Bitnamix Review – Is it A Legit Decentralized BTC Matrix?

Today’s post is a review of Bitnamix, an online crypto matrix program believed to be one of its kind.

The platform launched this year (2020) but has won the hearts of so many people with topflight investment plans.

Bitnamix promises to pay you up to 3x your investment, but is it wise that you invest your money?  

That is what I intend to discuss with you in this post. Make sure you read until the end.

Post Summary

This review will take the following order;

  1. What is Bitnamix?
  2. How Does Bitnamix work?
  3. Bitnamix Matrix Levels and Compensation Plans
  4. How to Earn on Bitnamix
  5. Users Support Channels
  6. Is Bitnamix Legit?
  7. Conclusion

Having cleared the roadway, let’s proceed with this post!

1. What is Bitnamix?

Bitnamix launched on the 13th of September 2020 as the first decentralized bitcoin matrix program.

The founder is not known but we are told that Bitnamix was established by a group of successful crypto enthusiasts.

However, the platform is self-executing and there are no admin or whosoever to manage the business contract.

Bitnamix claims to be a fully transparent online investment program that is built on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

It seeks to create an avenue to which members can acquire full financial freedom in bitcoin through their own networking potential.

Bitnamix has one of the most compelling business plans in the crypto MLM niche, and members are being paid on a day to day basis.

Read on to find out more about Bitnamix!

2. How Does Bitnamix Work?

To join Bitnamix, you should have an Exodus wallet with some bitcoin stored therein (enough to activate your account).

If you are yet to get your bitcoins, you can do that on Bitnamix by clicking to buy bitcoin on the bitcoin icon found on your dashboard.

Once this is done, you will proceed to register as a member via a referral link or by signing up instantly on the website.

By signing up without a referral link, the system will place you automatically under an already existing member.

Once logged in, you will be mandated to activate your account by making a monthly payment fee of $25.

This monthly fee (also called the Unilevel fee) activates your account and allows you to unlock your matrices.

The minimum amount of BTC needed to activate the least matrix level is 0.0006 BTC.

Make sure you stick around as I explain in bits below everything about Bitnamix compensation plan.

3. Bitnamix Matrix Levels and Compensation Plans

Matrix Levels

Bitnamix has 13 levels of matrices that can be activated simultaneously, or with time depending on a member’s choice.

Each Matrix has a price tag, and the higher the level unlocked, the higher the price of the matrix.

You can see the levels of matrix available on Bitnamix with their tag price on the table below.

Bitnamix Matrix Levels

These matrices all have six open slots to be filled. The only difference in each level is the price tag.


  • You can only activate these matrices when you have made a monthly deposit of $25 in BTC to Bitnamix
  • The Matrices can be activated simultaneously or singly but in sequential order.
  • Each matrix recycle automatically after the sixth slot is filled
  • Your direct referrals are registered under another member when they purchase a higher level matrix than you

Let us look at the compensation plan quickly.

Bitnamix Compensation Plans

Bitnamix has two compensation plans. You can see them listed below.

  1. 2X2 Matrix Plan
  2. Unilevel Plan

1. 2X2 Matrix Plan

Bitnamix compensation Plan

This compensation plan is called the 3x matrix. This is called so because; you can earn up-to three incomes before a matrix gets completed.

One unique feature of this plan is that it applies to all activated matrices.

Each matrix has up-to six open slots to be filled by referrals before it is completed.

The best side of this plan is that it pays you a 100% income coming from your downline – on a person to person’s wallet.

Another unique feature of the 3x plan is that it also pays you a 3x passive residual income.

2. Unilevel Plan

This is a residual income that is being paid daily to members of Bitnamix.

If you can recall, every member of Bitnamix pays a monthly maintenance fee of $25 BTC.

These fees are paid by members on daily basis – depending on when a member was registered.

Now, to be fair enough, Bitnamix pays a percentage of these generated fees daily to members.

This payments are made up to 6 levels deep in your matrix.

Below I will be talking about how to earn on Bitnamix…stay tuned.

How to Earn on Bitnamix

There are four ways to earn from Bitnamix and I have listed them below;

  • 3X Referral Income
  • 3X Passive Residual Income
  • Spillover
  • Guaranteed Residual Income

3X Referral Income

This literally means that you can earn up to three times referral income before each level in a matrix is completed.

Here is how it works in each matrix;

The payments made by your Ist and 2nd referral are paid directly to your sponsor’s wallet.

Those made by the 3rd, 4th and 5th referrals goes directly to your wallet (making it here your 3x income for the matrix)

While the one made by the 6th referral rolls up to your sponsor to reopen your matrix.

3X Passive Residual Income

Sequel to the above explanation, a sponsor can make 3x income passively on Bitnamix.

For instance, in the analysis that I had given in the 3x referral income, you would have noticed that the sponsor earned 3x from his downline referrals.


Spillover is the income you earn from the downline registered under you by your upline.

On Bitnamix, it is possible to earn a 3x passive income from your downline even when you have not referred anyone.

But how is this possible? This happens when your sponsor places referrals under you in order to complete a matrix.

When this happens, you automatically become their sponsor since they are registered under you.

You can also get spillover earnings when a member makes a referral of someone who purchased a higher level matrix than they have activated.

Guaranteed Residual Income

These earnings are made on a day-to-day basis from the members’ monthly payments.

The screenshot that you are seeing below shows you how Bitnamix intends to pay this income to members.

I have told you the various ways that you can earn on this platform, it is now time that we check out the Users Support Channels.

Users Support Channels

Based on my findings, Bitnamix has a community on Telegram and a mail address that their members can use to contact them.

Here is their Telegram accounts and email address;

  • Telegram – :
  • Telegram -:
  • Email – : @[email protected]

There is also an FAQ section on the website that clarify some of the questions you may have about the platform.

That being said, let’s hit the next subheading!

Is Bitnamix Legit?

Bitnamix is a fairly novel platform, and as such, it demands a good sense of judgment to predict what the future holds for it.

Having said that, these are some of the good features that I can point out about the platform, based on my personal opinion;

  • Bitnamix is decentralized, self- automated, and transparent.
  • It has the most compelling compensation plan when compared to its counterparts e.g. Lionshare.
  • It may open up a goldmine opportunity for some networkers to accumulate more bitcoins than they have imagined.
  • It registered on

More so, due to BTC’s current price hike, not so many people can afford to hodl up-to 1BTC, thus, considering Bitnamix a great opportunity.

It is expected that Bitnamix will draw attention to its investment pool since Bitcoin is invaluable and everyone wants to accumulate as much as possible.

However, I have written below some of the reasons why Bitnamix is not worth your money and time.

It is a Ponzi Scheme

Bitnamix does not have a legit business that guarantees earnings for members. It only redistributes members’ money.

Money is only guaranteed if members have made enough referrals to pay them for a lifetime – which is impossible.

To put it short – Bitnamix has no products to sell.

The founder is not known

This is one common feature of con-artists masking themselves behind a self-automated platform.

Whereas they are still close behind ripping people off their money.

When this business crashes, no one would be held responsible for users funds.

It will eventually crash

It is never possible for every person in the world to join Bitnamix.

It will eventually come crashing like a rogue wave when referrals stop coming in.


This where I will be wrapping it up for this post.

Bitnamix may appear captivating with its well-crafted compensation plans, but it is never a legitimate investment program.

I will only advise that you do not risk your money on it.

But if you must invest; please do that with the money that you can afford to lose.

I have given you my opinion, it is now your turn to give me feedback.

What do you think of Bitnamix?

Do you think that the compensation plan is sustainable?

I am waiting for your response in the comment section below.

Lastly, remember to share this post to your friends on social media.


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