Let A Bot Trade For You (V): How To Withdraw And Transfer From RoyalQ

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RoyalQ is a crypto trading bot that also has the potential of generating passive income for you.

In the last RoyalQ series, I talked about how to make money from its MLM structure.

Unlike your trading profit, this money will be paid to your RoyalQ account.

So, how do you cash out this money? ūü§Ē

Today, I will show you how to withdraw your RoyalQ rewards to an external wallet.

I will also show you how you can transfer them to another RoyalQ account with Zero charges. Read until the end!

Post Summary

  1. How To Withdraw My Earnings From RoyalQ
  2. How To Transfer Funds From RoyalQ
  3. FAQs
  4. Conclusion

Let’s dive in!


We created a special series just for the RoyalQ bot.

This is to give you the best understanding of how the bot works.

This is our RoyalQ bot final series.

Check out the previous series here:

1. How To Withdraw My Earnings From RoyalQ

Follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to “Mine” and click “Asset”.

Withdrawal on RoyalQ bot

2. It will take you to the “Asset” page. Select “Withdraw” from the options displayed.

Withdrawal on RoyalQ bot

3. A withdrawal slip will appear on the screen and you will also see your transaction fee.

Fill in the withdrawal slip as follows:

  • Enter¬†your¬†USDT-TRC20¬†external¬†wallet¬†address,¬†which¬†you¬†can¬†get via your Binance account, Trust wallet, Metamask wallet, and so on.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Beneath, you will see your fees (RoyalQ charges $2 on every withdrawal, no matter the amount)
  • Next is the “Arrival quantity”; it is the amount you will receive in your external wallet.


The withdrawal fee will be deducted from the withdrawal amount you entered.

As a result, when entering your withdrawal amount, make sure to account for the withdrawal fee too.

When you are done filling the slip, click “Confirm Withdrawal”.

4. The next step is “Confirm Withdrawal. Check the “confirmation box” and click “Confirm”.

Withdrawal on RoyalQ bot

5. Create a password for the transaction. Click “send” to request an OTP code

An OTP will be sent to your email, which you will copy and paste into the provided space before clicking “Confirm.”

Withdrawal on RoyalQ bot

6. Continue with the next process

  • Enter your transaction password
  • Cick “Send” and enter the OTP number sent to your email.
  • Then click “Confirm” 
Withdrawal on RoyalQ bot

Once you click “Confirm”, you will receive a notification that your withdrawal is successful.

I hope you have learnt how to withdraw your money from RoyalQ?

Alright! Let’s hit the next section.

2. How To Transfer Funds From RoyalQ

The essence of “Transfer” is to enable you to send money from your RoyalQ account to another RoyalQ account at zero fees.

Let’s say you want to activate an account for a member of your team.

If you have enough money in your RoyalQ account to cover the activation charge, you can go ahead and make a transfer at zero fees.

This is a better option instead of sending funds from an external wallet at a fee.


Using the “Transfer” option on RoyalQ involves the same process as when you want to withdraw.

The only difference is that:

  • You will choose the “Transfer” option
  • Enter the wallet address of another RoyalQ account
  • You are charged Zero fees

Below, is a step-by-step guide on how to make a RoyalQ transfer.

1. Go to “Mine” and click “Asset”.

Transfers on RoyalQ bot

2. It will take you to the “Asset” page. Select “Transfer” from the options displayed.

Transfers on RoyalQ bot

3. Fill in the “Transfer form” as follows:

  • Enter the receipient’s RoyalQ wallet address
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Check your “Transaction fee” (You’ll notice that it’s set to “0 USDT”; if it isn’t, then the wallet address you entered isn’t from RoyalQ.)
  • Click “Confirm”

4. Enter your transaction password. Click “Send” and enter the OTP sent to your email, then click “Confirm”.


  • If you have not created a transaction password yet, the system will prompt you to do so.
  • You can also “Change transaction password” if you have forgotten yours.

When you click “Confirm,” you’ll be notified that your transfer was successful.

3. FAQs

1. What is the minimum amount to withdraw or transfer?

The minimum amount that you can withdraw or transfer is 10USDT.

2. Is there a maximum amount I can withdraw or transfer?

No, there is no maximum amount. You can withdraw or transfer any amount above 10USDT.

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4. Conclusion

This is where we wrap up today’s post.

Keep in mind that our RoyalQ series has come to an end.

What questions do you have to ask?

Was this post helpful to making your first withdrawal or transfer from RoyalQ?

Did you learn about RoyalQ transfer from this post?

What other questions do you have about RoyalQ in general?

Leave your thoughts in the comments box, and I’ll respond.

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