Sell Your Pi Coins for Naira in Nigeria: 2 Ways To Do That

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This post is on how you can sell Pi Coins.

There are basically two ways for now. 

  1. Within the Pi ecosystem and 
  2. Through 3rd party application 

If you search the hashtag #Pipayments on X, you will see several merchants accepting Pi as payment for goods and services.

Before I go into details,  let me talk about where the Pi network is at this time. And how far it has come. 

Pi Network – The Journey So Far

If you go to the Pi network app right now, you will see the result of a recent survey that was held.

It was called the Pi Local Commerce. 

The community was asked to suggest ways to put Pi coin to use. Mind you, the Pi Network has seen over 35 million miners, which is really huge. 

The result of the survey featured people from different countries who are ready to accept Pi as payment and people who are already accepting it as payment. 

So, people are ready to accept Pi, which is going to make selling and buying Pi really easy.

But there is one major problem. 

The Mainnet. 

Let me take you back a little. 

Most crypto projects build the platform and the utility first using VCs and private investors’ funding.

Then, they market the product to a community of users. 

But Pi Network is doing it the other way.

They did not accept any funding and are building the community first. 

It launched in 2019, and you can mine the coin by simply tapping a button on the app once every 24 hours. 

In building a community, you have to make sure that each member of the community is a real person and has only one account. 

The only way to do this is by verification. 

And that is the most challenging part. That is basically what is slowing down Pi Network.

How do you verify a person’s identity without holding custody of the person’s information? 

I will come back to this: let us look at the road map thus far. 

  • The App release 
  • Testnet and 
  • Mainnet 
  1. The app was released in 2019; people can tap on the mine button to mine the coin. The coin at this time held no value; we can’t call it a cryptocurrency at this time. 
  2. The tesnet was built and tested successfully. 
  3. The Mainnet is when the coin is meant to become tradable and spendable. Accounts need to be verified to make this happen.

The Mainnet was split into two phases:

i. Enclosed Network Phase:

This is the account verification phase.

Once your account is verified, you can migrate your coin to the Mainnet and use it within the Pi ecosystem. 

ii. Open Network Phase:

This is when all accounts have gone through KYC.

The Pi network can now be used in third-party applications and exchanges. 

We have been in the enclosed network phase for years now. 

I believe if the Pi team had accepted VC funding, things would have been faster. By now, we would be done with the enclosed network phase. 

However, there are pros and cons to this. 

VCs would make things faster but also exert some control over the platform. 

On the other hand, the way it is run now ensures that the vision and mission of the Pi team are adhered to.

But it is taking too long, and lots of people have lost patience and left the platform. 

That is the Pi Network thus far. That is the short-long version. 

You can check out this post for more information.

Now, how do you sell your Pi? 

Let’s talk about that in the next subheading.

How Do I Sell Pi Coin For Naira?

First things first… You have to make sure you have migrated your Pi tokens. 

So, how do you migrate your Pi tokens to the mainnet?

1. Log on to your Pi app and tap on the menu at the top left.

2. Click on Mainnet

sell pi coin

3. Go to the Mainnet checklist

There are eight steps; the last one concerns migrating your tokens to the mainnet.

sell pi coin

Once you’ve completed the first seven steps, your tokens will be migrated automatically.

But like what happens during KYC verification, there is a queue for this, so wait for your turn.

So, you keep checking to see when your tokens have been migrated, and then you can sell them.

Once you have done this, you can sell Pi Coins in two ways. 

1. Third-Party Platforms to Sell Pi Coins

You can find them on Quora and X.

On Quora

On X

Sell pi coin

You can search for them on these platforms, and they will walk you through how to sell. 

You have to, however, beware of scammers. 

2. Pi App

The second way to sell Pi coins is on the Pi app.

There is an Escrow system that enables seamless trading of the Pi coin, but you can only access that after you’ve migrated to the mainnet.

That way, you’ll easily find buyers instead of going through the stress of finding them on third-party apps.

It is also worth noting that the Pi coins trading on exchanges like Bitmart and HTX is not the real Pi coins; they are Pi IOU.

This means that the exchange will change them to the real Pi coin after the open network phase. 

There, you have the ways to sell your Pi coins.

I will keep updating you as more information emerges on the subject matter.

Now, I want to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

Do you think the Pi team should have accepted VC funding, or do you think it’s better the way it is? 

Leave your comment in the comment section.

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See you there and in my next post. 


  1. Uzoewulu

    I have been mining pi coin for a while. I will to know how much one can sell the pie in Naira?

    • Chiamaka Atueyi

      You can check X or Telegram to find buyers.

      Pi coin has not been officially listed on any exchange.


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