Overton Window & BTC: How Bitcoin Enters The Mainstream Debate

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As Bitcoin enters into maturity, many people are now walking with it wonder if the coin finally entered the mainstream market.

Some say it is becoming mainstream, while a few feel that it will never become mainstream.

The answer is tricky, and much more depends upon how governments across the globe are behaving towards BTC in their teen years.

We know how public perception plays a vital role in the way governments are now acting like a specific topic linked to the idea known as the Overton window.

Here we will be dealing with the topic of the Overton window and its relation to the same.

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Understanding Overton Window

As per Wikipedia, the Overton window is a wide array of policies that remain politically acceptable in the mainstream market and people at any particular time.

It also has another term known as the WoD.

The experts like J P Overton is the man who coined this word in the market.

It deals with the idea of political viability that further would depend upon the way it falls inside its range instead of the individual choices of the politicians.

As per this expert, a window frame can include many more policies linked to politicians that can further help gain good check-in public office and get the climate to form any public opinion.

If you look at the core of the Overton window, it can help make many people and politicians feel that it can further help in understanding the same policies.

Overton Window and Bitcoin

Now, you have a fair idea about the Overton window and its link with Bitcoin.

During the first few years of Bitcoin, it was only dealt with by cryptography lovers and privacy players, and some liberals.

These people declared Bitcoin as a legal tender in nations like El Salvador.

However, with a good understanding of OW, many more policies are not accepted in the mainstream population.

So, one can ask oneself how far you can shift from governments’ clutches of governments?

To answer this question honestly, you need to understand the government’s action in the US linked to BTC to date.

US Government and Bitcoin

In 2014, the agencies like IRS in the US called BTC an asset.

The United States is among the ones to declare the same about Bitcoin, calling it a property.

It also allowed people to invest in it.

Bitcoin is known as something natural, and it is vital to understand how it has emerged as the top BTC holder in the world in the US alone.

In 2017, we saw the groups like CME come forward to work with other companies known as CFTC to embark on the BTC futures market that remains a crucial step for any product.

The US alone has come up with the idea called BTC not working as security but something that can remain in the regulation.

Several digital coins in our minds are to be checked under SEC enforcement.

Should Governments Support The BTC Movement?

With an increasing number of people supporting and holding Bitcoin, we have to ask this question.

We can also see many top companies investing in Bitcoin, including the financial giants like JP Morgan.

We also know that BTC has the potential of passing through OW in many nations across the world.

We can see many more governments and politicians now supporting the Bitcoin movement in a big way.

Doing this can give an edge to these nations.

We can see things are already working in nations like the US, wherein many top politicians like C Lummis, A Rhodes, and Ted Cruz have seen in this community.

In this process, these politicians are now trying to tap the market in a big way.

So far, we have seen the nations like El Salvador set an example in this domain, and many more nations are planning to do so.

Wrapping Up

The Overton window is a vital idea to comprehend.

It helps a wide range of easily acceptable politics in the mainstream market.

As BTC is now entering its mature age, we see the coin’s adoption growing in the market.

Also, we now see many politicians and governments coming in favour of the BTC movement.


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