RotaryCash Investment – How Legit Is This Platform?

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For today’s review, I did my research on “RotaryCash”. This is in response to our readers’ request.

RotaryCash is an online donation platform that doubles users’ investment in just 3 days.

This platform has drawn a lot of attention lately that the question of its legitimacy has also been asked on ‘Quora’.

If you have your doubts about RotaryCash legitimacy, then let’s go through this post together.

Ready to go? Let’s dive in!

Post Summary

This review will take the following order;

  1. RotaryCash Overview
  2. How Does RotaryCash Work?
  3. RotaryCash Packages / How Do I Earn From RotaryCash?
  4. Users Support Channel
  5. Is RotaryCash Legit or Scam?
  6. Conclusion

I suggest you read until the end!

RotaryCash Overview

RotaryCash is an online peer-to-peer investment platform where members get financial aid by funding themselves.

It promises to pay every member a 100% ROI in just 3 days.

Interestingly, members earn this ROI passively as there are no such things as referrals.

The founder of RotaryCash is not known, and the information regarding its launch date is still unclear.

Judging from the information that I got from whois, the website was registered in 2017 but was updated in May 2020.

Also, the fact that the platform operates only in Nigeria will leave us to assume that the founders are equally Nigerians.

Sure you are still here? Let’s talk about how RotaryCash works in the next section.

Keep reading!

How Does RotaryCash Work?

To join RotaryCash, you need to choose a package and then register an account.

Once signed in, RotaryCash will place you under your upline.

It will also instruct you on how to make your payment to your upline’s account.

This payment is determined by the type of package you want to register for (will talk about it soon).

When you make your payment, and your upline confirms it, the next stage is to wait for your ROI.

Then, in just 3-7 days, RotaryCash will link 2 new members that have just signed up after you to make the same amount of payment to your bank account.

You also have to note that; users have a limited time to make this payment and they can be banned from the program if this time elapses.

Having taken you this far, let’s now discuss the packages and how to earn in the next section.

RotaryCash Packages / How DO I Earn From RotaryCash?

RotaryCash Packages

The platform has two packages that members can join, and both have the same duration for payout.

You can take a look at the packages below.


  • These two packages are recyclable.
  • It is not stated on the website, whether you can join these two packages simultaneously.
  • One package cannot be swapped for another.

How to Earn From RotaryCash

RotaryCash members have just one method of making earning which is ROI. Let’s quickly discuss this below.


This is the payments made directly into your bank account by your downlines.

If you are just like me, a real life example will do the whole explanation.

Let’s say your friend Obi signed up and joined this platform with the ₦10,000 package.

He will earn ₦20,000 paid directly into his bank account by 2 new members (his downlines) in 3-7 days.

When Obi receives these payments, his earnings from this package will be completed, and he stops earning automatically.

But, if he wants to keep earning, he will have to recycle his package by making a fresh registration with a different username.

Although it is possible for Obi to earn his ROI within the time frame specified, It is also possible that he may wait for a longer time before he receives it.

The reason is that; RotaryCash outrightly stated on its website that this duration is calculated based on the “inflow of members and recycled accounts”.

Another important point to note is this;

Obi’s downlines are given 24hrs to pay to his bank account.

If these downlines are unable to comply within this time, he will have the option of increasing their time span or report them to RotaryCash.

Let’s now go to the next section and see how Obi can make his report or get clarifications for further inquiries.

Users Support Channel

Here are the ways Obi can contact RotaryCash;

There is also an FAQ section on the website and a support ticket too.

RotaryCash Telegram channel is unresponsive as nothing is literally going on the group.

But I will talk about it as I air my own opinion on RotaryCash in the subsequent subheading.

Let’s keep moving!

Is RotaryCash Legit or Scam?

From my personal observation, I am yet to find proof of RotaryCash Legitimacy.

But in order to get the right answer to this, we will need to “put heads together”.

Here are the reasons you should abscond from “RotaryCash”.

i. Question of the founder and the launch date

The founder is in hiding. Definitely, he must have seen the bleak future that surrounds the whole idea.

Moreover, the case of hidden identity is common to most of the scam sites that we have reviewed.

ii. Launch date

Going over to the launch date, RotaryCash does not have a clear launch date.

From what I got in, the platform was registered in 2017 but was updated on the 23rd of May 2020.

You can take a look for yourself;

From what we have in this screenshot, you can see that this website has been operating since three years ago.

However, I cannot say for sure; if it was running as an investment program or not as at that time.

Moreover, since everything about RotaryCash centres in 2020 ( even on the website), there is still a doubt as to “when in 2020”.

As of the 2nd of March 2020, the “AVALANCHES” posted news about RotaryCash; this contradicts with the date the platform was updated on

iii. The Telegram group is just for fancy

Nothing is going on in RotaryCash Telegram group.

Funny enough, this is the only social media handle that you can find on the website.

You can check this out by clicking on the link here.

iv. No Social reviews yet

Asides from the ones on the website, I am yet to see testimonies of RotaryCash on different social forums like Trustpilot, scamadviser, etc.

v. Another MMM

Does it not look so funny how this platform reminds you of the “Almighty MMM” that swallowed peoples money?

If you have forgotten, let me remind you… MMM members do not solicit for new members. Also, members have a time frame to pay an upline.

Well, MMM lasted for a while until it soon became a story.

But before that, a lot of people had already believed it to be the “Messiah to their current financial status.

Today, believe me, that, should a new “MMM” surface, no one would fall back to the plot ever again.


As it stands now, I will advise that you should be very smart in putting your money into any platform that resembles the old MMM.

I believe that by now, you must have gotten my point. (winks).

Although RotaryCash may be paying out some cash to people already, I am yet to find real proof for that.

Left for me, I will not be part of this investment as these points above suggest that It will definitely crumble soon. (But this is my opinion anyway).

Nevertheless, you can hit me up in the comment section, If your own opinion goes contrary to this.

Let’s conclude this post!


That is all I have for this review!

Now, it is time I got your opinion: What do you think about RotaryCash?

Has it paid anyone that you know?

How legit do you think it is ?

Let me have your thoughts in this in the comment section below.

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