These Crypto Telegram Bots Are Making Millions For Traders

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Looking for how to maximize your trading profit with ease?

In this post, we will dive into the top 5 crypto Telegram bots that are making the most money for crypto traders.

Undeniably, the Telegram bot space has become one of the biggest crypto narratives boasting a market Cap surpassing $300 million as of November 2023.

These bots assist traders in automating their trades and have collectively generated around $28 million in revenue for users.

Would you love to take part in this narrative and scoop up those crypto gains? Let’s delve into the world of crypto Telegram bots!

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Post Summary

  1. What Is Crypto Telegram Bot?
  2. Top 5 Crypto Telegram Bots That Make The Most Money
  3. Benefits And Risks Of Crypto Telegram Bots
  4. Conclusion

You are in it, right? LFG!

What Is Crypto Telegram Bot?

Crypto Telegram bots

It is a new generation of bots on Telegram that is driving the recent crypto craze.

As the name suggests, these bots are integrated into Telegram.

By connecting your crypto wallet to these bots, they could help you automate trades and carry out on-chain transactions on your behalf directly through Telegram. Impressive, huh?

Crypto Telegram bots interact with DApps, such as AAVE, Uniswap and the rest to perform a range of actions, including automated buy/sell, arbitrage, airdrop farming, copy trading, etc.

However, each bot may specialize in a particular area. For example, trading/sniping bots focus on buying/selling based on predefined strategies.

On the other hand, Airdrop farming bots make it easier to claim free tokens, while copy trading bots replicate the trades of expert traders and so on and so forth.

In addition, most crypto Telegram bots have a native token.

As of the time of writing, there are over 50 of these tokens actively being traded, generating more than $70 million in trading volume and over $300 million in market cap (Coinmarketcap).

Let’s dive into the best part!

Top 5 Crypto Telegram Bots That Make The Most Money

1. Unibot

Unibot Crypto Telegram Bot

Unibot is the first crypto Telegram bot on my list.

Launched in May 2023, this bot has become widely popular, boasting a significant user base.

This is impressive considering it’s quite new!

Unibot is designed to automate cryptocurrency trading on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, AAVE, Kybernetwork, and others.

Initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain, it has expanded its support to various blockchains like Arbitrum, Solana, Polygon, Celo, Fantom, and more.

Unibot helps users make money with different trading strategies, like leveraged liquidity provision (LLP).

It also features an array of tools for copying trades and sniping new tokens, private transactions to keep your orders safe from bots, fail guard sell, and more.

It is free to use, but there’s a 1% tax on each successful transaction.

Furthermore, its native token is called UNIBOT, it was partially airdropped to NFT holders upon launch.

Users earn a reduced fee of 0.8% by holding at least 50 UNIBOT tokens.

Plus, token holders can share in revenue based on the number of tokens they have.

To use Unibot on Telegram, search for unibotsniper_bot. 

2. Banana Gun

Among the prominent crypto Telegram bots, Banana Gun stands out as a compelling option.

Launched in May 2023, it positions itself as one of the largest Telegram bots, boasting a market cap surpassing $32 million as of November 2023.

Banana Gun takes the lead in user-friendliness, ensuring an easy navigation experience for traders of all levels, particularly beginners.

It offers two types of bots: Manual Buy and Auto Sniper.

  • Manual Buy: This allows traders to actively monitor and execute transactions on their own terms, customizing orders and adjusting settings as needed.
  • Auto Sniper: This, on the other hand, focuses on sniping or buying tokens automatically, immediately after they are listed.

At the time of writing, Banana Gun only supports the Ethereum blockchain.

Yet, there’s a possibility of it supporting other blockchains in the future.

Access to Banana Gun is free, but it charges a 0.5% and 1% fee for successful trades executed on Manual Buy and Auto Sniper, respectively.

Banana bot has a token called BANANA. By holding this token, you get automatic rebates and exclusive perks.

To use Banana Gun on Telegram, search for @BananaGunSniper_bot, and @BananaGunSell_bot.

3. LootBot


The next on the list is LootBaot – You probably love this one if you are an airdrop hunter.

LootBot launched in July 2023, but it has already gained traction in the crypto community.

This Telegram bot is designed to automate airdrop farming and generate passive income for its users.

In addition, It can get airdrops for up to 10 wallets. But most impressively is its ability to mimic human behaviour when making transactions, which helps to avoid detection by Sybil protocols.

This means that you can use LootBot to collect airdrops without worrying about being blacklisted.

Lootbot supports a variety of blockchains including Ethereum, BSC, zkSync, Polygon, Scroll, Base and more.

To use Lootbot, connect your wallet, fund it, and with just one click, it will take care of the rest.

It will bridge funds, make swaps, mint NFTs, and complete other airdrop tasks to help you maximize your rewards.

Lootbot is not entirely free as it offers both a free subscription plan and an advanced plan that costs $30.

What’s more? The bot’s native token LOOT, offers perks to holders, such as revenue sharing and discounted fees for Premium subscribers

To use Lootbot on Telegram, search for @lootbot_lootbot

4. Wagie Bot

WagieBot Crypto Telegram Bot

WagieBot stands out among cryptocurrency Telegram bots due to its unwavering track record of success, having delivered consistent profits for its users.

It has attracted over 10,000 users, completed over 170,000 trades, and fetched more than 1.5 million contracts since its launch in the second quarter of 2023. That’s impressive!

Note that the above figure was obtained from the bot’s website.

Wagiebot provides a range of features, including copy trading, liquidity sniping, honeypot checker, trade tracker, Anti-MEV, and more.

In addition to its core functionality, it seamlessly interoperates with Ethereum, Arbitrum, and BSC, catering to a wide range of users.

Wagiebot is free to use, but there’s a 0.8% fee for every successful transaction made with it.

The native token, jumped from $0.02 to $1.73 in just 13 days after its July launch, making a huge profit of 8,550%.

Holding this token gives you discounts on fees depending on the amount you hold.

To use Wagie Bot on Telegram, search for @wagiebot.

5. Mizar

Mizar Crypto Telegram Bot

Mizar is the last crypto Telegram bot on the list.

Similar to the previously mentioned bots, this one has become popular among cryptocurrency traders because of its unique features and benefits.

Its endorsement by notable entities like KuCoin Labs and Huobi Ventures adds to the reasons for its popularity.

It incorporates top-notch trading strategies like DCA, copy trading, sniper bot, paper trading bot, trading terminal, and more.

Interestingly, unlike other bots in the list, Mizar caters to both centralized and decentralized finance by providing dedicated trading bots for each.

More precisely, it provides two types of products: CeFi and DeFi trading bots.

The CeFi trading bot supports up to 10 exchanges including Binance, Kucoin,, Huobi, OKX and other major exchanges.

However, it is not on Telegram but only accessible directly through the Mizar website.

On the other hand, the DeFi bot is available on Telegram but currently works exclusively with Uniswap v2.0 and v3.0 on the Ethereum chain.

Additionally, the CeFi bot automates and handles users’ spot and futures orders, DCA strategy, and copy trading.

While the DeFi bot is focused on sniping new tokens and IDOs with multiple wallets and ensuring the safety of tokens.

The bot also allows users to share their strategies with other users to earn rewards.

Furthermore, the native token of the bot is called MZR. Staking this token comes with benefits like reduced fees, referral rewards, unlocking advanced features, and more.

To use Mizar Bot on Telegram, search for @MizarTradingBot or visit the website.

This ends the list, but there’s more—keep reading below!

Benefits And Risks Of Crypto Telegram Bots

Let’s start with the benefits!


Telegram bots offer lots of benefits to crypto trading which include:

  • They automate your trades and eliminate the need for constant market monitoring.
  • All is done within Telegram—no need for extra apps or websites.
  • Sniping bots provide users with opportunities to participate early in promising projects
  • They are very efficient in executing trades with speed and accuracy, which can be challenging for manual traders.
  • Their unique features including minimized slippage, smart gas fees, and robust security measures, guarantee a secure trading experience

However, every benefit comes with its own set of risks. Below are the risks of these bots.


At the forefront of concerns is the risk associated with private keys.

Many of these bots may require access to your private key, posing a security threat if the bot developers are malicious.

To ensure safety, it’s advisable to use a separate wallet with these bots and regularly transfer your profits to your main wallet.

Another one is the risk of the bot being compromised by external attackers.

Sadly, a number of these bots have been compromised in the past, including Unibot.

On October 31, 2023, a hacker exploited Unibot’s code and stole crypto worth $600,000 from users’ wallets. Thankfully, the team reimbursed affected users.

Other compromised crypto Telegram bots include Maestro, Astrobot, Moonbot, Flarebot, Cometboty and more.

To play safe, only leave your trading money with these bots.

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This is where we draw the drapes!

Crypto Telegram bots are a great way to take advantage of crypto through one of your favourite messaging apps.

In addition, they make crypto activities easy; no need for multiple apps or endless web pages.

Overall, they’ve sparked the crypto buzz, used by many to rake in profits from numerous successful trades.

Do note that the ideal Telegram bot from this list is the one that suits your specific needs or purposes.

So, tell me in the comment section: which of these bots do you find most appealing? and which one would you go for?

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