How To Make $1000 Donating To Gitcoin Grant (Time Sensitive!)

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Don’t just give handouts, it’s time to donate and collect your dividends!😎

The Gitcoin Grant 19 has been announced, generating excitement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Here is why. In 2022, Optimism airdropped tokens valued at $120 million to early contributors who donated to its project through the Gitcoin Grant.

Interestingly, more projects have done similar things in the past.

Gitcoin Grant allows developers to apply for funding for their open-source projects

In this post, I reviewed Gitcoin Grant 19 and outlined the steps for making donations to strategically position yourself for a potential airdrop.

I also disclosed the key projects I will be donating to. Want to be a part of my donation squad? Let’s go!🚀

Post Summary

What Is Gitcoin Grant?

Gitcoin Grant is one of the services offered by Gitcoin, a decentralised platform founded in 2017 by a trio of crypto enthusiasts—Kevin Owocki, Scott Moore, and Vivek Singh.

The Gitcoin Grant operates as a quarterly initiative that helps open-source projects to source for funding.

As a decentralized and community-driven platform, it welcomes anyone to submit projects for funding and approves eligible projects after thoroughly vetting them.

Unlike traditional crowdfunding, Gitcoin Grants uses a quadratic funding method to distribute funds among projects.

This ensures that projects backed by a larger number of donors receive a proportionally higher amount of funding.

Gitcoin Grant has played a crucial role in funding numerous projects. Gratefully, some projects like Optimism, Celestia gave back to donors through an airdrop.

It recently concluded its 18th quarterly round. Now, it is gearing up for the 19th project fundraising cycle.

Which project could possibly airdrop tokens to donors and which project would I donate to? Let’s find out below.

Top 5 Projects I am Donating to

With over 300 deserving projects to choose from, here are my top 5 picks:

1. Revoke.Cash

Revoke Gitcoin Grant 19 is a popular name in crypto. It is built for safeguarding crypto wallets.

It aids users in revoking token and smart contract approvals, reducing the risk of falling victim to approval exploits.

Typically, when using dApps, users must approve access to smart contracts to complete transactions.

However, this poses a risk because, if the smart contract is malicious. solves this by ensuring that users can effectively revoke those approvals to safeguard their wallets from reentracy attacks and other forms of hacks.

Once approval is revoked, a smart contract will no longer be able to access your tokens. was founded in 2019, and today, it is famous for helping thousands of traders safeguard their wallets. That’s why I have it on my donation list.

2. DefiLiama

 DefiLiama Gitcoin Grant 19

DeFiLiama, established in 2019, is a leading DeFi data aggregator tool.

It provides clear and complete details about the DeFi ecosystem across various blockchains.

DeFiLiama achieves this by offering real-time data on various aspects of DeFi, including total value locked (TVL), DEX trading volume, lending protocol activity and more.

It also ranks DeFi protocols, giving users a quick look at the top protocols in each sector.

Additionally, DefiLlama regularly releases detailed market analyses for DeFi.

These reports offer insights into current trends, protocol performance, and emerging developments and are well-respected within the crypto community.

This makes it a go-to for traders seeking informed investment choices

3. JediSwap

JediSwap Gitcoin Grant 19

Jediswap is the first AMM or decentralized exchange (DEX) to launch on StarkNet.

It serves as the in-app DEX within the Argent X wallet.

Launched in 2022, it promises to provide a fast, secure, and low-cost trading experience for StarkNet users.

Although it is still in its early stages, Jediswap has already processed over $100 million in trading volume.

Interestingly, it is the third largest dApp on StarkNet. I believe it has a lot of potential and deserves my donation.

4. Gitcoin Grant 19 is a privacy-preserving ENS gateway, enabling users to access Ethereum-native dApps and content.

It allows users and dApp developers to effortlessly access and host static sites built with a combination of IPFS and ENS. is developed for users seeking to navigate Ethereum dApps and websites with maximum security and privacy.

It is an open-source, decentralized project that is built on top of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). has the potential to become the de facto standard for privacy-preserving access to Ethereum, hence, in addition to my donation list.


L2BEAT is an independent and transparent platform dedicated to tracking the Layer 2 (L2) blockchain ecosystem.

It offers real-time and historical data on TVL, active addresses, transaction volume, and transaction fees for L2 blockchains.

In addition to tracking these key metrics, L2BEAT provides valuable tools and information, including risk assessments, scalability analyses, and an easy-to-navigate interface for exploring the data.

For those seeking in-depth insights into the L2 blockchain ecosystem, L2BEAT comes as an invaluable resource.

L2BEAT has been building since 2021 and doesn’t have a token yet.

These are the top 5 projects that I will be donating to. Other top projects listed in the Gitcoin Grant 19 that did not make it to my list include:

  • EthStaker
  • Open Zeppelin Contract
  • eth-pkg
  • ethers.js
  • Dappnode
  • Otterscan
  • Hidr
  • The Tor Project
  • Castle Capital
  • Glo Dollar
  • ZachXBT
  • Etherscore
  • Hypercerts
  • Impersonator
  • OminBTC
  • Rings Network
  • ZeroPool

Check out the full list here. Let’s quickly head to the how-to-donate guide.

How To Make A Donation

Follow these step-by-step guides to make your donation.

Step 1 – get your funds ready!

To participate in the Gitcoin Grant 19, you have to fund your wallet with two tokens:

  • ETH ( on the PNG network)

To get ETH on the PNG network, you can do so by bridging ETH from other blockchains using Orbiter Finance or

Also, do not forget to add the PNG network to your wallet. You can do so using Chainlist.

Step 2 – locate the project you want to donate to

  • Head over to Gitcoin and click on the “Donate” tag.
Gitcoin Grant 19
  • You can donate to projects from any or all of these three categories shown in the screenshot below. It’s your choice to make
Gitcoin Grant 19

To see the available projects to donate to, click on the “Donate” button on any of the Categories and it will open.

  • Go through the list of projects and select the ones you want to donate to by clicking on the “Cart” icon. You can select as many as you wish
Gitcoin Grant 19

Step 3 – check out!

  • Locate the “Cart” icon in the top right corner of the screen and click on it.
  • Enter the amount you want to donate to each project you have selected. The minimum amount to donate is $1

After that, connect your wallet and approve the transaction and that’s the end!

It’s easy, right? Please note that the Gitcoin Grant 19 will run from November 15 to November 29.

However, you can follow Gitcoin on Twitter to get updated on the next round.

Now, let’s conclude.


The Gitcoin Grants program is a highly anticipated crowdfunding event in the crypto space.

And that is because participants can potentially be rewarded massively by a project through an airdrop.

Note, however, that participation in Gitcoin Grants does not guarantee airdrops for donors.

It is also possible that none of the projects listed will airdrop tokens to users.

Nevertheless, if you’re willing to take this leap of faith, the best way to position yourself for a possible airdrop through Gitcoin Grants is to donate to influential and solid projects planning to launch a token.

Comment below: Which project would you support, and which one do you believe will reward donors with airdropped tokens?

Spread the word about Gitcoin Grant 19—click the “SM” button below to share this post. Cheers!


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