Tapioca DAO Airdrop: Do These Tasks NOW!!

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This post is on how to farm the Tapioca DAO airdrop.

It is time-sensitive, so you need to get to it immediately. 

It is a Testnet airdrop, so you don’t need any money to farm it.

Tapioca has confirmed that they would have a token called TAP.

They have not confirmed airdrop to testnet users, but there is strong speculation within the crypto community that testers will get an airdrop. 

If they, however, happen not to airdrop TAP to testnet users, the only thing you spend is time.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

Now, let’s get to the tasks on Tapioca DAO.

Tapioca DAO Tasks: A Step-by-Step Guide

To farm the airdrop, what do you need? 

  1. Metamask Wallet
  2. Device 

I like to use my computer, but you can use your mobile device.

Note that in using the mobile device, you have to work with the browser in your Metamask.

So, what are the steps? 

Step 1

To Metamask, add the testnet network of:

Step 2

Get testnet tokens for the added network (Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Avalanche)

TestNet Tokens

Step 3

Head over to the Tapioca DAO platform and use its tesnet to:

  • Mint tokens 
  • Teleport to move tokens between chains.
    • Teleport:
      • Fantom – Polygon
      • Fantom – Avalanche 
      • Polygon – Fantom
      • Avalanche – Fantom 
      • Avalanche – Polygon
      • WETH – Polygon
  • Mint to mint USDO 
    • Mint: WETH – USDO
  • Lend and borrow 
    • Lend: USDO – GLPM

 There you have the steps to the Tapioca DAO airdrop.

Watch the video below for the practical steps.

Let’s go ahead and end this post.


Here, I draw the drapes on today’s post.

Hope you are farming these airdrops?

The bull run is coming soon with the Bitcoin halving few weeks away.

Take advantage of the alphas I drop on my X(formerly Twitter) page and that of NBC.

You will be glad you did.

Till my next post, hodl on… #No gree for anybody!

About Tapioca DAO

TapiocaDAO is DAO building an omni-chain money market across 17+ EVM and non-EVM chains. 

The project has raised $6 million at a whopping $44 million valuation from investors like Layer Zero Network, Jones DAO, DeWhales Capital, etc.


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