Storiqa review – 4 Things You Need To Know About This Project

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Storiqa’s platform lets anyone create a blockchain-based online marketplace.

This Storiqa review will walk you through all you need to know about this amazing project.

Storiqa Review

Storiqa is a Swiss-based organization run by Ruslan Tugushev (Co-founder of and; he is assisted by Evgeny Gavirilin (Co-founder) and Nadiya Cherkasova (Head of sales and Co-founder) with a development office in Moscow, Russia.

Storiqa is basically a decentralized e-commerce platform, specially crafted to provide the perfect e-commerce solution to anyone who wishes to sell their products or services online (ideal for self-employed entrepreneurs, family businesses, small-scale manufacturers, online retailers etc..).

It is famously dubbed “the blockchain Amazon” because it seeks to provide the same services provided by Amazon but with a few upgrades and enhancements.

With Storiqa, anyone can own an online store and have it customized to their taste in minutes.

It is no longer news that Blockchain technology is fast taking over all facets of man’s existence.

The E-commerce field is not an exception, the challenge, however, lies in the inability of individuals to develop private Blockchain-based e-commerce stores, hence the need for what Storiqa provides.

How It Works

The goal is to provide the perfect e-commerce solution based on Blockchain technology — to help new and existing businesses reach more customers, at the lowest possible cost.

It also seeks to create the perfect shopping experience for shoppers all over the world, through enhanced security, ease of payment through various Cryptocurrencies, and trade assurance.

The entire platform was built with user-friendly features to support beginners and advanced users alike. A standard (ready to use) store can be set up in 10 minutes, which is a plus for would-be entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, its marketplace has been translated into 6 different languages to enable business owners to easily expand their businesses into foreign markets, for rapid scalability.

Business owners who host their stores on Storiqa’s platform are provided with helpful tools and resources, such tools as customer feedback systems, sales analysis tools, bookkeeping platforms, advertising, and promotional tools amongst others.

With these tools in a business person’s arsenal, chances of failure are almost entirely eliminated.

Storiqa Review: What It Brings to The Table

Storiqa is a business centred Blockchain project; it serves to solve the following challenges militating against the success of online businesses:

Online Payment Solution

Paying for a product or service online has become an excruciating affair, for both the service provider and receiver.

There are constant reports of incidents where fraudsters masquerade as legitimate business owners to rob people off their monies.

This development has created a feeling of uncertainty amongst potential E-com customers, with some totally backing off online shopping or anything related to it for fear of falling prey to these hoodlums.

However, Storiqa has a perfect solution to this development in the form of smart contracts.

What these smart contracts do is – hold the monies paid by customers until they confirm receipt of the items they ordered for. With this, customers can shop without an iota of doubt in their minds.

Furthermore, Storiqa eliminates the need for middlemen in the fund transfer process between business owners and customers.

This ensures smooth transactions and minimal fees.

Tools For Customer Analysis    

Storiqa provides tools that enable businesses to keep track of customer activities.

With these tools, customer data and behaviour can be collected, analyzed and processed to enable businesses to better optimize their services for best results.

Feedback Mechanism

Storiqa provides a state of the art feedback system, where businesses can gather customer feedback and recommendation through phone calls.

This feedback can be safely stored and accessed regularly by the business owner.

It also gives business owners the ability to keep track of the performance of their call centre agents.

Marketing Solution

Marketing is the backbone of every business, get it wrong and you will be back in your village in no time at all, eating cassava and boiled beans.. Lol

Luckily, Storiqa integrates with large marketing firms to help businesses market their products and services to the right audience, thereby pulling in new customers on a regular basis.

Legal Support

Has someone ever told you “Hey! My lawyers have lawyers?”

Well, if that doesn’t convince you then you have to check out Storiqa’s legal structure.

For a company to operate out of Switzerland, it has to be law abiding and yeah, Storiqa has a legal team that ensure it conforms to Swiss laws.

The Storiqa Coin (STQ)

storiqa review
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The Storiqa coin is used for transactions on its platform; this is to ensure their value appreciates as more users adopt the platform.

The STQ has a max supply of 11,287,544,272 Billion coins, with over 7,767,544,247 in circulation at the moment. The coin has a steady supply and supports both hard and soft coins.

Furthermore, since the STQ is an ERC20 token, it can be safely stored in any ERC20 compatible platform, Storiqa wallet and MyEtherWallet.

How To Buy Storiqa

The process of buying Storiqa tokens can be divided into 3 easy steps

  1. Get an ERC20 compatible wallet (eg Storiqa wallet or MyEtherWallet).
  2. Buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum (Through platforms like Ngexchanger, Coinbase, Coindirect, Remitano,
  3. Exchange your Bitcoin Or Ethereum to Storiqa (STQ).

To exchange your Bitcoin or Ethereum to Storiqa (STQ)

  • Visit IDEX
  • Create a new wallet by simply clicking on “New Wallet”
  • When the wallet is created, copy its address
  • Send Ethereum to the address you copied (should match the amount of Storiqa you wish to buy)
  • When your Ethereum reflects on your Idex dashboard, navigate to STQ/ETH exchange market
  • Scroll down till you find “Buy STQ”
  • Then you can convert your Ethereum to STQ
  • Your STQ will appear on your IDEX dashboard
  • You can leave it in the exchange or transfer it to a safer wallet for safekeeping


The whole idea behind Storiqa is pretty ambitious and futuristic.

However, it started off on a wrong foot when it listed the COO of PayPal, Bradly Strock, and COO of eBay, Manyard Webb as part of its advisory team, and shortly after, they all refuted Storiqa’s claims stating that they have nothing to do with the project.

Storiqa removed them from their advisors’ list shortly after that but didn’t provide cash back for investors who invested on false news. Such investors requested they get their monies back but didn’t.

That development raised a lot of red flags and questioned the integrity of the entire Storiqa project.

Notwithstanding, I think Storiqa’s track record of misinformation doesn’t have enough to come in the way of its project objectives.

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  1. Ayoola Akinlade

    nice and futuristic project.
    but how does the ecommerce store get set up and how does it work

    • Peter Obi

      A set up wizard has been set in place to guide new users.


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