Axie Infinity: Learn How To Make Money From The Most Profitable NFT Game

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There are lots of good gaming Dapps in the crypto space, but Axie Infinity is one that never ceases to amaze me.

Axie Infinity is a gaming Dapp where you can make money by playing NFT games.

The game is so popular that over 250,000 people play it every day.

I’m sure you’d like to learn how to play and earn too.

In this post, I will teach you how to make money playing Axie Infinity.

Post Summary

This is what I will cover:

  1. What Is Axie Infinity?
  2. Definition Of Terms
  3. How Does Axie Infinity Work?
  4. How To Get Started On Axie Infinity
  5. How To Play The Axie Infinity Game
  6. How To Breed Axies
  7. Ways To Make Money Playing Axie Infinity
  8. FAQs
  9. Conclusion

Let’s dive in!

1. What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an NFT game developed by Sky Mavis; a technology-focused game studio founded in early 2018.

The founders were a team of five, led by Trung Thanh Nguyen, Aleksander Leonard Larsen, and Jeffery Zirlin.

Trung is a software programmer who, at the age of 19, co-founded, a Vietnamese e-commerce startup worth around $10 M.

Aleksander Leonard is well-connected in the gaming industry and knows a lot about blockchain.

Jeffery studied military and economic history and was a top-ranked USA Horde guild member in vanilla World of Warcraft.

Impressively, the trio met in 2017 through the popular NFT game Cryptokitties, which is run on the Ethereum network.

Inspired by the game Pokémon and the need to create a better NFT gaming platform that improves on the setbacks of Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity was born.

Axie Infinity was initially built on the Ethereum blockchain.

But it has migrated to the Ronin network, an Ethereum sidechain created to host Axie Infinity.

On Axie Infinity, you can earn cryptocurrencies by breeding, raising, trading, and battling with NFTs called Axies.

During a presale in 2018, over 3000 Axies were sold for 900ETH.

Today (Dec. 2021), Axie Infinity has become one of the most popular gaming industries in the crypto space.

In the next section, we’ll go through Axie Infinity in further detail.

2. Definition Of Terms

To discuss how this NFT game works, we need to first understand the terminologies below:

Axie | Cards|  Breed| Land | Axie Marketplace | Arena Mode, Ronin Wallet, Scholarship.

1. Axie

Axies are ERC721 tokens (NFT) represented by, small adorable creatures, and they make it possible for users to play and earn on Axie Infinity.

There are millions of Axies, each categorized with its own set of attributes. I will discuss some of the most important ones here:

  • Class: Axies has 9 categories of classes: Beast, Plant, Bug, Aquatic, Bird, , Reptile Mech, Dusk, and Dawn.
  • Body Parts: Each also has 6 unique body parts: ears, eye, horn, back, mouth, and tail.  However, only the “mouth, horn, back and tail” are used for battle.
  • Stats: In addition, every Axie has four stats that determine their survival on the battlefield. Let’s check them out in the table below.

Furthermore, Stats are graded according to an Axies class. View here.

  • Stage: Axies have 2 lifespan stages:
  1. Eggs: They are Axies still in incubator, and you won’t be able to use them in battle until after 5 days, when they have been fully morphed.
  2. Adult: These, on the other hand, are full-grown Axies used for battles and are more expensive than “Egg Axies”.

2. Cards

Cards can be thought of as weapons that the Axies employ to launch attacks in the battle arena.

Players have access to 30 unique cards in each battle round, and they are grouped into the body parts and classes of an Axie.

Each card determines the strength or ability of a class of Axie against the other class.

For instance, Aquatics cards are strong against Beast, Bug, and Mech Axies, but are weak against Reptile, Plant, and Dusk Axies and vice versa.

Get more details about how these cards work here.

3. Breed

Yes! Axies also mate to produce offspring.

And breeding here simply means selecting two Axies that you believe will produce the best egg Axie, taking into account their classes and the gene.

Each Axie carries 3 genes:

  • Dominant (D): 37.5%.
  • Recessive (R1): 9.375% 
  • Minor Recessive (R2): 3.125%

The percentage number displayed indicates the likelihood of passing down a gene to offspring. And each gene represents an Axie body part.

For instance, an Axie may have a “Papi eye,” a “little branch horn,” a “wall gecko tail,” etc. This indicates the gene of that Axie.

Note that an Axie’s gene may not be on display in the marketplace, but if you use the “Freak Axie Extension,” you will be able to see them.

We will discuss this in-depth in a subsequent section.

4. Land

Axie Infinity has a landscape called the Lunacia.

Lunacia consists of 90,601 acres divided into 7 tokenized plots of land called “Terra”. They include:

  • Savannah, Mystic, Genesis
  • Lunacia Landing, Map
  • Forest, Arctic

Landowners enjoy the full benefit to their lands; when you buy land, it becomes your personalized battlefield Arena.

You can customize the land to your taste using tools that Axies discover.

Not just that, but Axies can help you find AXS tokens on these lands, allowing you to earn free real money while you play.

Additionally, you can also sell your land for profit in the marketplace.

Keep in mind that buying land is not compulsory; if you do not own land, Axie Infinity will offer you a battle arena for free but you can’t sell them for profit.

As we progress through this article, you will notice I constantly reference AXS and SLP tokens.

These two tokens are the native tokens of Axie Infinity. However, I will discuss them in detail in another post.

5. Axie Marketplace

This is Axie Infinity’s NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell Axies, land, and other tradeable assets.

The marketplace is categorized into “Axies, Land, Items, Bundles” and it allows you to filter each category according to your specified needs.

If you want to buy Axies, for example, you go to the “Axie” section and filter the options to your need.

When you have finally chosen an Axie, click on it.

All the details about that Axie, including the class, breed count, children, body parts, and so on, will be displayed, and you can proceed to click “Buy now”.

6. Gaming Mode

This is where the Axies exist, as well as the battlefield. The two gaming modes on Axie Infinity include:

  • Adventure Mode: Player-versus-environment (You are playing against the system)
  • Arena Mode: Player-versus-player (You play against another user)

7. Ronin Wallet

The Ronin wallet is hosted on the Ronin network and you will need to install it to be able to use Axie Infinity.

8. Scholarship

Scholarships enable users who cannot afford Axies on the marketplace to borrow from other users.

However, the earnings made are shared between the lender and borrower.

Keep in mind, though, that scholarships are managed by the players and not the Axie Infinity team.

At this length, I am sure you will understand how Axie Infinity works by the time we start to discuss it in the next section.

Scroll down!

3. How Does Axie Infinity Work?

You can play, breed, or become an NFT collector on Axie Infinity.

To become an Axie Infinity user, you need to do some account setup, which I will walk you through in the next section.

When you are done with the setup, the next step is to acquire Axies or other NFT assets, such as land, etc, available on Axie Infinity Marketplace.

As an NFT collector, for instance, you can sell them back for a profit.

Furthermore, Axies can either be used for breeding or battle.

Before buying an Axie you should check out their class, stats, and abilities.

This is important because it determines how well an Axies will perform in the battle arena.

Checking out an Axies breed count (Check FAQs) and gene will help you determine if an Axie is good for breeding.

We will discuss how to breed or battle with Axies later in this article.

Do you want a guide on how to get started on Axie Infinity? Then let’s have it in the section below!

4. How To Get Started On Axie Infinity

This guide will show you how to install and play the Axie Infinity game.

  • Create a Ronin wallet. To do this, follow these steps
  1. Install the Ronin Wallet via Chrome Extension, Firefox Extension, or Mobile App.The link can be found here.

2. Once Installed, click “Get Started”

3. If you already have a Ronin wallet, you may import the wallet. If you don’t click on “I’m new. Let’s get set up!”, then continue with the next step.

4. Create a password, copy your “Seed Phrase” and store it in a safe place. Then, confirm the “Seed Phrase”.

  • “Deposit” ETH to Ronin Wallet. You can either:
  1. Buy ETH directly from the Ronin Wallet (not all countries are supported)

2. Through an Ethereum Wallet like Metamask, using “Ronin Bridge”. If you use the Ronin bridge, click “Deposit” from the options that display.

Note: “Ronin Bridge” supports only the Metamask wallet. Therefore, make sure, you have installed and funded the Metamask wallet first.

  • Once deposited, proceed to the Axie Infinity Marketplace and buy your Axies using the ETH, following the steps below.
  1. Visit Axie Infinity’s website and select “Marketplace”

2. Click “Login”, then “Login with Ronin Wallet”

3. After you are logged on, set your username and click “Save”

3. Go to the “Marketplace” section and select the Axies and other items you want to buy. Click on them and they will open on another page. Review the details displayed. If you are satisfied, you can click “Buy now”.


  • You need 3 axies to play the game, if you cannot afford them, you should apply for a scholarship instead. I will show you how to do that in the FAQ section.
  • Before purchasing any axie, make sure you do your research on the right Axie to buy. This guide will help you choose the right Axies.

4. When you buy anything on Axie Infinity, it will store be in your “Inventory”. Click on “My account” to locate your inventory.

  • Setup an Axie Infinity account by following these steps:
  1. Click “Set up email and password”

2. Set your email and password. Then, click “Confirm”

3. Solve the reCaptcha puzzle

4. You will receive a notification that a verification code has been sent to your email. Copy and paste the code. Then, click “Confirm”

  • Download the Axie Infinity application and start the play-to-earn game.
  1. Go to Axie Infinity website and click “Play now” to download the app via your PC or mobile phone

2. Once you have installed it, enter your email and password, and verify by clicking the reCaptcha icon. After that, click “Login”.

3. When you are logged in, click “Install”. This may take like 5 minutes, but you can start playing once it has finished installing.

Check out how to play with Axies in the next section.

5. How To Play The Axie Infinity Game

Axies battle in a 3 vs. 3 battle arena, aiming to defeat the opponent and complete quests.

This means that to play on Axie Infinity, you’ll need a team made up of 3 Axies.

You would have either purchased them from the marketplace or borrowed them from scholarships.

After you’ve chosen the three Axies, you’ll need to position them on how they will stand in the battle arena.

This should be done according to their respective abilities and attributes.

For example, an Axie with higher health or speed can be placed in front, while the other two can be placed behind it.

This is because, Axies with higher health stay longer in battle, and those with higher speed attack with ferocity, making them ideal for the front position.

The next step is to choose your “gaming mode,” and the battle will commence shortly after.

Axies fight each other in turn in battle, with the Axie that has the higher “Speed” stat attacking first.

Also, Axies attack the opposite Axie that are closest to them.

You will be given cards that are specific to each Axie’s body part.

Use the cards to attack opponent Axies. Each attack on an Axie reduces their stats.

At the end of each game, if you emerge the winner, you will earn an SLP token and around 60 EXP points.

However, if you lose, you will only receive 20 points in EXP.

Experience Points (EXP) are used to upgrade an Axies’s body parts and stats, as well as for breeding.

Additionally, battles take place in rounds and there are transaction fees incurred for each battle.

6. How To Breed Axies

Before breeding Axies, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Each Axie can only be bred seven times.
  • Also, each breeding costs you AXS tokens and certain amount of SLP token (The higher the breed count, the more SLP required) Find the details here.
  • You can use an Axie breeding calculator to check the possible body parts your offspring Axie might inherit. To use the calculator, enter, the Axies ID and click “Calculate.”. This is important because you want to ensure that the offspringAxie has the best attributes.
  • However, note that mutations in Axies are also possible; recessive genes have a 10% chance of changing into wholly distinct body parts that are not inherited from the parents.
  • Additionally, you should also consider how profitable your breeding will be after you sell the offspring.
  • Axie cannot be bred with their siblings or parents. However, the “ABC looping” breeding method allows you to breed three Axies, which may include a grandparent, uncle, and aunt Axie.
  • When you breed two different classes of Axies, there is a 50% chance for either one of the classes to be passed on to the offspring. For instance, if you breed a Reptile Axie with a Plant Axie, the offspring has a 50% chance of being a Reptile and a 50% chance of being a plant.

A step-by-step guide for the basic method of breeding Axie is shown below.

  • Select the Axies you want to use for the breeding.
    • Go to “Inventory”, select the first Axie you want to breed, then click “Breed”

You must have purchased your Axies from the marketplace before now.

  • “Choose your breeding type”. There are two breeding types:
    • “Send to mating club”: This allows your Axie to breed with other Axies that are not yours.
    • ” Breed with My Axie”: As the name implies; your Axies are what you will breed. For this post, I will choose this option,
  • A new interface will be displayed; choose the second Axie from your inventory, and click “Let’s Breed!”. 
  • After that, you will receive a notification to confirm the breed, and after a few seconds, your “egg” will be in your inventory!

You can decide to sell your eggs in the marketplace or morph them into adult Axies after five days.

Axies Lifespan

Axies have 4 stages of life. You can see them on the last screenshot above.

  • Egg Axie changes to “Larva” within a day
  • Larva can is morphed into a “Petite” after 2 days. (it is in ths stage that you can see the gene of your offspring Axie
  • After two days, you can morph the “Petite” into an ” Adult ” Axie

All these take a maximum of 5 days!

Axies also require a certain number of experience before they can breed. I listed them in the table below.

Number of BreedsNumber Of Experience
Ist Breed700
2nd Breed900
3rd Breed 900
4th Breed 1500
5th Breed2400
6th Breed3000
7th Breed3000

Naturally, the Axies are born with 400 experience; this means that they need to battle to get more experience.

Having shown you how to breed Axies and play with them, let’s look at how to make money on Axie Infinity!

7. Ways To Make Money Playing Axie Infinity

You can make money on Axie Infinity in all of these ways:

  1. Playing the Axie Infinity game

Competing in battle and emerging as a winner earns you the SLP token.

Interestingly, it is possible to earn up to $1000+ in SLP tokens in a month.

There are also leaderboard prizes which you can earn by playing the game.

2. MarketPlace

You may buy NFT assets at a low price and sell them at a high price in the future.

The difference between your buy price and your sale price becomes your earnings. Here is how to sell on Axie Infinity.

3. Breeding

Some people join the Axie Infinity not because they want to earn, but because they want to breed and sell for money.

When you breed a new Axie, you can decide whether you want to keep it for your use or sell it on the marketplace.

4. Scholarships

Another way to earn is to create an Axie scholarship program where you sell your Axies to other users for a percentage of SLP tokens earned in profit.

5. Stake AXS tokens

Axie Infinity’s native token, AXS, can be staked for high returns using the Ronin wallet.

This was announced by the Axie Infinity team in September 2021.

You may continue to the FAQ section!

8. FAQs

1. What is breed count?

The breed count is the number of times an Axie has produced offspring.
When an Axie has a 1/7 breed count, it means the Axie has only bred once.
However, if an Axie hasn’t bred any offspring yet, then the breed count is 0/7.
An Axie with a 0/7 breed count is called a “Virgin Axie.”
The higher an Axie’s breed count, the more costly it becomes to breed that Axie. 

4. How do I get Axie scholarship?

To get Axie Infinity Scholarship, you have to:
– First, look out for open scholarships programs.
Places you can source for scholarship programs include, CoinGecko. Axie Infinity Discord.
– Apply for the scholarship by inboxing the owner through the available social media platform. 
 – If he accepts your application and you are good with his terms, you get free three Axies to play with.

5. Can I lose money playing Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity does not carry a loss.
However, there is a possibility of losing money if you sell your Axie for less than what you paid for them due to a price drop.

6. Does morphing an egg Axie cost a fee?

Egg Axies are morphed twice during five days: from larvae to petite, and from petite to adult.
This will cost you a network fee, which is paid to blockchain miners.

7. Are Axies of different types?

Axies of the same class can vary in different unique types, which include:
Origin Axies: These are the very first 3388 Axies ever created. They also have special tags and have a special victory pose when they win a game.
Mystic Axies: They’re Origin Axies with unique body parts that can’t be 
reproduced or inherited.
Meo Corp Axies: These Axies are obtained from eggs sold by the Axie Egg Lab and are released in special seasons.
Pure Axies: These are Axies that have their genes matched to all the body parts of a particular class of Axie. They are also used to produce, Dusk, Mech, and Dawn, which are referred to as the secret Axie.
Others are Tank, Low ID Axies, etc.

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Axie Infinity is one of the most valuable NFT games in the crypto space.

It does not only provides gaming tools, but also a system through which gamers can be rewarded for their achievements.

This brings us to the end of today’s post.

So, do you have any thoughts that you’d like to share with us?

What impressed you most about Axie Infinity?

As a newbie, did you find this article helpful in starting up as an Axie Infinity user?

Or are you a user already? Share your experience with us.

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