Axie Infinity Unveils New Monetization Solution, How Does It Compare To Meme Moguls?

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Axie Infinity was hailed as one of the most innovative games in DeFi.

Its unique, customizable options, lucrative income opportunities, and continuous developments made Axie Infinity unlike anything else in the market.

However, many investors forgot about the project after its value crashed in 2022.

Now, Axie Infinity looks to bounce back with a new monetization solution, but how does it compare to Meme Moguls?

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Axie Infinity Launches Authorized Merchandise Initiative

In an attempt to rebuild its community, Axie Infinity announced that certain NFT holders will soon have the rights to produce and sell authorized merchandise.

This merchandise will be sold in an official store created by Sky Mavis and is a huge step towards commercializing the project.

In total, 4,877 Axie Infinity NFT holders will be able to create merchandise, with Mystic and Origin Axies having exclusive selling rights.

Just days after this announcement, Axie Infinity stated they plan to release a new update that will introduce a “Stage 2” evolution for every Axie Infinity Monster.

Over 250 unique Axie parts will be evolvable, changing the monster’s stats and aesthetic.

This new update adds a new level of depth to Axie Infinity and allows players to upgrade their monsters based on their own preferences.

To make the upgrade, players must use crafting materials or burn other Axies.

Players will also need to reach level 10 before an upgrade is possible.

Since the announcement, Axie Infinity’s value has increased by 9.29% to $7.47, though AXS trading volume remains low at just $66 million.

Should this upgrade be successfully implemented, Axie Infinity could attract new players to its ecosystem, driving up its token’s value.

Meme Moguls Hits A New All-Time High, What’s Next?

As Axie Infinity looks to rebuild its reputation, Meme Moguls is preparing to dominate the P2E market with a lucrative new gaming ecosystem.

Meme Moguls is designed to teach its player base how to invest with fun, interesting, and unique investment gameplay.

It introduces a meme marketplace where investors can learn investment strategies, earn rewards, and network with other investors.

Players will have a myriad of learning opportunities throughout the Meme Moguls ecosystem.

They will be able to compete with other players in tournaments or compete against some of the world’s top index funds in interesting new games.

Additionally, Meme Moguls will implement a Wealth Leaderboard, which will rank the top 20 Moguls in the games ecosystem and give them a share of a prize pool.

In addition to its community and investment opportunities, Meme Moguls offers a unique meme marketplace where investors can buy and sell in-game items with $MGLS tokens.

These can be held, used in-game, or sold for a profit. Furthermore, players will be able to stake their tokens to generate additional income streams.

As Meme Moguls plays on the memecoin trend, the team has made sure to guarantee the project’s safety.

Meme Moguls has successfully passed an audit by Solid Proof, and its native tokens liquidity pool has been locked for 5 years.

Having just sold out during phase one of its presale, $MGLS tokens have increased in value from $0.0021 to $0.0023.

Now, experts believe tokens could increase again before 2024, which has put $MGLS in extremely high demand.

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