JUP vs. WEN: Jupiter Exchange’s Tokens – Is Now the Time to Buy?

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Ever faced this dilemma: JUP or WEN? Which will outperform this bull season, and which one should you stock more of for life-changing wealth?

JUP and WEN, the native tokens of the Solana DEX Jupiter Exchange, were airdropped to early users in early 2024.

Both tokens have experienced significant growth since then, with JUP rising over 347% and WEN surging over 6500% from their all-time lows.

Despite recent significant drops, it is clear that these tokens aren’t going to zero yet.

So, as we gear up for the bull run, is the current price decline a buying opportunity and which token is better positioned for massive gains?

Let’s explore all of that and help you make a better decision in this post!

Post Summary

JUP Token – Exploring Its Use Cases


JUP is Jupiter Exchange’s native governance token.

It is designed to grant users voting rights on proposals that will determine the platform’s future development.

The token was launched on January 31, 2024, through an initial airdrop for users who had used Jupiter Exchange before a snapshot taken on Nov. 2.

Use Cases

i. Governance Rights:

JUP grants holders voting rights on proposals that will shape the future development of Jupiter Exchange.

This includes proposals on project partnerships, emission plans, launchpads etc.

Interestingly, holding more JUP increases the holders voting power.

ii. Staking:

JUP holders can stake their tokens to vote on proposals for staking rewards, with no minimum or maximum staking amount required.

However, the amount of rewards you receive is influenced by your total staked amount and your voting activities.

iii. Incentives:

Another use case is incentives. JUP was designed to reward Jupiter Exchange users through a series of airdrops at key milestones.

The first phase distributed 1 billion tokens to early users.


There’s a total supply of 10 billion JUP tokens.

50% of the total supply is reserved for community distribution through airdrops and other initiatives.

The remaining 50% is allocated for team and operational needs, and team allocation is subject to a vesting period starting in January 2025.

As of June 2024, there are roughly 1.35 billion JUP tokens in circulation, with a market cap exceeding $1 billion.

JUP Airdrop Plans

A total of 4 billion JUP tokens have been allocated across four airdrop phases.

As stated, 1 billion tokens have already been distributed through a retroactive airdrop.

The remaining 3 billion tokens will be distributed as additional airdrops on January 31st each year until 2027.

Alright, JUP is out of the way! Let’s jump into WEN, the other token on Jupiter Exchange.

WEN Token – More Than Just a Meme Coin?


WEN, the second token of the Jupiter Exchange is a meme coin but with a unique twist.

Unlike most meme coins, WEN stands out for introducing the concept of Fractional NFT to meme coins.

Here’s the backstory behind the name!

“Wen” is originally a crypto slang used by enthusiasts eagerly awaiting a new project’s token launch.

Inspired by the community’s excitement and constant “wen” questions, the Jupiter Exchange created the WEN token to “immortalize wen culture.”

WEN lets you own a tiny part of a Fractional NFT poem called “A Love Letter to Wen Bros.”

The poem was written by Meow, Jupiter Exchange founder as a tribute to the community anticipating their token launch.

Use Cases – WEN is primarily a community token based on speculation. Holders can stake it for rewards or participate in activities on the Jupiter Exchange for potential incentives.


The poem was split into a trillion pieces using Ovols, a platform that converts NFTs into tradable tokens on Solana.

This means the total supply of WEN is 1 trillion, with each WEN token representing a proportionate share of ownership in the poem.

WEN Airdrop

70% of WEN’s total supply was airdropped at launch.

Over 1 million wallets qualified by holding a specific NFT, owning a Saga smartphone, or being active Jupiter Exchange users.

Each eligible wallet received 643,652 WEN token worth around $70 at the time.

There are speculations about a future WEN airdrop, but this has not been confirmed by the Jupiter Exchange team.

**Now that we’ve explored both tokens, let’s see how they stack up in a head-to-head comparison!

JUP Vs WEN – Comparing the Two Tokens

This table shows how the two tokens compete based on key metrics!

The information displayed in the table was sourced from CoinMarketCap.

Time for Analysis!

JUP has a solid use case. It boasts a more established market presence evident by its solid market cap, higher trading volume, and larger holder base.

Furthermore, its listing on the major exchange Binance gives it a shot in the arm by granting access to a much larger pool of potential buyers and sellers.

On the other hand, WEN captures the market as a meme coin.

Despite a lower market cap and trading volume, WEN has outperformed JUP in delivering substantial gains to its holders.

For context, WEN has skyrocketed over 6500% from its ATL to ATH, compared to JUP’s 347%.

Again, WEN’s market cap and FDV, strongly suggests that WEN is significantly undervalued.

So, to the key question: which token holds stronger potential for future growth?

Predicting Potential Performers: Which Will Outperform?

JUP and WEN have both delivered impressive historical gains.

However, unlike the common fate of many tokens that fizzle out after an initial pump, JUP and WEN have potential for future growth. Here is why:

i. The Platform’s Reputation

Jupiter Exchange reigns supreme as the leading DEX on the Solana blockchain.

Impressively, its dominance extends beyond the Solana ecosystem, as it currently sits as the second-largest decentralized exchange in the entire crypto market.

In addition, Jupiter records over $499 million in daily trading volume and a monthly visit exceeding 7 million. (Information from CoinGecko)

This impressive stat by the platform’s tokens JUP and WEN underscore their potential for a successful trajectory.

ii. individual attributes of both Tokens

JUP holds a real use case in the governance of the platform.

Jupiter Exchange users are rewarded for actively participating in governance, incentivizing them to hold onto their JUP, which could lead to sustainable future growth of the token.

Additionally, there is a proposal for a continuous JUP token burn to reduce its emission rate and Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV), aiming for healthier price action. See here.

The proposal also seeks to reduce the team’s allocation, which, if approved, could trigger a bullish momentum for JUP.

On the other hand, WEN is a meme coin. Meme coins are popular for delivering insane gains in their season. Yes! There are seasons where meme coins rally significantly.

However, one needs to act quickly to respond to their price moves.

To capitalize on the next potential WEN gain, check out these automated sniping bots that are specialized for meme coin trading.

Moreover, WEN’s current market cap and FDV, as shown in the table, suggest that WEN is still undervalued. It will likely outperform JUP if more money and liquidity are invested.

JUP or WEN, you ask?

Well, it all depends on your risk tolerance.

If you’re aiming for potentially 100x short-term gains, WEN might be the ideal choice to hold.

However, if you’re looking for long-term and sustainable price growth, JUP is a good choice.

Where to Buy JUP And WEN

1. Binance

Binance, renowned as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, offers trading of the JUP token.

Binance offers multiple JUP trading pairs, including USDT and FDUSD for spot trading, and JUPUSDT for futures contracts.

Visit Binance.

2. Bybit

Bybit is a reputable exchange for derivatives trading, aiming to be the most reliable for digital assets.

Bybit offers spot and futures trading for both JUP and WEN

Visit Bybit.

3. Gate.io

Gate.io is an advanced crypto exchange that supports the trade of over 1000 crypto pairs including JUP and WEN.

For JUP trading on Gate.io, you have two options: spot trading through JUP/USDT pairs, or futures contracts with JUPUSDT.

You can also trade the WEN/JUP pair on the spot market or lend WEN for returns.

Visit Gate.io.

Note: Due to recent government regulations on crypto trading in Nigeria, the attached exchange links may not open unless you use a strong VPN.


JUP and WEN serve their respective goals.

While JUP focuses on utility with governance rights, WEN taps into the “Wen moon?” meme culture.

This post is meant to educate and help you make informed decisions that suit your investment goals if you are considering both tokens.

Let me know in the comments: Did you enjoy the post? What are your thoughts about JUP and WEN, and which do you prefer to hold?

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