Top 5 TON Blockchain Projects to Watch

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Looking to invest in projects on TON? We’ve got you covered.

The TON blockchain is experiencing an insane popularity by the day.

Besides a strong technology and recent price gains, it boasts a thriving ecosystem brimming with innovative projects.

These projects offer exciting opportunities alongside positive sentiment about their potential.

Want to know the top hottest projects on TON? Let’s kick things off.

Top 5 Promising Projects Building on the TON Blockchain

1. DeDust

DeDust, a top promising project on TON

DeDust is one of the leading decentralized exchange on the TON network.

It boasts a total value locked (TVL) of $47.7 million and a market cap of $48.2 million.

DeDust was built to cater specifically to the DeFi demands of the TON users including:

  • Instant token swaps
  • Staking to earn rewards
  • Liquidity Pools for passive income
  • Cross-chain bridging to and from Ethereum
  • Portfolio management for assets on TON

To use DeDust, you’ll need a TON-compatible wallet like TonKeeper, TonHub, or Telegram wallet.

DeDust’s native token, SCALE, with a capped 21 million supply is used to incentivize users to stake on the platform.

Launched at a lower price of around $0,02, SCALE recently hit an all-time high of $8 before settling to $6 at the time of post, showing a strong price action.

Crypto traders wishing to buy and sell the SCALE token can do so on the DeDust platform.

With an impressive TVL and a strong token price performance, DeDust positions itself as a leading contender among promising projects on TON.


STON.FI, a top promising project on TON

Built specifically for the TON Blockchain, is a decentralized exchange designed to make swapping tokens a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Interestingly, the swap feature integrates directly into Telegram.

This positions it as a convenient choice for millions of Telegram users who can swap tokens without leaving the messaging app they already use.

But goes beyond just swaps. The platform allows users to earn passive rewards through liquidity provision and staking.

Gratefully, all these services come with virtually zero fees, making it a cost-effective choice for users.

At the heart of lies its native token, STON for governance rights and staking reward.

STON has delivered strong returns since its launch, rewarding early investors.

It surged from its listing price of around $1 to a high of $32 before settling around $18 currently (May 3, 2024). emerges as one of the leading projects on the TON network boasting a TVL of over $100 million.

3. Bemo


Bemo stands out as the first mover in liquid staking on the TON blockchain.

It enables users to stake their TON tokens for rewards, while also receiving stTON tokens in return.

stTON represents staked TON but remains tradable and usable in DeFi protocols.

In addition to its pioneering protocol, Bemo hints at launching a future token called BMO where 20% of it is allocated for community incentives.

However, the launch date and complete tokenomics are yet to be finalized at the time of writing.

With TON’s growing ecosystem, Bemo is well-positioned to replicate the success of Lido and Jito.

4. Evaa

Evaa is TON’s first lending and borrowing protocol.

Users wishing to put their idle tokens to work can become lenders by supplying TON, USDC and WBTC to the liquidity pool.

For doing so, they are incentivized with EVAA XP in addition to the interest earned.

Borrowers can access loans by depositing collateral to receive a dynamic loan-to-value ratio proportional to the asset they wish to borrow.

Evaa offers direct accessibility to Telegram, tapping into its millions of user base.

Furthermore, it plans to launch a native token in the future for community incentives.

5. Tonstakers

Tonstakers, a leading project on TON

Tonstakers is the largest liquid staking protocol on the TON blockchain, boasting a TVL exceeding $200 million.

It allows users to stake their TON tokens and participate in the TON validator process while simultaneously receiving a token called tsTON.

tsTON represents staked TON and can be used freely on Defi protocols while still earning staking rewards.

Tonstakers has surpassed 60,000 users, marking a significant milestone for the protocol and solidifying its position as a key player in the TON ecosystem.

There you have the top 5 promising projects on TON.

Let’s conclude!


TON is attracting significant attention with its growing user base and innovative projects.

This rising interest positions it as a blockchain to watch in the coming years.

If you are looking to explore TON’s ecosystem, these 5 projects are gateways to tapping into its opportunities.

Did I miss a hidden gem in the TON ecosystem? Share your favorite TON project in the comments below!

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