Global Bitcoin Profits Review — Stay Off This Referral Scam

Welcome to our Global Bitcoin Profits review.

Is Global Bitcoin Profit a scam? Is it legitimate? Should I invest my money or look somewhere else?

I believe your reason for being here is to find answers to the questions above. If so, I am glad to inform you that you are in the right place.


Cryptocurrencies were created with good intentions, “to solve a common problem”.

However, along the line, some unethical elements who have literally vowed to spend their life’s reaping from what others have sowed, have spread their evil tentacles into the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

These evil elements where the same people who promoted Ponzi schemes like MMM, Twinkas, Crowdrising, BitclubAdvantage, and the rest of them, that led millions of people into debt and suicide.

However, seeing that people have become aware of their activities, they swiftly switched over to Cryptocurrency-based Ponzi schemes.

Sadly, Global Bitcoin Profits is just another Bitcoin Ponzi scam.

In this Global Bitcoin Profits review, I will explain all you need to know about their activities, so you don’t throw your hard earned money down the drain.

Global Bitcoin Profits Review – Company Background

Global-Bitcoin-Profits review

We always emphasise the importance of knowing the ownership information of any money making opportunity you are venturing into, because a majority of scam platforms are run by anonymous admins.

Global Bitcoin Profits is one of such platforms. Its admins are unknown, they operate in secret to stay immune from any consequences when things go wrong.

The company’s official website says nothing about its ownership, where it is based, when it was launched, or anything of that sort.

The only logical reason for this omission lies in the fact that the admins do not wish to be known.

Why put your hard earned money into a website, just because it says so?

Shouldn’t someone be held accountable when things go wrong? If Global Bitcoin Profits goes offline today, who will you run to?

Furthermore, I searched the websites domain registration details and discovered that it was registered privately. What that means is that whoever registered the domain does not wish to be known.

The domain was registered on the 20th of February 2017 and receives a majority of its traffic from Nigeria.

This shows that it is very likely that the website is owned and operated by Nigerian fraudsters(Yahoo boys as we call them).

Global Bitcoin Profits Review – Products On Offer

Most scam MLM companies do not offer products. All they do is, pay old members from monies invested by new members while they keep the rest for themselves.

Global Bitcoin Profits does not offer any products or services, all it does is provide an opportunity for unethical network marketers to bring people in, and steal their monies. I will explain more about this later.

Since Global Bitcoin Profits does not offer any products or services, its affiliates have just the Scam MLM feature to promote.

Global Bitcoin Profits Review – How it Works

Global Bitcoin Profits works like any other Ponzi scam.

When you join, you will be mandated to pay a registration fee of 0.015 Bitcoin (BTC) to join their referral program. Once you join the program, you will have to refer other people to do same and earn commissions from their registration fees.

Their pyramid scam structure pays you for eleven generations. Meaning that any new member you refer or your downline refers earns you commissions – and that continues for eleven downline generations.

Furthermore, I found something out of place in this scam platform, unlike other Pyramid Scams – it does not tell you how much commissions you will earn from referring new downlines.

You just have to join, pay your money, and start referring others to pay in their monies as well.

That makes no sense at all.

Why You Should Not Invest in This Scam Platform

I had pointed out obvious reasons to back up my claim that Global Bitcoin Profits is a referral Scam.

However, here is a recap:

  • The admins of Global Bitcoin Profits are unknown
  • The company’s address is unknown
  • How much you stand to make if you join this scam is unknown
  • Where your money is going into is unknown
  • Nothing else is known except for the fact that, you have to join with 0.015 BTC and refer your family and friends to register as well.


If a total stranger walks up to you and asked you to give him your money and invite your friends and family to also give him their monies, and he will pay you commissions from the monies invested by the family members and friends you invite; will you agree to his request?

I guess not.

What is the difference between that and outright robbery?

Brethren, there is no point in selling your conscience for a few stipends in commissions.

Be real, make clean money, and live a fulfilled life.

Let the admins of Global Bitcoin Profits do the stealing by themselves, don’t partake in their evil acts.

This platform survives on new referrals, and when referrals stop coming, the admins run away with all they can lay their hands on.

In the end, people lose their monies, those who can’t handle it, commit suicide. Their blood and tears will be on your hands and that of your generations.

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