties Work
  3. Types Of Cats
  4. Cat Features
  5. CryptoKitties Supply
  6. Fees Charged By CryptoKitties
  7. Support Channels And Public Opinion
  8. How To Play CryptoKitties
  9. Is CryptoKitties A Good Investment?
  10. FAQs
  11. Conclusion

Enjoy your read!

1. What Is CryptoKitties?


CryptoKitties is a game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain where users can breed and trade virtual cats.

You can also view CryptoKitties as a marketplace for collecting or trading virtual cats.

Dapper Labs is the company behind CryptoKitties.

It is one of the first blockchain games ever in existence. After its launch in November 2017, many folks were fascinated by it and gave it a shot.

The Ethereum blockchain experienced a lot of traffic during that period and the game recorded sales of about $4.5m in less than 2 months.


The essence of the game is for people to have fun creating and trading cats.

Interestingly, every cat in CryptoKitties is unique. No two cats share similar characteristics.

In other words, Kitties (that’s what the cats are called) are NFTs. They are created using the ERC 721 standard.

Little wonder why someone is willing to pay up to $100,000 for a kitty. Yes, kitties have been sold for that much and more.

In the next section, I discussed how CryptoKitties work.

Tag along!

2. How CryptoKitties Work

This game operates based on a smart contract.

The smart contract manages the ownership and genetics of the cats.

Each cat is represented by a 256-bit genome, which defines its features.

When two cats breed, they produce a kitten whose Cattributes (characteristics) are determined by each parent’s 256-bit genome and an element of chance.

This element of chance means that a new kitten may display a feature that is absent in both parents e.g. a certain shape of eyes.

As a result, there are 4-billion possible genetic variations. Cool!

Apart from the breeding, new kittens are released every 15 minutes based on the contract.

This kitten is put up for auction for a specified period. Within this time, the highest bidder acquires the cat.

Users can also put up the cats they bred for auction.

But before a user can breed a new cat, he must have purchased two cats, female (Dame) and male (Sire) from the platform.

A player can also breed with another user’s Kitty (at a price of course).

To better understand how this platform works, let’s look at the different player types:

a. Kitty Collector

This user loves to collect cats no matter their appearance and add to his profile.

Kitties are always up for collection on the platform. A collector simply places an offer on available kitties.

If the owner accepts his offer then he can pay and add the kitty to his collection.

b. Breeder

Here is a brilliant geneticist. He studies the cats he buys from the platform and experiments with different breeding pairings to create adorable Kitties.

c. Trader

This user makes the most of the marketplace to buy and sell the Kitties that are in high demand.

He is always making offers and closing deals. Unlike the collector, he does not only buy but also sells.

d. Fancy Chaser

What matters to this user is how pretty the cat is. He solves puzzles to unlock the traits of the fanciest cats.

Wondering the varieties of kitties available in this game? Find out in the next section.

3. Types of Cats

There are four types of CryptoKitties namely:

a. Normal Cats

These are the simplest type of cats on the platform. They are easy to breed too.

b. Fancy Cats

In addition to their genetic Cattributes, Fancy cats have a unique art (mainly hearts) and badge attached to them. They are created by finding a particular gene recipe.

There is a limited number of a particular Fancy cat that can be produced.

The platform picks a time to release a recipe of fancy traits into the system. It’s now left for breeders to unlock the recipe and create fancy cats.

c. Exclusive Cats

These cats are rare. They are only released by the platform to celebrate special events and community members.

d. Special Edition Cats

Special Edition Kitties are cats with special artwork that are released for sale in a limited quantity.

They can be used to breed regular cats but are mainly for sale.

You will find these cat types when you click on the ‘Special Edition’ category in the CryptoKitties marketplace.

Moving on, we’ll see the different features that make up a Kitty.

Tag along!

4. Cat Features

The features that make up a Kitty are:

a. Cattributes

Cattributes determine the appearance of a cat e.g. shape of eyes. They are written in its genetic code.

Cattributes are influenced by 3 factors: Normal/Base Traits, Hidden Genes, and Mutation Traits.

Normal/Base Traits are standard traits found in Generation-0 Kitties (the kitties created by the platform and released every 15 minutes).

Hidden Genes appear in the gene sequences of every Kitty, but only in hidden positions.

When cats with hidden genes breed, a gene swap may occur and the gene moves to the primary position and show up as Cattributes in an offspring.

Mutation Traits occurs when two traits interact to create a mutation. This results in a Cattribute present in a newborn Kitty that does not appear in the genes of either parent.

Generally, what makes a cat stand out is its Cattributes. And to make the game more fun, the platform designed a special kind of Cattribute called Purrstige Traits.

Purrstige Traits are a combination of Cattributes and hidden genes (in both parents).

It is very challenging to breed a kitty with these traits but the outcome is usually cool.

And Purrstige Traits are usually time-bound hence their high value.

It is managed by the platform.

b. Cooldown Speed

Another feature of Kitties is the Cooldown speed.

This refers to the time Kitties take to rest after they breed.

The more kittens a cat has, the longer it needs to rest before another breeding session.

A new Kitty’s Cooldown speed is determined by its generation number. The lower the Kitty’s generation number, the faster its initial Cooldown.

Cooldown speed can range from fast (1 minute) to cationic (1 week).

(Generation number refers to when the kitty was born e.g. Generation-0 kitties breed to produce Generation 1 Kitties, Generation 1 Kitties breed to produce Generation 2 Kitties, and so on)

c. Genes

From our knowledge of Biology, we know that genes are the building blocks of life.

The story is not different here. Only that we are looking at digital blocks.

In CryptoKitties, genes are either primary or hidden based on their location in the Kitty’s genome sequence.

Primary genes have a higher chance of getting passed to the next generation than hidden genes.

A Kitty’s genome is made up of a string of blocks. Each block contains 4 genes and represents one trait like eyes, fur pattern, body color, etc.

Out of the 4 genes, one is primary while three are hidden genes.

d. Family Jewels

Family Jewels refer to jewels given to Kitties to improve their appearance.

Kitties receive jewels when they uncover Mutation Traits.

Jewels are inherited by their descendants in this order:

  • Diamond – first ever cat that claims a mutation trait.
  • Gilded – the next 9 cats with that gene.
  • Amethyst – the next 90 Kitties.
  • Lapis – the next 400 Kitties.

A combination of these features affects the price value of a cat.

5. CryptoKitties Supply

The maximum supply set for Kitties by the developing team is 50,000.

And this supply covers only Gen 0 Kitties, for which one is released every 15 minutes following the Kitty Clock (i.e. every 15minutes).

According to the smart contract, the Kitty Clock stops after a year.

When the platform reached one year in November 2018, only 34,928 Gen 0 Kitties had been released.

By December 2018, the team minted an additional 3,087 Gen 0 Kitties but has stopped ever since.

The remaining Gen 0 Kitties have been withheld by the team and will be released for special events and campaigns.

Now, players can only buy the already existing Kitties. They can also breed higher-generation Kitties using the Gen 0 cats in their collection.

This secures the scarcity and value of Gen 0 cats secured over time.

Are you still here? Good!

Let’s proceed to see the fees charged by this platform.

6. Fees Charged By CryptoKitties

This platform charges a flat rate of 0.008 ETH for every purchase.

Users will also pay Gas fees charged by the Ethereum network to process their transaction.

(Both fees can change when traffic increases or reduces on the blockchain).

Then every cat has its price. And if you want to breed with another user’s cat, he will charge you a ‘siring’ price.

Therefore, the total cost of a cat includes:

  • Price tag on the cat or Siring price
  • Flat rate of 0.008 ETH
  • Transaction fees

*Cat prices vary from under a dollar to six figures

7. Support Channels And Public Opinion

This platform has an official blog and FAQs page where users can find answers to their queries.

Also, users can stay updated via these channels:

  • [email protected]

I checked CryptoKitties on TrustPilot and it had a 3.7 rating with only one review.

On SCAMADVISER, the platform has a 100% trust score.

Then on Reddit, it has an active group with about 10,000 members.

In the next section, I’ll show you how to use CryptoKitties.

Keep reading!

8. How To Play CryptoKitties

Before you can play this game, you must have a funded Ethereum wallet.

For this illustration, I’ll be using the MetaMask wallet.

Follow these steps to play:

i. Visit and click on ‘Start’. (MetaMask will request you input your password)

CryptoKitties home page

ii. A form will pop up. Fill in your email and nickname to continue

iii. Next, click on ‘Sign in’ to connect your wallet

CryptoKitties sign in

iv. Then click on ‘Sign’ on the MetaMask window

Voila! You’re in!

Cryptokitties profile

You should be redirected to your profile (as shown above). If not, click on your nickname from the top menu and select ‘My Kitties’

vi. The next thing is to hit ‘+’ sign on your profile to buy your first Kitty

vii. You’ll see a list of Kitties. Click on the one you like

CryptoKitties list

viii. You will be shown the details of the cat, age, color, parents, etc.

ix. If you like what you see, go ahead and click ‘Buy with ETH’

cryptokitties payment

After you have purchased two cats, you can then breed yours.

How to breed:

i. Go to your profile and click on ‘Breed’

ii. Select the parents (Dame & Sire)

iii. You will be shown the fees you are to pay

iv. After you’ve paid, hit ‘Give them privacy’

v. Now click on the Egg image to view your new Kitty.

Cute, right?

So, is CryptoKitties a good investment?

Let’s see…

9. Is CryptoKitties A Good Investment?

Though CryptoKitties is not drawing as much trade traffic now as it did in the beginning, I believe it is still worth your penny.

CryptoKitties are NFTs, which is an excellent innovation of the blockchain that has come to stay.

Investing in CryptoKitties means you get to create and own digital assets of real value.

And judging from how unpredictable the crypto space is, your Kitties can make you a millionaire tomorrow.

Furthermore, developers can also maximize the CryptoKitties Developurr program to create a project using existing code and open-source resources.

Already, community members have built some programs like:

  • – a breeding calculator
  • KittyHats – a Chrome-store-approved extension for adding hats and accessories to Kitties.
  • KittyRace – a game where Kitties race against each other

You can view other programs on Kittyverse.

Moreover, if you are a fan of collectibles, this platform might just be a good place to start.

And considering the platform’s recent partnership with NBA, there’s no telling the value of collectibles you’ll get.

Let’s answer some questions and then we can call it a wrap.

10. FAQs

Can I play on a mobile device?

Yes, you can, with mobile wallets like Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet.
For a Coinbase wallet, visit the CryptoKitties website on your browser and click on ‘Open with Coinbase Wallet’. You can then set up your e-mail and username to start off using the CryptoKitties platform.
Then for Trust, open the wallet, select ‘Collectibles’, and search for CryptoKitties.
Once you do that, you will see a gallery of cats you can buy. So cool!

Can I log in from multiple computers?

Yes, if your digital wallet is installed on both.

Is it okay to use different browsers?

You may but it is better to maintain one browser for convenience and security purposes.

Apart from buying or breeding, how can I get a CryptoKitty?

You can receive a CryptoKitty as a gift from another player.

11. Conclusion

This is where we’ll draw the drapes on our discussion on CryptoKitties. I hope it was worth your time.

Now tell me; do you think CryptoKitties has a promising future?

Would you invest in CryptoKitties? Perhaps, you already did, is it profitable for you?

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section right now.

Also, share this post with your friends, thank you!

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