KeepKey Review – 7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying

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Today, I will be dishing out all you need to know about the Keepkey, one of the top 6 hardware wallets available.

KeepKey is beautifully designed and gives you top-notch security assurance.

It was launched in 2015 by Darin Stanfield and was later acquired in 2017 by Shapeshift, a cryptocurrency exchange.

This is why you can directly trade crypto pairs from the device.

This post is very detailed and straight to the point. Read on to get the full review of KeepKey.

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Post Summary

Recall that hardware wallets are devices used to enhance the security of cryptocurrencies by keeping the private keys offline.

Choosing a hardware wallet will depend on the number of coins you intend to store as they all come at a price and a set number of coins they support.

KeepKey is a solid hardware wallet although one of the latest to emerge the wallet still needs to gain the trust of the majority when compared to its competitors (Trezor and Ledger).

The company Darin Stanfield is headquartered in the US and head by CEO Darin and CTO Ken Hodler.

To smoothly walk you through this post, here’s what I’ll be covering

  1. KeepKey in a Nutshell.
  2. Pricing and unboxing.
  3. How to setup KeepKey.
  4. Supported Cryptos.
  5. Pros and cons.
  6. Comparisons.
  7. Conclusion.

KeepKey in a Nutshell

KeepKey is a hardware wallet that stores crypto assets by keeping the private keys offline and backed by seed Phrase.

It is also a hierarchical deterministic wallet because of the seed phrase it creates in place of the long and complicated private keys.

The wallet’s big coloured touchscreen gives clarity to every digital asset sent and received on your device.

The wallet supports over 40+ Coins and it falls short of its major competitors regarding this category.

One can hardly go unnoticed carrying the Keepkey because of its large size; more like a smartphone.

Covered with aluminium casing, the device has only one button at the top right side.

Continue reading as I give you more details.

Pricing and Unboxing

KeepKey price ranges from $78 to $218 depending on the package.

Now the wallet can compete easily with the likes of Ledger Nano S & X and Trezor One.

Always buy your hardware wallets directly from the manufacturer or any official seller; the scam is real!

The following is found in your newly purchased device;

  • 1 keep key device
  • 1 USB-C cable
  • Recovery phrase card.
  • 1 leather case to keep device

Buy KeepKey

Now that you have acquired your device, it’s time to set it up.

I will show you how to easily go through this.

How to Setup Your KeepKey

Setting up the device is quite simple and takes little time. Just like other hardware wallets, you need to download the wallet’s interface on your computer(the wallet interface creates a way to interact with your wallet from your computer).

Download the keepkey client and then follow the instructions given in the video below to complete the setup process.

You can write down your seed on a crypto steel device for better storage.

KeepKey Supported Cryptos

Keep key supports 40 coins including Erc20 tokens which is very low compared to its competitors. Some of the major coins supported are:

The wallet does not support Ripple XRP, so if you want to be storing ripple you can try Ledger.

Click here to view the full list of the supported coins.


KeepKey is compatible with some hot wallets but always be mindful of the hot wallet you are syncing to your device.

Some of the wallets you can use are;

  • Electrum.
  • Multibit HD.
  • Keepkey Chrome Extension.

Pros and Con


  • It supports multiple cryptocurrencies
  • It is compatible with operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It is beautifully designed and durable due to aluminium casing.
  • It has exchange support.


  • it supports fewer coins than its competitors.


KeepKey Vs Trezor One

The two wallets offer top-notch security for your cryptos even though the Keepkey supports fewer coins.

KeepKey’s aluminum casing makes it a bit more durable and withstands a certain degree of fall when compared to Trezor’s plastic casing.

There is no much difference in the prices of both wallets, though the Trezor ranks higher because of the company reputation.

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KeepKey Vs Ledger Nano S

KeepKey and the Ledger Nano S are very reliable wallets to secure your digital assets with.

You will still consider the number of coins supported on both before making a choice, the keep key falls short once again in this category.

But you can trade between cryptos directly from your Keepkey device which is a feature you might want to consider before buying.

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How Secure is KeepKey?

No one will spend a dime on hardware wallets, if their security framework is no different from online (hot) wallets.

Hardware wallets provide that extra bit of security in the sense that, they securely store private keys in offline mode, keeping them out of reach of criminals.

Furthermore, the Keepkey device can be seen as a portable computer, built to provide maximum security for your Cryptocurrencies from physical and virtual theft at all times.

User reviews have stated that it is safe to use a Keepkey device on any computer (even virus-infected computers) since it is immune to virus infections and hacks.

Converting Your Coins With KeepKey

Since Shapeshifts acquisition of Keepkey, it added a new feature to the hardware wallet that allows its users to trade tokens directly from the device without having to create an account on an exchange.

The process of converting your coins is explained in the video below.

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That’s it on the KeepKey review.

Now you can be sure that this is a very durable and reliable wallet to use especially if you don’t want to store a lot of coins.

If I may ask…

Do you already own a KeepKey wallet?

If yes, let me know about your personal experience with the wallet or any questions you might have about this review in the comments sections.

Do check back often as we provide you with all the information you need to stay safe in Cryptoverse.

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