Kryptogenex Review: Read This Before Investing Your Money

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Kryptogenex Review

Is Kryptogenex a huge scam? Is it Legit? Can I make money out of this opportunity?

Hi there, I believe you are in need of answers to the questions above?

Guess what? I was in the same situation a couple of days ago. I was on the verge of pulling out my credit card and going all-into this program, but an idea stroke me like lightning.

“Why not find out more about this platform, is it something you can really make money out of? Seek information from past users to be sure of what you are getting into”, I said to myself.

Then I spent hours upon hours on the internet in search of more information on Kryptogenex, and luckily for me, I found all there is to know. And that helped me make an informed decision.

In this Kryptogenex review, I shall present all the information I have been able to gather – every single thing you need to know, in plain English. And at the end, you too will be able to make an informed decision.

Have a good read…

Kryptogenex Review: Who runs this platform?

The first thing I normally do before putting my money into any business opportunity is to know its owners’ information. With such info I can review the owner’s track-records, to ascertain their level of trustworthiness.

Unfortunately, all efforts to find the person/s running Kryptogenex yielded no results. It appears the owner/s of this platform do not want to be known. There is no mention of the ownership info on their official website at all.

Upon a little more digging, I discovered that the domain “Kryptogenex was registered on the 16th of January 2018, however; since the domain was registered privately, it was practically impossible to ascertain its owner’s info.

“Someone somewhere doesn’t want to be known but wants my money invested in his/her platform, with zero profit guarantee” “that doesn’t sound good at all”, I said to myself.

Will you invest your money in a faceless organization?

Furthermore, I found a Youtube video titled “KryptogeneX – Meet The Founder”, this video was uploaded on the 12th of February on a Youtube channel called “KryptogeneX”. Then it occurred to me that this video might hold some clue as to who the true owners of this platform are.

And Yes, it did.

In the video was Brandon Ivey (A.K.A Bitcoin Brandon), Brandon claimed to be a Kryptogenex affiliate based in California, USA. A few minutes later, Brandon divulged five names whom he said where KryptogeneX’ co-founders, they include: Stephen McCullough, Jeramie Keen, Kathy Keen, Will Fjetland and Mike Boggs.

Now I had names and had to check out their credibility. First on my list was McCullough.

Upon a little Ninja research, I found out that McCollough was previously a co-founder of SkyBiz.

SkyBiz was a pyramid scam scheme back in 2001, this pyramid scam scheme was hit with a law suit by FTC because of its fraudulent activities and at the end, it was reported that over 96% of its affiliates ended up on the losing side.

They lost their money.

This got me curious, “is Kryptogenex equally an MLM Pyramid scam scheme?” I will discuss my findings in subsequent sections of this Kryptogenex review. Read on….

What are the products offered by Kryptogenex?

Kryptogenex offers educational materials that teach its users all they need to know about Bitcoin.

Really?       Bitcoin?

Can’t such information be found for free in like 100,000,000 different websites, blogs, social media handles and forums?

However, to join Kryptogenex and gain access to these materials, an individual must pay a fee of $250 – TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS.

What Do You Stand To Gain For Joining Kryptogenex?

Kryptogenex has a compensation plan for its affiliates. To earn here, you have to sell their Bitcoin education materials to either retail customers and other affiliates or both.

Upon every sale you make, you will earn $100 instantly. However, you can earn even more when you sell to a retail customer — one who is not part of Kryptogenex, maybe just an ordinary person who wishes to know more about Bitcoins and stuff. Selling to this class of people earns you an extra $25.

To make you work harder, Kryptogenex will gift you a MacBook pro and an Iphone or Android Smartphone, when you successfully make 100 sales.


Kryptogenex also pays residual income like every Pyramid scheme does, these residual incomes are paid via a binary system that allocates points for every successful sale you make, or when an affiliate you recruit, recruits another.

And as more points come in, you make more money.

How much will it cost you to join Kryptogenex?

To join Kryptogenex, you must pay for the Bitcoin educational materials upfront. That is $250 the first time and an additional $50 yearly (Yearly membership fee).

All payments are to be made in Bitcoin.

You see the irony?

You are paying to know more about Bitcoin with Bitcoin?. What else do you need to know?

How to trade? Hold?… What exactly?

Will they make you money? If they will, then why do you have to resell them to make money?

What do I think of Kryptogenex?

First off, the product Kryptogenex offers can be gotten for free, plus the price is simply ridiculous. Who in their right senses will buy Bitcoin Educational materials for $250, with the knowledge that he/she will have to resell them to make money?


In-fact, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page and sign up for our newsletters, you will be given free Bitcoin Educational materials. FREE!

We will even go a step further by providing you access to a seven days E-mail tutorials on Cryptocurrencies, the tutorial will teach you all you need to know about Bitcoin, including the best ways you can make a living from Cryptocurrencies.     

Kryptogenex is essentially a recruitment platform, all they basically want is your money and they couldn’t come up with a better way to get your money but provide you with a High-end worthless educational material.

Moreover, you must be a really kickass marketer to make any money out of Kryptogenex, you must have the ability to convince as many people as you can to buy a product that sucks, at a very ridiculous price – pray you don’t get shot by the first person you approach with such an offer.
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My Recommendation

Feel free to go ahead and pay $250 dollars for a ridiculous product that even a 6-year-old can get for free, by simply searching for “what is Bitcoin” on Google. Even people who reside in Potiskum and Sambisa know what Bitcoin is about; perhaps you wish to sell your materials to Aliens, BUT ALIENS CAN’T PAY FOR THEM. Who will you sell to? Please let me know in the comment section below.

However, while at it, I will like you to take a look at this educational material “How to make massive profit trading arbitrage on Luno and Remitano”, plus its FREE.

If Kryptogenex Bitcoin Education materials are so valuable, let them sell them!

However, if you wish to gift out your money, here is my number 090971****** sorry my mum said I shouldn’t give my number out to strangers.

Take your money elsewhere; it is your money, don’t pay your way into slavery.

invest wisely.

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