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FaucetPay Presents Pasino - The Newest Gambling Experience Out There |  UseTheBitcoin

Pasino gets it.

Playing games and gambling for recreational purposes should be as simple as possible.

After a long tiresome day, people just want to relax, let go of their worries, and blow off some steam.

Therefore, welcoming users with complicated, boring interfaces can quickly turn a hobby into a drag.

That’s why Pasino has recently launched and reimagined old concepts with a futuristic, straightforward, and exciting design.

Pasino by FaucetPay

Pasino is a crypto project initiated by the founders of FaucetPay.

With the success FaucetPay had with their micropayments and earning platform, the founding team gathered the experience and input to push crypto casinos forward.

The founders brought a new and original approach to the crypto gambling industry within Pasino by adding unmatchable earning opportunities in a most transparent way.

When it comes to earning opportunities, Pasino has:

  1. 3 games;
  2. Wager mining;
  3. Referral plan;
  4. Wagering Race;
  5. Affiliate battle.

1. The 3 Games

Pasino currently hosts 3 games that involve prediction and gambling, and there are more to come as the project further develops.

The first game is called Crash.

Pasino users get to bet on the level a rocket-like object reaches.

The level it reaches will represent a multiplier.

At the end of each round, gamblers get their bets back multiplied by the level the “rocket” reached.

The second game is called Hash Dice, and it is quite popular in the world of crypto players.

But Pasino reimagined the concept into a more user-friendly game where gamblers interact with an easy to approach interface and guess if the slot will show a number above or under a certain level.

Last but not least is Plinko.

Plinko is a classic game where you throw in a chip that will fall between some obstacles until it reaches a sort of label.

In Pasino’s Plinko, users launch the chip and wait for it to fall on a multiplier.

Speaking of a user-friendly interface, Pasino also offers a special feature that lets users set their games on auto mode and join rounds without having to bet manually.

2. Wager Mining

The Feyorra wager mining offered by Pasino allows players to gain FEY tokens while betting.

For every $1 (in crypto) a user plays in a game, he receives 0.07 FEY in return.

Feyorra is distributing 40% of the initial supply through Wager Mining on Pasino and FaucetPay.

Users only have to place bets to claim them.

As for what FEY is, it’s an ERC20 token native to the Feyorra DApp, which is used for liquidity mining and staking.  

Although FEY is currently the most used crypto on Pasino (besides BTC, LTC, and USDT), the platform is yet to fully integrate with the Feyorra ecosystem.

Once that happens, the FEY stakers will also benefit from a share of the house edge.

3. Referral Plan

Pasino gamblers can refer their friends and earn additional cryptos for it.

A registered Pasino user can send their friends an invite link, and they will earn funds on each bet their friends play.

A referrer can earn 0.3% from his friends’ bets on Crash, 0.1% on Plinko, and 0.5% on Dice.

4. Wagering Race

Wagering Mining also comes with a wagering race.

That means that the users that wager mine the most will get additional rewards when the contest ends.

The top 10 wager miners will receive the crypto equivalent of:

  • 50 USD (first position)
  • 25 USD (second position)
  • 10 USD (3rd and 4th positions)
  • 5 (5th and 6th positions)
  • 1 USD (7th to 10th positions)

The rules of the contest are as simple as they can be.

Users only have to play as much as they can and wager mine.

Then they will be ranked according to the rewards they gathered over the contest’s span.

5. Affiliate Battle

The referral plan allows registered users to earn more by inviting friends and having them play along.

But there is more.

By having referred accounts, a user is eligible to compete in the affiliate’s battle. There is no complicated process.

Once the affiliated players start betting, their accumulated activity will be reflected in the referrer player’s position.

The more total wager a referrer has, the higher his position will be.

And just like in the case of Wagering Race, there will be 10 winners in the Affiliate Battle contest.

Their reward is as follows:

  • the first position gets 100 USD
  • the second 50 USD
  • the third 35 USD
  • the 4th and 5th 20 USD
  • the 6th and 7th 10 USD
  • the 8th, 9th, and 10th 5 USD


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