KarlaGod NBC Interview: From a Crypto Newbie to a Founder!

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Welcome to the NBC Lifestyle blog. Today, we interview KarlaGod, a woman in tech. ☺️

KarlaGod is an inspiring young Nigerian woman that has made a remarkable impact in the crypto space.

She’s both an entertainer and a blockchain business developer.

Read on as she shares her crypto journey with us.


About Karla

Karla got into the crypto space in her 300L in the University in 2016.

After school, she pursued her business development career, building businesses and helping companies grow.

In 2020, she focused her business development skills in the web3 space and by 2021 she founded Crypto Smart, an asset management company which has birthed sub-companies and organisations.

B<>rder/ess is one such sub-organisations, which is the tech not-for-profit arm of Crypto Smart that teaches Web3 skills to young people.

Karla is also known as KarlaGod which is the pseudo name for her music side.

Let’s now get to the interview.

Interview with KarlaGod, Crypto Smart Founder

1. Can we meet you?

Yes you can, I’m Karla Obakpolor aka KarlaGod

2. How and when did you get into cryptocurrency?

2016, I got into cryptocurrency through Steemit, a web3 blogging platform that helped writers earn crypto tokens as they wrote and posted consistently.

3. What has been your experience in the crypto space?

Lots of learning and building relationships.

4. Share with us some of your contributions to the crypto space.

a) Qlip – an NFt platform set to be the Opensea of Africa.

Suggested: Qlip (QLP) Review – Africa’s No.1 NFT Marketplace!

b) Crypto Smart – a B2B Asset management company that lead to the invention of Bitsave Protocol.

c) Bitsave Protocol is a savings protocol that helps users save in cryptocurrency without losing their savings to the volatility of the crypto market.

Bitsave has brought a new value chain to the web3 finance space, and that value chain is SaveFi.

Everyone is used to DeFi, and now they’re getting introduced to SaveFi.

5. What challenges have you encountered in the crypto space and how did you overcome them?

The first challenge I encountered was the challenge of developers, that challenge affected our progress negatively while building Qlip.

So when we were about to upscale our B2B asset management services on the blockchain by building Blockchain products, I thought “Let’s build a tech team first.”,

While we were doing that, a Tech not-for-profit arm came out, and that’s how we started “B<>rder/ess”.

The second challenge is the challenge of funding, and honestly, I haven’t yet figured out how to solve it.

6. How has cryptocurrency fared in Africa in terms of adoption?

Pretty well, over 6 million Nigerians use crypto actively and I can only imagine the number we’d get in other African countries if we extrapolate that method and data to them.

My only concern is, there are more users in Africa than African-based or solution-centred web3 products,

7. How do you think the recent bank crashes will affect cryptocurrency?

It’d separate the wheat from the shaft. Overvalued companies with few use cases would be replaced.

Also, I think businesses and users are going to begin finding out how to use blockchain technology for other solutions other than finance. People are also going to understand the difference between savings and investments.

8. Do you have any plans – personal and for your products – that you’d love to share with us?

Yes, I do. We have a stellar team and stellar product already, the plan is to access the funding with a stellar VC or a stellar community.

9. What advice do you have for crypto newbies?

  • You never stop learning – read and research and ask questions.
  • You never stop exploring – use blockchain platforms
  • Never stop creating value – Contribute to a community
– KarlaGod (Crypto Smart Founder)


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