Crowd1 Review (2022): Is It Legit or Another Networking Scam?

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In this post, I am going to bring out all the facts to prove if Crowd1 Investment is legit or a scam.

You have probably heard of Crowd1, a networking company making the entire buzz on the internet lately.

A quick check-up on this website will get you astonished, and to think that this company already has millions of global users. Wow!

But wait a minute! Before selling your money to this platform, you might want to read this unbiased review.

Now let’s get started with this post!

Post Summary

These are the subheadings that I will be discussing in this post;

  1. What is Crowd1?
  2. Who is Behind Crowd1?
  3. Crowd1 Products and Services
  4. Crowd 1 Compensation Plan
  5. How It Works: How Do I Earn on Crowd1?
  6. Crowd1 Support Channel
  7. Is Crowd1 Legit or Scam?
  8. Conclusion

Let’s dive in!

What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 is an online networking company that is affiliated with the gambling and entertainment industry.

The company has been in existence since 2007 but was officially launched in 2019 with Johans Stael von Holstein as the CEO.

Crowd1 has its headquarters in Madrid, Spain, and Dubai but has branches in many other countries including South Africa and the Philippines.

Crowd1 claims that;

  • Affilgo and Miggster(crowd marketing sites) are its money-making platforms
  • That these two listed companies connect Crowd1 members to a third-party gaming platform (Premier Bet and Uganda SBA)
  • That the revenues made from the third-party affiliate are shared proportionally with members.
  • That it sells educational products which members can purchase to earn an owner’s share right.

Though some people have acclaimed Crowd1 as a life-changing experience, there are doubts about what values its educational product offer.

Moreover, the so-called Crowd1’s third-party affiliates have denied their connections with Crowd1.

However, behind its owner’s identity lies a shady MLM/Ponzi story.

Let’s check out who is behind this company in the next sub-heading.

Who is Behind Crowd1?

There are about 3 persons that are involved in Crowd1 and I will list them below;

  • Stelios Piskopiano
  • Jonas Erik Werner
  • Johan Stael von Holstein

Stelios Piskopiano is the guy revealed by as the owner of registered back in 2007.

However, the information that I got about him shows that he might be a fall guy and has nothing to do with the business.

Another notable person behind this scheme is Jonas Erik Werner.

Jonas came on board Crowd1’s storyline in 2019 after Crowd1 was acquired by a company known as Impact Crowd Technology S.L. (ICT).

A review of this company shows Jonas Werner as its founder; this is a guy known for his involvement in Ponzi schemes.

The third on this list is a prominent guy; Johan Stael von Holstein.

Johan is a public figure who has in the past been the CEO of some of the world’s leading companies.

However, Johan’s biography reveals that most of the companies that he has headed ran into bankruptcy and eventually folded.

Moreover, Johans has been recorded stating that he does not play a major role in Crowd1 and that his involvement in the company is only a passive one.

I also found that he promulgated and was, in fact, the Chief Visionary Officer of Spinglo; a massive Ponzi scheme.

Let’s head to the next sub-heading!

Crowd1 Products and Services

Crowd1 claims that it offers a range of products which includes;

Crowd1 website
  • Life Trend
  • Grithub
  • Affilgo
  • Miggister

These products are not physical and are tagged Crowd1 Educational Products.

Crowd1 claims that these products are provided by its third partners;

  • Safer ( A Personal Armed & Medical Response company operating in South Africa)
  • Tribute ( A Lifestyle company in Nigeria)
  • Premier Bet ( A global gaming company )
  • SBA ( A gaming company in Uganda)

However, it has already gone viral on the net that; Premier Bet and SBA denied its affiliation with Crowd1.

Moreover, I found something fishy about Tribute; a visit to the website shows that the platform is not functional, and it is more like a design screen show.

It may also interest you to know that Miggster is still in its prelaunch mode since 2019 and you cannot make use of the already-launched Affilgo.

If this is so, how then does Crowd1 make these earnings from their third partners?

You are still surprised? Let’s get to find out more about Crowd1.

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Crowd 1 Compensation Plans

Crowd1 currently offers 5 Educational packages as its compensation plans.

 Here are the Compensation Plans;

Crowd1 compensation Plan

A purchase of any of these packages guarantees you a Crowd1 reward.

  •  White – Get this package at €99 (equivalent to ₦45,000 to earn a Crowd1 reward of 150pc)
  • Black – Get this package at €299 (equivalent to ₦135,000 to earn a Crowd1 reward of 150pc)
  • Gold – Get this package at €799 (equivalent to ₦360,000 to earn a Crowd1 reward of 500pc)
  • Titanium – Get this package at €2,499 (equivalent to ₦1,124,550 to earn a Crowd1 reward of 1,750pc)
  • Titanium Pro-Get this package at €3,999 (equivalent to ₦1,799,550, it is not stated on the website how much of the  Crowd1 reward you will get for this package)


  • You can upgrade these packages at any time
  • To upgrade a package, you only pay the difference between the two packages (e.g. to upgrade your White Package to the Black Package you pay €200 instead of €299)

But what is this Crowd1 Reward and what is pc?

Explaining Crowd1 Reward

Remember, I told you some things about Crowd1’s third partners… right?

Crowd1 reward is the sales commission made by Crowd1 from its third partners, and it is shared between members and the company (Crowd1).

According to Crowd1, the Owner’s share right would be distributed proportionally according to the packages each member has bought.

The Commission made from the third parties are shared thus;

  • 40% Long-Term Recurring Income
  • 40% Crowd1 Rewards
  • 20% Corporate Operational Expenses

It is stated on the site that Crowd1 reward pay-outs will take quarterly and that Crowd1 reward will stop functioning after the launch of Miggster and Affilgo.

However, I think that this reward is a sham plotted out to lure members into the business, since, Miggster and Affilgo are still not functional.

By the way, pc stands for the number of points you will make in the Crowd1 reward by purchasing any of the packages.

Let’s keep digging!

How It Works: How Do I Earn on Crowd1?

To become a member of Crowd1, you will have to sign up to the website using the link of an already existing member.

If you sign up without an affiliate link, you will be placed automatically under a Crowd1 member

Earnings on this platform come in these major ways:

  • Educational Sales Bonuses
  • Matching Bonus
  • Streamline Bonus
  • Fear of Loss Bonus
  • Long-term Residual Bonus

I will be explaining them one by one below,

Educational Sales Bonus

binary tree

Earnings from Educational Sales Bonuses work in a binary tree structure/plan.

A binary tree is a common terminology in the MLM niche. It is a kind of structure that places members in a two-legged position either left or right.

For you to earn this bonus, it is required that you have two direct referrals and you will position them in your left and right leg to activate your binary tree.

Each Package your referral purchases has its own commission (referred to as business point).

Let’s see in the table below the business points that you will earn when your referral purchases any of the products;

To calculate your Business Points for real value; 10BP equals €1 e.g. the value of 90BP is equivalent to €9.

In other words, you earn €9 when the person that you have invited purchases a White package.

Crowd1 calculates this bonus by using 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 ratios.

You can click here to see how the ratio thing works and how it can be converted to real value.

Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus in Crowd1 is the indirect referrals that you get from the persons that you have personally referred to the business.

There are 5 ways that you can earn this matching bonus from your referrals. Let’s check them out below;

  • If you purchase a White Package and make 4 referrals, you earn a 10% matching bonus from the sales of their direct referrals.
  • When you purchase a Black package and make 8 direct referrals, you earn a 20% matching bonus – 10% from your referrals and 10% from those your referrals have referred.
  • If you purchase  a Black package and make 12 referrals, you earn a 30% matching bonus ( with 10% coming from each generation of your downline up to 3 levels)
  • When you purchase a Gold package and make 16 referrals, you earn a 40% matching bonus ( with 10% coming from each generation of your downline up to 4 levels)
  • If you purchased the Titanium package and make 20 referrals; you earn a 50% matching bonus ( with 10% coming from each generation of your downline up to 5 levels)

You can read our Forsage review to better understand what downline is.

Streamline Bonus

This earning is received by all Crowd1 members as an incentive for the effort they have put together in building the platform.

Your earnings here are calculated based on these three achievements;

  • The Education Package that you own
  • Your number of directly sponsored Affiliates, and;
  • The total number of Affiliate partners in Crowd1

Fear of Loss Bonus

This bonus is only available to new members who are able to make 4 referrals within 14 days.

During this period, you can earn;

  • 1,250 BP for inviting 4 affiliates who purchased the White Package
  • 3,750 BP  for inviting 4 affiliates who purchased the Black Package
  • 10,050 BP for inviting 4 affiliates who purchased the Gold Package
  • 31,500 BP for inviting 4 affiliates who purchased the Titanium Package
  • A free White Package if you have not bought any of the packages

Long-term Residual Bonus

 This bonus is more like a passive income stream for all Crowd1 members and does not require that you make any referrals before you earn.

It is the total commission made by Crowd1 from its third-party affiliate, and it will be shared according to the network pool each member belongs to.

Bottom line: If you do not have any referrals, you will not earn this bonus, and if your referrals are not much, your payments will amount to nothing.

From what we have discussed so far, you will find that; the income structure is centred on referrals or is it not so?

Does it mean, then, that Crowd1 is a Pyramid Scheme?

Let’s keep digging, we will soon find this out in a penultimate sub-heading below.

Crowd1 Support Channels

You can reach out to Crowd1 on these social media platforms;

  • Twitter –
  • Facebook –
  • YouTube –
  • Instagram –

Also, there is a knowledge base on the website that provides answers to the common questions members may have.

Having said that, let’s now hit the major subheading in this post.

Is Crowd1 Legit or Scam?

With all the explanations that I gave above, I know that you must have been doing some inner reckoning as to what this answer will be.

There is no hard and fast rule in determining this, but below, I will give some of the reasons Crowd1 is legit.

  • The CEO is a prominent person, and he has headed some successful companies in the past.
  • It has not directly scammed anyone.
  • Some people are still benefitting from this opportunity.
  • It is a registered company in Madrid, Spain.

Now, do not be too comfortable about the reasons above. Before you judge, let us see some of the reasons that make Crowd1 a scam.

It Operates a Pyramid Scheme

Taking a look back at how members earn on this platform, you will find that it is not abstract to say that this company runs a Pyramid Scheme.

Moreover, Crowd1 has been prohibited in countries like; Philippines, Burundi, Paraguay, South Africa, and Namibia because it operates a Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme.

It is spearheaded by fraudsters

These guys sponsored Ponzi Schemes that took a walloping amount of money from innocent people’s pockets.

Jonas Wener is a conventional fraudster and here are some of the Ponzi Schemes that he propagated; Synkronice / Spinglo, Opn-Sitetalk and Onecoin.

I also found that Johan was one of the promoters of Synkronice / Spinglo and he was, in fact, the Chief Visionary Officer of Spinglo.

Some members are complaining of nonpayment

Some members of this platform are already complaining about their inability to withdraw their profits.

Most of Crowd1’s claims are all lies

Afilgo and Miggister are the two big lies told on this website; these two companies will never exist.

Just so you know; these two companies are registered and owned by Crowd1, but on the website, we are told that they are third-party affiliates.

Another lie we are being fed is its affiliation with Premier Bet and SBA. Well thanks to God we now know the truth.

Lastly, we are still not sure if the products offered by Crowd1 are of value to members.

In my opinion; the product is used as a cloak by Jonas and Johan to cover up the shady game that they play behind the screen.


There you have my Crowd1 review.

Crowd1 is simply a business model where you join and invite others to do the same for you to cash out your profit.

And just as supposed, It has begun crashing in some of the countries where it first made waves.

I do not know how else to convince you about this, but here is my conclusion;

Crowd1 is an online opportunity that is shady and will crash sooner or later.

However, I will love to hear your opinion about this platform.

You can put down your comments, questions, and opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. Rayito

    this crowd 1 thing is scam if there is no new member coming there wont be a pay to existing member so its scam, most people had been brain washed to defend this scam

  2. Laelane

    The time that you searched about Miggster is not operational? Yes, that was before! They already launched Miggster just last November 14, 2020 FYI. You need to open your mind about pyramyding/networking, because most of successful people are working through Networking. Don’t judge first especially putting up a multi-trillion business takes time and years to prove it to the crowd! CROWD1 is a blessing!

  3. nesty cubillan

    your research study and conclusion is grossly ignorance,,you need to learn more my freind


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