Nexus Global Review: Scam or Legit? Here is All You Need To Know

Nexus Global Review Is Nexus global a scam? Is it Legit?  Should I invest my money and time or take them elsewhere? Those questions haunted me day and night; I had no choice but to dig deep for answers. And like every successful investor will do, I searched all over the internet for answers – social media platforms, blog post, websites, forums etc… it wasn’t easy, but I found answers at last. I am glad to share my findings with you in this short review and believe they will guide you towards making the right decision — a decision that will put more money in your account, and smiles on the faces of your loved ones. Please pay close attention. Because, at the end of this review, you will find some free life-changing information, capable of improving your financial life forever.

Nexus Global Review – Company Overview

During my research, I focused my attention on the company’s profile. Its ownership info, address, staff etc… Like you might already know, Nexus Global is an MLM company that specialises on Cryptocurrencies, its aim is to leverage the already existing Cryptocurrency market. That is, getting people to invest in its Cryptocurrency plans, with the promise of returns on their investment for a period of 24 months. Nexus Global was founded by Christian Michel Scheibener, who happens to be the founder and CEO. The company presents an address in Hong Kong as it cooperates address, however; I did more research on that address and found out it is not a physical address per say, but a virtual address. The disturbing part is that that same address is also used by a host of other similar MLM companies, some of which turned out to be outright scams! Having been put on my toes by that finding, I set out to know more about Christian Michel. A quick social media research unravelled the fact that Christain Michel is from Spain, which obviously means Nexus Global is originally operated from Spain and not the false Hong Kong virtual address, as its clients are made to believe. Further research pointed out the fact that Christain Michel is the owner of the Omnia Tech scam platform which was launched last year, before Omnia Tech, Christian was occupied primarily with the promotion of ‘World International’. Chances are, Nexus Global is simply a successor of the Omnia Tech scam platform since Omnia Tech didn’t work out as planned. I honestly don’t see any other logical reason besides this, Omnia Tech only just launched last year, and looks strikingly similar to Nexus Global (identical compensation plans etc.), with a few alterations. And barely a year after its launch, it seems to be nonexistent, with its CEO launching something else.

Nexus Global Review – Product Line

Nexus Global has no retail products on offer, users only have the affiliate membership to promote. Nexus Global’s affiliates are made to promote its Cryptocurrency, Binary options and Forex trading Educational materials. However, I discovered that these materials are nothing special and can be gotten for free on a variety of blogs and websites. Furthermore, I discovered that, like most MLM companies without retail products, these educational materials and the promise of returns on investments (ROI) are placed in the front end to lure-in investors, and when these investors come on board, they will be faced with the challenge of either waiting countless months to earn returns on their investments (if they ever come) or pouncing on the MLM program to invite new investors and earn commissions on their investment. Either ways, it’s a win/win/win situations for Nexus Global and a possible win/loss/loss situation for you.

Nexus Global Compensation Plan

There are two ways to make money form Nexus Global
  1. Investment Packages
  2. MLM Program

Nexus Global Investment Packages

New members are required to invest Bitcoin and earn ROI for a period of 24 months (If the company lasts that long… winks!). The investment packages are:
  • Micro starter –$25
  • Mini starter — $50
  • Starter — $100
  • Kickstarter — $500
  • Miner — $1000
  • Pro Miner — $3000
  • Mid Miner — $5000
  • Senior Miner — $7500
  • Chief Miner — $10,000
  • Senior Chief Miner — $15,000
  • Master Chief Miner — $25,000
  • Ultimate Miner — $50,000
  Note: You either invest and wait to make a profit (if you get lucky) or get involved in its MLM program.

MLM Program

In its MLM section, you earn 10% commissions on the members you personally invite into the program, that is, $5 from a $50 dollar investment, $50 from a $500 investment etc… Members also earn residual incomes from the people they invite through a binary compensation plan, and as affiliates invite more affiliates, they grow their ranks and earn more. Nexus Global Review

Is Nexus Global a Scam Platform?

Nexus Global might not be a total scam, however; there are some red flags you should put into consideration before investing your money. Here are a few:
  • Nexus Global uses a virtual address as its cooperate address, thereby concealing its actual location.
  • Its CEO is known to have been involved with failed Scam schemes in the past; the most recent has been Omnia Tech.
  • Nexus Global is not legally registered and can go offline at any time it chooses, along with its members’ funds. And when this happens, there will be no getting your money back.
  • Nexus Global has no tangible retail products and hence no way it can raise funds to pay off its members return on investment. What it does is, rely on new affiliates to pay-up old affiliates and when new affiliates come in short supply, the company will likely close shop like MMM.
Reality Check… Will you invest in such a platform and invite others to invest? Believe me, this is a scenario you will want to avoid. Imagine inviting your family, friends etc… and things go wrong? At best, you will receive countless calls, sms’s, emails etc, asking you stuff like, “I haven’t seen anything yet”, “what is happening?” “Is my money gone?” “You have ruined my life” “I can’t believe I trusted you”, “you are wicked”, “I want my money back”, “I will be coming to see you this evening have my money ready” etc… Worst case scenario, “I have involved the police” “my lawyer will be in touch with you” “I never want to see you again” “I have your daughter, come get her along with my money” etc… You will lose your credibility; your words will count for nothing, all because of a few dollars in commission from a shady MLM platform you know nothing about. Will you trade your credibility for a few bucks in your account?

The Way Out – (My Recommendation).

What if I told you there is a free program that can make you money trading Cryptocurrencies without having to study any charts, or attend numerous webinars or trade lessons? Will you be interested? What if I go further to tell you that, you can do that part-time and still find time to do your regular Job and spend a lot of time with your family and loved ones, go on vacations and stuff. And you don’t need any expert skill to do this. Infact, you can simply tell your 12-year-old daughter the buttons to press and when to press them and that’s it – you make profit. However, this program hasn’t been launched yet, but you can learn more about it here and even facilitate its launch. This might just be that missing Ying in your financial Yang, go for it. Don’t trade your credibility for financial incentives, make money the right way, here is a pointer towards the right direction.   Enjoyed reading this, please share the word by hitting on the social media buttons below. Thank You.

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  1. I invest in nexus global for more than 300 dollar and until now I need to send money again to get my profit. Im from philippines

  2. Great! I am a member of Nexus global. My account still earning daily. I am getting through the point of ‘have you earned’? Have you involved already? Then how you say so? Your info might be more on negative win/loss/loss situation.

  3. Everything is very open with a clear description of the issues.
    It was truly informative. Your site is very helpful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  4. this Great Mr. Peter Obi.
    Please i like to ask if you can shed light on the trend that is going on about Blockchain investment. I.e,, they claim to connect your wallet to an Antminer s9 Server and with your initial investment, they will make a double or profits.
    Please help me cos i am yet to get a good agent.


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