10 Best Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin in Uganda

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This post is for all the crypto lovers in Uganda! I will be showing the top 10 best platforms to buy Bitcoin in Uganda.

Ugandans are presently immersed in the world of crypto. In fact, there has been an exponential day-to-day user growth of Bitcoin in the country.

I curated a neatly filtered list of the 10 best exchanges in Uganda.

The list comprises the names of reputable Bitcoin exchanges across the world.

So, if you are ready, let’s go find this list.

Post Summary

This post is summarised in the sub-headings below:

  1. 10 Best Exchanges in Uganda
  2. Which is the Best?
  3. Conclusion

Now, let’s get to the main business.

10 Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Uganda

I did a review of more than 20 Bitcoin exchanges in Uganda to come up with this list.

The list is arranged in no particular order.

Let’s go!

1. Bybit

Bybit is the first exchange on my list.

Founded in 2018, it is one of the leading exchanges.

At the time of writing, it is ranked No. 2 among the top derivative exchanges by Coinmarketcap.

Bybit records over $8 billion in 24-hour volume trading and over $3 billion in total assets.

It also publishes its proof of reserve for everyone to see—kind of a way to verify its credibility in managing users’ funds.

Bybit does not support UGX. However, crypto enthusiasts in Uganda can buy Bitcoin from Bybit’s P2P with Neteller and other e-currencies.

They also have the option to buy Bitcoin on Bybit P2P with USD through payment gateways such as ChipperCash and Paypal.

Furthermore, they can also trade crypto and participate in the Earn product by sending coins from their wallet to Bybit.

Exchange TypeBroker|Trading| P2P
ServicesP2P, Spot, Derivatives, etc
Payment MethodsE-currencies such as:
Perfect Money, etc
Payment Gateways:
Chipper Cash, Paypal, etc
Supported FiatsUSD, NGN, EUR, etc
Does not support UGX
Supported CryptoBTC, ETH, ARB, SOL, and
FeesP2P – 0%
Trading – 0.01%
Read ReviewVisit Bybit

2. Binance

Binance is a good exchange to buy Bitcoin in Uganda.

It is the largest crypto exchange in the entire world by trade volume.

Binance offers a lot of services and a plethora of tokens.

The sole owner of this exchange is a young man known as Changpeng Zhao.

He founded this exchange in 2017, but its popularity has since grown like wildfire.

On June 28, 2018, Binance extended its footprint to Africa, established Binance Uganda as an arm of Binance, and listed the Ugandan Shilling (UGX) on its exchange.

Ever since then, Ugandans can now buy BTC, ETH, BNB and five other cryptos.

Exchange TypeBroker/Trading/P2P
Services– Instant Buy/Sell
– P2P
– OTC Trading
– Trust Wallet
Payment Methods Bank Transfer
– Credit/Debit card
– All supported cryptos
Supported Fiat– UGX
– NGN and 51 0thers
Supported CryptoBTC, ETH, XRP, MTL,
BNB, LTC, BCH etc.
FeesTrading fees – 0.1%
Read ReviewVisit Binance

3. Coinbase

Coinbase is a fully regulated and licenced crypto exchange located in San Francisco.

It is one of the oldest and biggest Bitcoin brokers in the world.

The exchange started up in 2012, providing only brokerage services, but added additional services like Coinbase Pro, etc. some years later.

In addition, Coinbase is remarkable for its commitment to customer security, as it provides insurance for all funds held in its custody

Exchange TypeBroker| Trading
ServicesBuy/Sell, Wallet
Coinbase Earn, et
Payment MethodsDependent on
your country
Supported Cryptos– BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH,
– USDC etc.
Fees0.00% – 0.60%
Read ReviewVisit Coinbase

4. Remitano

Remitano is a peer-to-peer exchange with a wonderful user interface.

It is the safest peer-to-peer exchange on which anyone can trade Bitcoin when compared to other peer-to-peer exchanges.

This exchange was founded in 2016, and it is currently used by 58 countries.

Exchange TypeP2P
Services– Wallet
– P2P
– Invest
Payment Methods– Mobile Money Transfer
– Bank Transfer
– Visa
– Mastercard etc
Supported FiatsOver 25 fiat currencies
Supported Cryptos– For P2P
– For Invest
FeesMaker fee – 1%
Taker fee – 0.00%
Read ReviewVisit Remitano

Over to the fifth exchange on the list!

5. Kucoin

KuCoin is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The exchange was founded in 2017 and has been gaining traction in recent years.

Kucoin offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs, making it a popular choice among investors.

Moreover, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Kucoin supports Uganda. However, it does not yet support the UGX currency.

Residents in Uganda can consider KuCoin if they can pay with foreign currencies like USD through the P2P, or have crypto that they wish to transfer to the exchange for trading.

Exchange TypeBroker|Trading| P2P
Services Spot, Derivatives,
Earn, NFT etc
Payment MethodsSEPA, Paypal,
Advcash etc
Supported FiatsUSD, NGN, EUR, etc
Supported CryptosBTC, ETH, BCH,
and 900+
Read ReviewVisit Kucoin

6. Gate.io

Launched in 2017, Gate.io is one of the leading exchanges in the industry.

The exchange boasts a wide range of trading pairs and a robust security system.

Gate.io is a platform that caters to users from various parts of the world, and it is noteworthy that it has garnered a user base of more than 9 million.

Residents of Uganda can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with their local currency on Gate.io using the “Buy Bitcoin” options available: Credit Card, Bank Transfer and P2P, trading.

Exchange Type Broker|Trading| P2P
ServicesP2P, Spot, Derivatives,
Copy trading, NFT etc
Payment MethodsBank transfer,
Orange Money-OM
MTN Mobile Money
Perfect Money, etc.
Supported FiatsUGX, XAF, USD, EUR, etc
Supported CryptoBitcoin, Doge, USDT and
FeesP2P – 0%
Trading – 0.2%
Read ReviewVisit Gate.io

7. Huobi

Huobi is a crypto exchange founded in 2013.

It ranks 2nd in the list of “Top Cryptocurrency Spot Exchanges” by Coinmarketcap.

More so, the exchange provides you with a handful of services and makes it very easy for you to navigate through its platform.

For Ugandans to buy Bitcoin or other cryptos from Huobi with their local currency, they should click on “Buy Crypto” and select the “Quick Buy/Sell” option for an easy buy.

Find other Huobi features in the table below;

Exchange TypeBroker|Trading| P2P
Services– Buy Crypto
– Spot Trading
– Derivatives
– Wealth Management
Payment Methods– PayNow
– Alipay
– Western Union etc.
Supported Fiat– USD
Supported CryptoOver 50 cryptos,
FeesBuy Crypto – Depends on the
option chosen
Trading – 0.2%
Review ReviewVisit Huobi

8. OKX

OKX is headquartered in Seychelles.

Among other features, OKX is one of the industry’s largest players.

OKX supports UGX, enabling Ugandans to buy crypto and other cryptos through credit/debit cards, P2P, or third-party payments.

Interestingly, OKX is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Exchange TypeBroker|Trading| P2P
Services– Buy Crypto
– Spot
– Derivatives
– Copy trading
– Staking
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit Card
Bank transfer
MTN mobile money
Chipper Cash
Supported FiatUGX, USD, CAD, EUR,
JPY, etc
Supported CryptosBTC, BCH, ADA,
ETH, DAI etc.
FeesBuy Crypto – Depends on the
option chosen (P2P -0%)
Trading -:
Maker – 0.08%
Taker: 0.1%

9. Bitget

Bitget is one of the world’s largest crypto-derivatives exchanges registered in Singapore.

It offers a robust trading platform, innovative products, low fees, and top-notch security.

The exchange offers a sizeable selection of markets and is popular for copy trading.

Moreover, it supports UGX, enabling Ugandans to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos with their local currency.

Whether as a beginner or expert, this exchange provides you with a simple and easy experience in crypto trading.

Exchange TypeBroker|Trading| P2P
Services– Spot
– Derivatives
– Earn
– Copy trading
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit card
MTN Mobile Money
Airtel Money
Supported FiatUGX, USD, EUR, etc
Supported CryptosBTC, LTC, ETH, etc
FeesBuy Crypto – Depends on the
option chosen (P2P -0%)
Trading: 0.1%
Read ReviewVisit Bitget

10. Bitpesa

Bitpesa is one of the most popular crypto exchanges to buy Bitcoin in Uganda.

Elizabeth Rossiello founded it in 2013.

This platform happens to be the first blockchain company to be licensed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

It functions as a Bitcoin exchange and a payment platform focusing on African countries.

You can buy any amount of Bitcoin on this platform using your mobile money account when you go to MyBFX.co.

Exchange TypeBroker
Services– Payment Gateway
– Buy Bitcoin
Payment Methods– Bank Transfer
– Mobile Money
– Transfer LONG
Supported Fiat– UGX
– GHc
– TZs
Supported CryptosBitcoin

11. Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin TM in Uganda

Ugandans can now buy Bitcoin from the Bitcoin ATM available in Kampala!

Bitcoin ATMs allow you to buy Bitcoin physically with UGX (cash).

It is just like the traditional ATM; however, it functions differently.

If you want to buy Bitcoin using a Bitcoin ATM, you must put your money inside the machine to get Bitcoin in your BTC wallet.

DEXs are not left out, too.

Ugandans and about anyone can buy Bitcoin from decentralized exchanges like:

Now that we have the complete list of the best Bitcoin exchanges in Uganda let’s go and find out which is the best.

Which is the Best Bitcoin Exchange to Buy Bitcoin in Uganda?

There are no hard and fast rules to finding the best exchange on my list.

I have given you the names of high-profile and secured exchanges with the best services and offers.

However, each of these exchanges has its features and unique use case.

So, to find the exchange that is best suitable for you, you will have to consider these:

  • Motive – Am I buying to trade, store, or shop?
  • The supported cryptocurrencies – does the exchange have the coin I want to buy?
  • Payment Methods – Is the available payment method convenient for me?
  • Fees – How does the fee compare with that of the other exchanges?
  • Security and the Volume you would like to trade.


This is it for the list of “Top Ten Exchanges” available in Uganda!

If you have carefully followed this list, you would have noticed that it contains the names of highly credible exchanges.

Yes, I am very optimistic that it does!

So, having given you the list of the ten best exchanges in Uganda and the state of Bitcoin in Uganda, I am optimistically expecting a reply from you.

Alright, here we go…

Have you used any of these exchanges? What was your experience?

For the newbies: Did this post boost your motivation to buy Bitcoin from any listed exchanges?

Finally, considering the state of cryptos in Uganda presently, do you see them thriving in the country in the future?

I hope to see your comments below, and please do not forget to click on the share buttons.


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