KurecoinHub – First Crypto Bank Made by Africans for Africans

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Our first issue of the year would be on crypto start-ups.

2019 is sure to bring about mass adoption for cryptocurrency. This has led to many start-ups with different intelligent use cases.

Nigeria is not been left behind in this start up trend.

KurecoinHub is a new crypto start that aims to project Nigeria to the world.

KurecoinHub- By Africans for Africans


KurecoinHub is a new start-up launching its own coin with the African user at heart.

The platform aims to be a self-service exchange, banking and loaning platform. This will be possible through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

After its launch of the KurePay beta version and the recent collaboration with Dash, the project has been seen as the fastest growing crypto start up in Africa.

The project was an initiative created to allow mass adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa and also serve as an investment opportunity to elevate Africans above the poverty line.

The project is divided into three parts; A bank, a coin called Kurecoin, and an exchange named Kurex built on the Ethereum blockchain with the proof-of-stake algorithm which promotes better buyer-seller interaction.

Words from the C.E.O, Tega Abikure confirms that the platform was conceived to function as a better way to buy, sell, bank and loan, as well as exchange cryptocurrencies. According to him, the team identified an opportunity to solve practical problems such as seamless access to buy, sell and exchange bitcoin and other altcoins to naira or other local currencies.

Another solution that the team has been able to come up with is the access to capital by granting zero collateral loans using your crypto assets. Apparently, you can lend up to 50% of the value of your crypto assets in fiat or your local currency.

The platform has successfully done the pre-ICO, followed by an also successful ICO which was able to raise about $2 million. It has launched some of its MVP and plans to gradually step up the development and improvement of the Hub which is the bank.

After the hub has had enough functionality, then the exchange comes into play.

Commenting on the ICO, the founder and CEO said, “As an investor, my primary need is to get my capital to work for me which is part of the opportunities provided by an ICO”. We aim to solve a real-life scenario problem not just try to copy, imitate or reinvent finance away from its traditional system, he said.

The ICO was not aimed at only the crypto community but extended to the public and larger banking industry. Conceived with wealth creation for the African investor at heart, investors in the project are set to receive lucrative returns on investments.

The global perception that Africans are fraudulent is also being tackled and addressed with this start-up.

Abikure said, “we want Africans to be able to trust Africans: we want the world to be able to trust Africans and that ICO scams is not peculiar to Africans but everywhere.

Another African start-up also emphasising this fact is DexAge; A multi-tier decentralized exchange which is also based in Nigeria.

KurecoinHub is based in Lagos, Nigeria and is always available on all media platforms in case of any enquiry.


KurecoinHub is ready to be the first African blockchain bank, with a wide range of products and services including an exchange, decentralized payment gateway, zero collateral loans and the Hub which is the bank.

With its partnership with crypto giant, DASH, the launch of its Kurepay app, its coin, Kurecoin and considering its hype and real-life solutions it provides, we could actually see Kurecoin performing well in 2019.

What are your thoughts about this start-up?

Do you see their coin performing in the market?

Please drop your comments, questions and observations in the comment box below.


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