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December and the 2018 year in general has witnessed some developments in the crypto space and ICOs have not been left out.

The year has witnessed several ICOs during its course both successful and failed.

As we are preparing for 2019, we take a meticulous look at the top 5 ICOs for December 2018 that you should definitely consider investing in before the year rounds up.


This article is a product of research and personal opinions and its contents should not be taken or considered as an investment advice of any kind. Investors are hereby warned to do their due diligence before investing in any volatile market such as cryptocurrency as we would not be liable for any loss suffered as a result of using this article as an investment criterion of any kind.

Top 5 ICOs for December 2018

top 5 icos for december 2018

Here is the full list of the ICOs for December 2018 that experts are banking on at the moment in no chronological order;

Kartblock (;

This project would surely sound interesting for users who fancy a blend of e-commerce and the blockchain technology. The project provides a mix of e-commerce, a reward system and cryptocurrency. The portal promises direct sales for sellers with the use of crypto currency and super-fast and highly secured transactions.

Kartblock is projected to go big considering the excellent fusion between two of the world’s fastest growing industries-cryptocurrency and e-commerce.

Dexage (;

DexAge is a decentralized crypto trading platform. The platform will offer P2P crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat trade, P2P lending and decentralized loans using your cryptocurrency as collateral without having to sell it.

The platform aims at decentralization of crypto exchange including the process of listing.

Another distinguishing feature that DexAge will offer is the unique decentralized chat app. With this feature, users would be able to send DXG tokens and more just by using a chat function.

This therefore will enable instant messaging to go along with instant cash.

Dexage has been said by experts to have huge potential due to its total decentralization concept and its use of social web.

Cryptyk (;

Cryptyk is aimed at tackling the multi-billion dollar cyber-security industry. It is a hybrid, encrypted, decentralized cloud management and storage blockchain platform.

The platform will enable cloud-based applications, online data storage, file sharing, editing of documents as well as encrypted chat and email. The project is planning to be a combination of 2 decentralized security platforms.

The first which is named ‘vault’ operates like the bank vault where information are stored and encrypted. The encrypted files are then broken into 5 pieces and then re-encrypted. This is then distributed and stored on 5 of the major independent cloud service providers; Box, Amazon, IBM, Google and Rackspace.

The second decentralized security platform named ‘sentry’ operates as a guardian and auditing platform acting as a security manager for admins. Thus, this protects against internal and surveillance security threats.

The potential in Cryptyk lies in the fact that its dual security ecosystem makes it the first secure and complete cloud storage and security solution platform for enterprises.

Mobu (;

This project promises to be interesting as it aims at easing traditional inadequacies of the central subject of this piece (ICOs).

Mobu is a decentralized blockchain platform which will aim to ease the regulatory, technical and legal requirement and procedures encountered by ICOs looking to launch a security token offer on the blockchain.

The real potential in Mobu is in its innovative escrow method. This ensures transparency and eases deployment by preventing instantaneous access to the full amount raised during the offering. This also ensures that investors are protected.

Investors are therefore empowered to be able to quit the offering even after the crowdsale has ended. Investors’ funds are then refunded on a pro-rata basis if the ICO project and its issuers fail to comply with its overall goals and roadmap.

Victorieum (;

Victorieum aims to deploy its own Cryptocurrency Banking System, with its units situated off-shore. The project will provide end-to-end banking services to its users like credit-cards, loans, asset management, etc.

One crucial feature of the platform is mitigating security risks through mandatory KYC of the users. This feature will ensure tackling of risks associated with cryptocurrencies while enabling people to invest, trade, and use Crypto Coins seamlessly.

With its next generation cryptocurrency, Victorieum Token, the platform aims to outrun the present day crypto-market limits.

The platform’s high-level architecture makes sure that speed and stability are always at priority. We are revolutionizing the centralized finance market with the amazing blockchain technology.

The token is just the first step towards the grand roadmap of crypto-economy. As the platform advances, state-of-the-art financial tools for crypto-payments, exchanges, banking, and financial services will be available for its customers.


While the capitalization of the crypto market has been gently retracing its way back to what it was about a year ago, there has been a shift towards more ICOs that project the fundamentals of the crypto space other than overpromises which ruled most of late 2017 and early 2018.

If you still have love for ICOs and still got a little bit of gamble left in you, then we advise to atleast invest in 2 ICOs on this list and you could be walking your way to huge profits and returns.

Have you heard about any of these ICOs?

Have you invested in any of them and what do you think about our selection?

Do you think any ICO should be added to our list?

Let us have your opinion and suggestions in the comment box below.


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