27 Facts About Bitcoin – A Must Read For Crypto Newbies

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Bitcoin, the rave of the moment, has come to stay.

With millions of daily transactions, it is becoming less news that crypto technology has gone beyond the use of digital money.

Lots of amazing stuff are being built every day on the blockchain, giving rise to venture capitalists, investors, and partners investing loads of money into the ecosystem.

At the moment, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin will remain in the spotlight for a long time.

As more people become aware of cryptocurrency, the need to simplify the seeming “mystery” behind this technology becomes very obvious.

This means that there will be an increasing demand to explain in clear terms what cryptocurrency is all about, and particularly, how to make money from it.

The use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has gone far beyond the wildest imagination.

This technology has evolved tremendously from making payments online to online gambling to building and buying properties and shopping in the virtual world.

Many industries have found a use case for blockchain, and it is clear that this thing we have in our hands is here to solve a lot of problems.

The adoption in the gaming industry has been spreading like wildfire.

One of the most prominent examples is the online gambling industry which is also taking advantage of the versatility of the technology – privacy, transparency, and fast transactions.

To help you get started on what Bitcoin is, you can have a look at an infographic that beautifully highlights some of the most amazing facts about Bitcoin.

It is a nice place to start their crypto journey for beginners.

Experts will also find this infographic immensely useful.


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