5 Coins that Will Explode in April 2023 (Based on Crypto Narratives)

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Last time, we discussed crypto narratives and how traders leverage them to make a profit.

Today, I’ll show you 5 coins that will likely explode this month based on the same concept.

You want to read to the end so you will know where to spend your money.


With the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade in view, native tokens of Liquid Staking platforms may rally soon.

Also, Arbitrum is still hot in the news and this will likely influence the tokens in its ecosystem positively.

Again, two of the most highly anticipated future airdrops concern ZK technologies and so, the ZK narrative could also pick up speed.

Now that we’ve seen the current narratives, let’s see the concerned coins and where you can buy them.

List of 5 Coins that Will Explode in April 2023

1. LDO

LDO is the governance token of Lido DAO. Lido is a liquid staking solution for Ethereum and it dominates the LSD space.

The LDO token is used for governance, managing fee distribution, and governing Lido node operators.

Lido has a very high TVL (Total Value Locked) when compared to other blockchains. 

Lido’s TVL is approximately $11 billion and has been growing rapidly. 

However, the market cap is much lower, only about $2 billion.

This means that LDO is very undervalued and the coin may rally soon. 


The second coin on my list of coins that will explode in April 2023 is ANKR, the native token of Ankr.

Ankr is a Web3 infrastructure provider that offers staking, liquid staking, and other yield-earning opportunities.

The ANKR token is used as an incentive, payment, and staking asset within the network.

ANKR has a market cap of $335 million and a TVL of $184 million meaning that the coin is slightly overvalued.

But from a short-term perspective, ANKR could witness a surge soon, leveraging the LSD narrative.


RDNT is another coin that made my list of coins that will explode in April 2023.

It is the native utility token of Radiant Capital, a decentralized lending protocol that allows users to deposit assets on one chain as collateral and borrow a variety of supported assets from another chain.

RDNT is used to reward lenders, borrowers, and liquidity providers for  providing utility to the platform 

Interestingly, Radiant Capital (RDNT) is the 4th largest ecosystem on Arbitrum.

It has a market cap of $65 million and a TVL of $180 million.

Also, RDNT recently witnessed a surge due to its Binance listing.

4. IMX

IMX is another coin that you should consider buying this month.

It is the native token of ImmutableX, a Layer 2 solution for NFTs.

ImmutableX supports the next generation of Web3 games.

Some features of the platform are instant trading, security, scalability, and zero gas fees for minting and trading NFTs.

IMX is used for gas fees, staking, and governance.

Currently, the market cap is $929 million and it is one token that will likely profit from the ZK narrative.


Lastly, on my list of coins that will explode in 2023, is MINA.

It is the native token of Mina. Also, it may profit from the ZK narrative.

Mina aims to be the privacy and security layer for Web3 with zero-knowledge proofs. 

It is considered the world’s lightest blockchain because its size remains constant despite usage growth.


The MINA token is used for staking, transaction fees, and block production. It currently has a $637 million market cap.

Where can you buy these 5 coins that will explode in April 2023?

Gratefully, LDO, ANKR, IMX, RDNT, and MINA are traded on popular exchanges.

If you don’t have an account with any crypto exchange then register with either of our top picks:

Once you’ve created an account, verify it and make a deposit.

Then proceed to the Spot trading platform to buy the tokens listed earlier for a massive gain.

But endeavour to do your research before buying any token.

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