How to Make 1000% Profit from Plena Finance Airdrop 

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In this post, I will show you how to make a 1000% gain from farming the Plena airdrop.

This project has been around since 2021, but it doesn’t have a native token yet.

The token has been confirmed to be launched soon, and in today’s post, I will show you how to farm it and where to buy it before it launches. 

Let’s get started.

Points to Note

A few things you should know Plena:

  • Backed by
    • Cointelegraph, the biggest crypto blog
    • Galxe, the biggest crypto-questing platform
    • Consensys, the company behind Metamask, and
    • VC Big Brain Holding. 
  • It has raised 5M in funding 
  • Its IDO will occur in DAO maker, ChainGPT, Decubate, and AI Tech.
  • It plans to do the biggest airdrop before its TGE
  • Its launchpad partners will also be taking part in this airdrop

So what is Plena exactly?

What is Plena?

Plena is the first crypto super Dapp powered by account abstraction.

The team implemented account abstraction even before Vitalik Butrerin released its white paper.

What is account abstraction?

Account Abstraction enables users to own smart contact crypto wallets. 

Let me explain:

If you use a centralized exchange like Bybit, Binance, Coinbase, etc., they are really easy to use because they are Web2  apps.

You can easily buy, sell, send, receive, and store crypto. You also pay a low transaction fee for the token you are trading. 

But the problem is that the exchange is in custody of your crypto.

If it happens that the exchange crashes like FTX, your crypto is gone. 

So, what can one do?

Using a Web3 Dapp like Metamask can help.

As long as you do not share your private key with someone else, you are in charge of your crypto. 

But there is also a problem.

  1. You are responsible for the safety of your private key. If you lose it, you lose your crypto. 
  2. You don’t pay the transaction fee in the token you have but in the native token of the network you transact in. Say I want to swap USDT for USDC; I have to buy ETH, BNB, or MATIC, depending on my network, to pay the fee even though I don’t need that token.
  3. When you connect to a smart contract and click on ‘Sign,’ you really don’t know what you are signing because many of us do not have the technical knowledge to know.
    At the point of signing, you are surrendering your wallet to the smart contract.
  4. And many people have gotten all the funds in their wallets drained from this singular action.

Now, what account abstraction does is give the ease of use and simplicity of a Web2 platform to a Web3 app. 

Plena is the first Dapp to implement account abstraction. 

So on Plena:

  • Plena is not in the custody of your private key, and you can use your social account to log in. 
  • You can choose the token to pay the transaction fee in, not necessarily the native token of the network you are on. 
  • You don’t surrender your wallet to interact with a smart contract because your wallet itself is also a smart contract. 
  • You can batch multiply tokens and send them simultaneously for a lower gas fee. 

So simple put: 

Plena is a Web3 Dapp with the ease of use of a Web2 Dapp. 

  • Easy account creation and recovery 
  • Pay Transaction in any token 
  • You don’t need to be a Web3 techie to use it

The App currently has over 170K users, more than 5 million completed transactions, and 300+ Dapps have integrated with its account abstraction software development kit. 

From statistics, millions of people have invested in crypto, but only 5% have done so using Web3 data simply because of the initial large learning curve.

Plena is positioned to solve this problem with account abstraction. 

Now, to the crux of the matter: how do you make 1,000% from farming its token? 

I will show you in the next subheading.

How to Farm the Plena Airdrop

Its token is set for IDO in less than a month or thereabout.

The catch?

You will have to stake Plena to mint vPlena.

Holding vPlena earns you: 

  • Percentage of all Plena Revenue 
  • Staking reward 
  • Discount on transaction fees, and 
  • Participation in governance. 

So, how do you take part in the airdrop? 

The airdrop task is currently hosted in Galxe and will last 4 weeks. 

The weekly tasks are already active, so you need to get started right away. Each week, a new task will be given.

The tasks are really simple like joining the X platform (formerly Twitter), Telegram, Discord, etc.

When you complete your tasks for each week, you will claim points.

Earn 15 Plena from the app when you sign up using my referral code, E4346363442.

With a solid product and strong community, the Plena token could easily hit 1000% (not financial advice though).

There, you have all the gist about Plena airdrop.

Hope it was worth your time.

Till my next post, don’t fade any airdrop tasks.

Farm all… Let’s make this money together!



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