Top 5 Meme Coin Sniping Bots: Best Picks for Degens

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Meme coins can soar 100x in value, but catching those gains requires traders to be as fast as a cheetah.

That’s why for degens looking to capitalize on meme coin trading, the key is not just skills, but using the right tools – And this is where sniping bots come in.

Sniping bots can be programmed to execute trades at lightning speed, with the aim of maximizing profits by buying low and selling high.

In this post, we’ll dive into what sniping bots are and unveil the top 5 sniping bots that can potentially give you an edge while trading meme coins.

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What Are Sniping Bots and How Do They Work?

Also known as sniper bots, they are automated programs designed to take advantage of the market by executing trades with high speeds.

These bots respond to favorable market conditions faster than average traders, who might miss the opportunity.

Sniping bots are often used by degen traders to quickly grab newly launched and meme coins, capitalizing on their high volatility for faster profits.

How Do Sniping Bots Work?

These bots can operate similarly to front-running trading tools.

They monitor the market for signs of increased activity or price movements and attempt to execute trades before the price significantly changes.

However, they operate based on preset parameters set by their owner, the trader.

This means that they do not operate on their own.

You’ll need to fund the bot and set parameters like the target meme coin’s contract address, slippage, buy amount, and profit percentage.

Once you set these parameters, the bot constantly monitors the market.

When the conditions you set are met, the bot automatically buys or sells the meme coin for you.

Armed with this knowledge of sniping bots, let’s dive into the top 5 contenders when it comes to meme coin trading.

Top 5 Sniping Bots for Meme Coin Trading

  1. BONKbot
  2. Trojan on Solana
  3. Shuriken
  4. DexCheck
  5. Banana Gun

1. BONKbot

BONKBot: A top Sniping bot for trading Solana based meme coins

BONKbot is a popular bot specifically designed for the Solana (SOL) blockchain.

It operates directly within the Telegram messaging app where it automates trades for users 24/7 on their behalf.

BONKbot uses Jupiter, a Solana-based DEX aggregator, to find the best token prices across different Solana DEX.

With BONKbot’s user-friendly prompts, you can set parameters to automatically buy and sell your desired Solana based meme coins.

Furthermore, the bot offers protection against “Miner Extractable Value” (MEV) to ensure your trades are executed fairly.

It also allows users to monitor their positions, displaying information like current profit, market cap, and price changes.

For the fees, BONKbot charges a 1% fee on every transaction.

Data from Dune Analytics suggests Bonkbot is doing well, with over $6 billion in trading volume and more than 18,000 daily active users.

2. Trojan on Solana

Trojanbot, a popular sniping bot for the Solana blockchain, is attracting a fast-growing user base.

With over 3 billion in traded volume and 26,000 daily active users ( data from Dune), it’s clear traders are taking notice.

Trojanbot goes beyond just sniping. It offers a suite of features designed for both expert and beginner traders including DCA, Copy trading, Limit orders, bridge and other sophisticated yet simple tools.

In addition, its “New Pairs” feature displays real-time alerts for newly launched tokens on Solana, sourced from Dexscreener, a popular data aggregator.

This helps to keep you ahead of the curve, allowing you to identify potential opportunities quickly and conveniently.

Furthermore, it offers MEV protection to prevent manipulation and lets you customize your transaction fee for  secure and efficient trades.

Like BONKbot, Trojan charges 1% on every transaction. For beginners venturing into the world of degen trading, Trojan’s Copy trading feature can be a head start.

3. Shuriken

Unlike BonkBot and Trojanbot, Shuriken offers multi-chain sniping, supporting a wider range of opportunities.

Currently, it works on Ethereum, Base, Solana, Avalanche, and Blast, with plans to add Runes.

This diversity allows you to potentially profit from meme coins across various blockchains, not just one.

Shuriken prioritizes user-friendliness. Its interface is clear and easy to navigate, making it suitable for traders of all experience levels.

It provides two ways to fund your trades: Provided wallet addresseses, unique for each chain and your personal wallet by importing your private key.

Additionally, setting parameters for the bot is straightforward.

You choose the chain, set slippage tolerance, define the amount you want to buy and sell, and let the bot automate your trades. You can also easily monitor your positions at any time

Furthermore, Shuriken offers more than just sniping. Its quick swap feature allows you to quickly swap tokens between chains, adding a layer of flexibility to trade conveniently.

Shuriken bot is accessible through both Telegram and a web app. Like other sniper bots discussed, it charges a 1% fee on every transaction.

The bot boasts over $500 million in total trading volume and more than 1,500 daily active users across different chains ( data from Dune).

4. DexCheck

DexCheck: A top Sniping bot for trading Ethereum and BSC based meme coins

DexCheck is a DEX analytics platform offering a comprehensive suite of trading tools.

One of its key applications is the DexCheck Trading Bot, a multichain sniper bot integrated within Telegram.

This bot enables quick and automated swaps for tokens on the Ethereum and BNB chains.

Getting started with the DexCheck Trading Bot is simple. You’ll first select your desired chain (Ethereum or BNB Chain).

For enhanced fund management and diversification, the bot provides three unique wallet addresses specific to your chosen chain.

Configuration is equally straightforward. Simply set parameters like buy and sell amounts, price limits, expiry time, and trigger price

Once these conditions are met, the bot seamlessly automates your trades, while you sit back and watch.

DexCheck Trading Bot stands out for its user-friendliness. The intuitive setup process and user-friendliness makes it ideal for beginners.

5. Banana Gun

Banana Gun: A top Sniping bot for trading Ethereum based meme coins

Last in the list is the Banana Gun!

Banana Gun is a prominent crypto Telegram bots that stands out as a compelling option.

The bot takes the lead in user-friendliness, ensuring an easy navigation experience for traders of all levels, particularly beginners.

It offers two types of bots: Banana Gun Sniper Bot and Banana Gun Sell Bot

  • Banana Gun Sniper Bot: This focuses on sniping or buying tokens automatically, immediately after they are listed or already existing tokens
  • Banana Gun Sell Bot: This, on the other hand, manages sell triggers with the best Anti-rug mechanism

Configuring the bot is simple. A user manual is conveniently accessible within the interface itself.

At the time of writing, Banana Gun only supports the Ethereum blockchain.

Yet, there’s a possibility of it supporting other blockchains in the future.

Access to Banana Gun is free, but it charges a 1% fee on every trade executed.

With a lifetime trading volume exceeding $4 billion and over 5,000 daily active users (according to Dune), Banana Gun Bot boasts a strong user base.

**There you have the complete list of our top picks for sniping bots! While other options exist, these bots are currently the leaders in meme coin trading.

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Having all the best sniper bots for your meme coin activities in one place can be overwhelming when trying to choose the right one.

Which one is the best? Read on for my thoughts below!

Which is the Best?

Here are 4 things to consider when choosing the best option from the list:

i. Research tools

Before using the sniper bot, you need to first identify a potentially profitable meme coin to trade, which requires thorough research.

While independent research can be time-consuming, some sniper bots offer a helping hand and even offer a wallet tracking feature.

So, here is a question to ask yourself:

Do you need the bot to help find new coins, or are you comfortable using external tools like DexScreener or Birdeye?

If you prefer the former, Trojanbot is the best choice due to its “New Pair” feature, which helps you discover newly listed coins within the interface.

ii. Supported Chains

Ensure the bot supports the blockchain of the meme coin you want to trade.

At the time of writing, Solana seems to be the popular chain for meme coins at the moment. BONKBot and Trojan focuses on Solana meme coins.

If you’re unsure which chain you’ll focus on, choose a bot compatible with multiple blockchains for flexibility.

iii. Level of Experience

If you are a beginner, choose a user-friendly bot with simple parameters.

Also, Trojanbot might be ideal considering that it offers Copy Trading which allows you to easily mirror the trades of expert trades without much effort.

If you’re still unsure after considering these factors, try all the bots discussed to find your preferred one.

While sniper bots are great tools for meme coin trading, they also have their pros and cons. See below!

Pros And Cons of Sniping Bots

  • Sniper bots execute trades quickly and accurately, helping you profit from fast market moves.
  • They automate your trades, so you don’t need to constantly watch the market.
  • Sniper bots are ideal for volatile markets like meme coins, potentially helping you to scoop them at low price entry
  • Their features, like Anti Rug and MEV protection, offer a secure trading experience

The main con of Sniper bots rests on security threats.

Sniper bots, being internet-based tools, can be susceptible to hacking attempts.

Malicious actors might exploit vulnerabilities in the bot’s code to steal user funds.

An example is the recent BONKBot incident.

Hackers compromised the Solareum Telegram bot, then tricked users into exporting their BONKBot private keys, ultimately draining their funds.

To ensure safety, only fund the bot with the amount needed for your trades and avoid importing your private key.

Now that you are aware of the cons, it is also important to note this:

Sniper bots don’t guarantee profits – they simply execute trades based on your pre-set parameters.

If market conditions change unexpectedly, the bot might execute trades that result in losses.

Let’s conclude!


Sniper bots offer great advantages to meme coin trading.

They help degens to capture early entries and sell when liquidity and prices are higher.

If you are looking for sniper bots to trade meme coins on your behalf, the top 5 discussed in this post are worth considering.

However, keep in mind that these bots are just tools—the success of your trades lies with the parameters you set.

Are sniper bots worth the hype? Which one from those discussed in this post would you try out?

Are there other factors you consider when choosing a sniper bot? 

Did I miss a top sniper bot? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Lastly, if you found this post valuable, consider sharing it with others who might be interested in meme coin sniping bots by clicking on the ‘SM’ buttons below.


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