‘Backdoor’ in Ledger? See How to Keep Your Crypto Safe

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Ledger, a prominent manufacturer of hardware wallets, recently unveiled a novel security enhancement known as Ledger Recover.

This has triggered a flurry of criticism across various social media platforms.

Ledger Recover entails the fragmentation of a user’s seed phrase into three meticulously encrypted shards.

Subsequently, the fragments are dispatched to distinct third-party entities.

Also, these shards serve as an additional safeguard, allowing users to restore their seed phrase should the need arise.

However, detractors have voiced valid concerns regarding the potential vulnerability that may arise from the involvement of third-party entities in the Ledger Recover feature.

They argue that this could inadvertently create a backdoor, granting unwarranted access to the seed phrase and potentially undermining the security of users’ assets.

In response to the scepticism, Ledger Wallet has staunchly reaffirmed the dependability of its service.

The company strives to ease doubts by highlighting its stringent security protocols while emphasizing that Ledger Recover remains an optional tool.

Thus, empowering users to make informed decisions based on their individual preferences.

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