Farming Airdrops – This Is How to Get the Largest Share

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In this article, I will show the strategy for farming airdrops that will fetch you the largest share of the tokens.

If you missed the Arbitrum and Sui airdrop or maybe you received only a few tokens, you must have felt bad.

But not to worry, many projects are yet to distribute airdrops, and by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be equipped to get the most out of them.

I’m talking about $10,000 to $15,000 worth of airdrops or even more. Would you love that?

Then buckle your seat belt and let’s get to business.

The Best Strategy for Farming Airdrops

Check out how Jude Umeano does that in this video:

Source: Jude Umeano YouTube Channel

Yield farming has become a popular practice in the cryptocurrency space, offering participants the opportunity to earn airdrops.

However, being an active user of a project is more advantageous than being a regular farmer.

Additionally, if you use the strategy I’m about to show you, you’ll enhance your airdrop earnings and avoid potential pitfalls like the Sybil mark.

Note: A Sybil attack uses a single node to operate many active fake identities (or Sybil identities) simultaneously, within a peer-to-peer network.

This type of attack aims to undermine the authority or power in a reputable system by gaining the majority of influence in the network.

So, if your wallet get the Sybil mark, it means it has been identified as malicious, and is therefore disqualified from receiving any airdrop. Oops!

Now, this pro strategy involves 5 effective ways of farming airdrops. They are:

1. Embrace the User Experience

When interacting with a protocol, demonstrate genuine engagement. Many individuals create random wallets, fund them with a substantial amount, perform a few transactions, and swiftly withdraw their funds, hoping to qualify for future airdrops.

However, this approach lacks credibility as it is transparent to observers. To establish yourself as a genuine user, deposit a reasonable amount and utilize the network regularly for an extended period.

Additionally, instead of withdrawing your entire balance at once, gradually withdraw smaller amounts while leaving a portion in the wallet.

Let’s say you created a new wallet to farm ZKsync airdrop and made a deposit of $500. Continue using the network for as many days, weeks, and months as possible. Even if you wish to withdraw the money, don’t withdraw everything at once. Take out small amounts at a time, like $100 per day and never leave that particular wallet empty. You can withdraw $450 and leave $50 to stay in that wallet.

This approach enhances your credibility and increases your chances of securing airdrops.

2. Cultivate Regular Usage

Merely interacting with a protocol a few times before withdrawing funds does not establish you as an eligible participant. To increase your chances for a specific airdrop, be a regular user of the network or protocol.

Create a consistent schedule for engaging with the project, ensuring multiple interactions throughout each week. For instance, if you are farming Orbiter Finance or ZKsync airdrop, establish specific days on which you actively interact with the project.

On your calendar, you can set alarms for Monday and Thursday in week one then Wednesday and Friday for week 2, and so on.

By demonstrating your commitment and enjoyment of the protocol, you enhance your credibility and increase your chances of receiving airdrops.

3. Diversify Your Interactions

Avoid the common mistake of solely interacting with one project when farming airdrops. Instead, engage with multiple projects built on the same network.

For example, if you are farming on ZKsync, explore various projects available, such as 1inch, Syncswap, iZUMiswap, Mute, Orbiter, Layerswap, and VIA Exchange. Always try to use as many as possible, don’t just use only one.

Interacting with multiple projects enhances your credibility and broadens your eligibility for airdrops.

Similarly, when farming airdrops on bridge protocols like Orbiter or VIA, consider bridging from multiple networks to further bolster your qualifications.

4. Make Transactions in large Volumes

If you possess the means to generate high transaction volumes through trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), do it.

Interestingly, protocols like Zerion, MetaMask, Syncswap, and Clipper that integrate DEXs offer additional benefits for higher transaction volumes.

Certain airdrops, such as the previous $ARB distribution, reward participants who generate substantial transaction volume. Therefore, engaging in frequent and significant transactions on relevant DEXs can significantly impact your airdrop rewards.

5. Exercise Caution When Transferring Funds

When withdrawing funds from your wallet, particularly large amounts, exercise caution to avoid attracting the Sybil mark to your wallet address.

Transferring a substantial sum to another private wallet used for farming airdrops, while employing the same transaction routine as the first wallet, poses a considerable risk.

To mitigate this, it is advisable to withdraw funds to a centralized exchange like Bybit, OKX, or, and subsequently deposit them into your secondary wallet. This precautionary measure helps safeguard against potential Sybil mark detection and ensures the security of your assets.

In addition to the mentioned strategies, there are numerous other approaches to maximize airdrop earnings while avoiding the Sybil mark. They include

  • being among the first users,
  • actively participating in project tasks,
  • collecting all possible NFTs, and
  • extensively testing various features offered by the project.

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Prioritize being an active user rather than a farmer when it comes to farming airdrops.

Also, focus on a single wallet and employ the strategies discussed above.

That way, you optimize your airdrop earnings, mitigate risks, and save time and resources.

Remember, being a committed user not only enhances your rewards but also allows you to develop a deep understanding of the project you are interacting with.

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