Top Meme Coins on Avalanche: COQ and TECH

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The Avalanche Foundation has launched a $100 million Culture Catalyst Program to incentivize meme coins. 

In this post, I will show you two top meme coins on Avalanche that are set to explode.

One is a low-cap, and the other is a high-cap coin.

Let’s get started.

 What is Avalanche?

If you are just hearing about Avalanche, I will tell you what it is all about.

Avalanche is an EVM-compatible layer one blockchain.

It is faster and cheaper than Ethereum while still maintaining decentralization. 

Ethereum is the first of its kind, but it is slow and expensive. It is currently the most expensive blockchain to use. 

Avalanche is one of the blockchains that were launched as Ethereum killers.

Others include:

I found that many of them ended up killing themselves.😁

For some others, they found their strength, niched out, and focused there. 

Avalanche is one of the blockchains that did not fade off and actually improved its technology during the bear season.

One of its upgrades was the introduction of subnets.

Subnets are cool because they let Avalanche onboard apps that want flexibility and low fees for their apps. 

Because of this, Avalanche’s subnets have become a home for many game developers and institutions. 

Recently, the AVAX coin has substantially increased, with more dApps being deployed on the platform. 

The truth is that I am not a big user of the Avalanche ecosystem.

Honestly, I have only bought a little AVAX to participate in a testnet.

Other than that, I have not bought any other coin on Avalanche 

But if the foundation is dropping 100 million dollars on meme coins, then I want exposure to that.

Now, I have done my research, and these two meme coins stood out for me. 

I will talk about the coins below.

Top Meme Coins on Avalanche

The question is: Why meme coin?

Why is the Avalanche Foundation spending $100 million on Meme Coin incentivization?

It’s simply because meme coins have become a part of the crypto culture.

Different chains have their die-hard fans.

Some people are ETH Maxis, some are SOL Maxis, and some are Avalanche Maxis. 

Ethereum has its meme coins, and Solana has its meme coins.

Avalanche should also bring the same memecoin feel to Avalanche lovers. 

Two prominent platforms through which the $100 million will be distributed are Steakhut and Trader Joe.

They are both decentralized exchanges on Avalanche. 

All users have to do is buy a supported memecoin and provide liquidity. 

So, what are the meme coins that I recommend? 

The first is Coq Inu (COQ).

It is a bird-themed meme coin. It is the most popular meme coin on Avalanche.

If you bought this coin in February, you would have been up about 9x by now. 

The current market cap is about 300 million.

This means that, depending on the money inflow into the Avalanche ecosystem, we can expect a 3x to 10x increase in this price. 

If you decide to buy COQ, you can sell it to Trader Joe or Steakhut to earn part of the 100 million. 

The next coin is NumberGoUpTech (TECH). 

It is a low-cap coin, at about $9 million at press time. 

TECH is basically ‘memeing’ those who say, ‘I came for the money and stayed for the tech.’

TECH is new; its smart contract is pretty okay, and if it has enough push, this coin can do 20X, 50X, or even 100X. 

However, it is high risk.

Steakhut supports TECH for the meme rush incentive. 

Here, you have the two Avalanche meme coins to buy now.

The two coins are available for buy and sell on and

To stay updated on the top coins to buy, follow our X page and join our Telegram channel.

Till my next post, keep your eyes peeled while navigating the crypto space.

Don’t fall victim to wolves in sheep’s clothing.


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