Hashbitpro Review (2022) – How Profitable Is This Cloud Mining Platform?

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In this post, I will be giving you the answers to all your questions about Hashbitpro.

Hashbitpro is a cloud mining platform that has been in operation since 2018.

This company has a good number of users and is dedicated to providing very fast and secure tools for mining crypto.

If you have been looking for a profitable cloud mining company to mine bitcoins, then, join me as I take you through this post.

Post Summary

These are the sub-topics I will discuss in this post;

  1. What is Hashbitpro?
  2. Features of Hashbitpro
  3. Mining Product and Services
  4. How to Mine Bitcoin on Hashbitpro
  5. Members’ Support Channel and Reviews
  6. How Legit Is Hasbitpro?
  7. Conclusion

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What is Hashbitpro?

Hashbitpro is a cryptocurrency mining company founded by Hashbit Technology LTD.

As stated on the site, it is located at 117 Princess Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1 7AG and has been in operation since 2018.

The company aims at making bitcoin mining accessible to anyone without the need of expensive mining tools.

It also provides the fastest, very secure, and most profitable way of mining bitcoin at a low fee.

Like other crypto cloud mining companies, what Hashbitpro does is to allow its users to purchase varieties of mining packages and then pay them an ROI.

Hashbitpro uses SHA-256 (a secure cryptographic hash algorithm) and the only cryptocurrency being mined is bitcoin.

Currently(November 2020), Hasbitpro has about 24,450 users and has handled up to $3,100,473.13 BTC mining transactions.

Moreso, this company stated that its mining farm is located in Russia.

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Features of Hashbitpro

Here you can view some of the outstanding attributes that Hashbitpro claims to have;

  • Own Data Centre
  • DDOS Protection
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Instant Setup
  • Security and Stability
  • Transparency
  • Low Fees

Now, lets have a clear breakdown analysis of Hashbitpro products and services below.

Mining Product and Services

Hashbitpro offers the following services;

  1. Mining Packages
  2. Referral Program

1. Mining Packages

Hashbitpro offers 8 mining packages with different hash rates, and each mining package is programmed to last for 24months.

The mining process starts immediately after the purchase of any package is confirmed.

Ideally, these packages represent Hashbitpro’s mining hardware which mines the bitcoin for every user.

Each package has specified mining power that is measured at TH/s, and it goes a long way in determining a user’s profitability.

Hashbitpro charges a maintenance fee of 0.5%, while an average daily profit of 0.4% can be accumulated daily.

Let’s get a clearer view of these packages on the table below;



  • If you are just starting with the platform, your first profit will be paid to your wallet within a week.
  • You can only withdraw when you have earned up to 2.5% accumulated profit.

2. Referral Program

Every miner on Hashbitpro has a unique referral link that can earn them a passive income once they recruit a friend to join.

With this referral link, you can earn a 5% bonus from the payments made by every invited person.

The referral link can easily be found on every members dashboard.

Now, let us get to the mining process.

How To Mine Bitcoin On Hashbitpro

The processes involved are simple. Follow the steps below if you are interested in being one of the miners on Hashbitpro;

  1. Visit Hashbitpro.com and register an account by clicking on Sign up.

2. After the registration process, click on “Purchase Hashpower” displayed on your dashboard.

3. Select the package you want to purchase and click on “Buy”.

4. Enter your BTC address and click on “submit”.


5. Send the equivalent BTC to the BTC address displayed on your screen or you can scan the QRcode to make the payment.

Your mining will automatically set up once you click on “Confirm order” after 3 minutes of making the payment.

Do note that:

  • Your investment would be displayed in your wallet when your order has been confirmed.
  • Confirmation of order is done after 2 blockchain confirmations have been received
  • Payments are only made in bitcoin (despite mentioning that payments can be made in fiat)
  • Your transaction will be displayed in your transaction history

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Let’s see the next subheading!

Members Support Channel and Reviews

There is a knowledge base where you can get answers to some questions you might have.

For further inquiries, contact the team at info@hashbitpro.com.

There is also a support ticket and a Facebook icon that can be found on their web page. On checking them out, I discovered that these channels are not functional.

I sent a mail to their email address but I am yet to get a response for more than 48hrs now.

Again, I could not find a review of Hashbitpro on platforms like Trust Pilot, Web of Trust, etc.

This shows that the team behind Hashbitpro still has a lot of work to do in this aspect.

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How Legit is Hashbitpro?

From my own point of view, Hashbitpro seems to be a good platform that you can join if you are interested in mining bitcoin.

It has been in the cloud mining industry for 2 years now (as stated on the website), and it is still functioning well.

However, I was able to find that the company was registered on Whois.com in 2019.

This is not to disprove the information on Hashbitpro’s site but to be more specific about every information given in this post.

Maybe the team behind Hashbitpro has been in the mining niche since 2018 before starting up the platform officially.

I could not get across to the team to confirm how true this is though.

Aside from this, everything on the website seems to be working out well, and no complaint has surfaced online.

NB: Kindly note that this is my own opinion so it should not serve as investment advice.


This is the end of my Hashbitpro review!

Well, having said it all, it is now time that I get your own response.

So, what do you think?

Are you planning on joining this cloud mining platform?

Or if you a member already, you can kindly comment on your experience so far since using the platform.

Do you feel that Hashbitpro needs to include some other coins on their platform?

Kindly write down your comments on the comment box below.

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