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Pop culture elements inspired the creation of NFT collections that have found great success lately.

Web 3.0 is hitting us all, and the relevance of Blockchain is increasing fast, with NFTs winning the investor’s preference. 

And art has a very important role because it was the digitalized artworks that attracted the interest of the investors at first.

Aliens, outer space, and metaphysics are the elements that inspired the Elvantis NFTs, and they have an incomparable design that makes them true masterpieces.

What Elvantis Offers

Elvantis brings collectibles – unique NFTs collections that were made on-demand with exclusivity.

It only takes a glance of an eye on them for you to realize how they are out of the league for most of the others out there. 

The platform will be cross-chain (BSC, ETH, and MATIC).

It’s based on the Play to Earn logic, and you can earn rewards based on the NFTs that you find and hold.

It is gaining the attention of many people, filling groups for several different languages ​​with very active members, managed for many Administrators and Moderators. 

How to Have Fun

The ELV token interacts with all the platform features, including buying chests and exploring a Treasure Map.

The NFTs found by the users can be used to equip their character, making it stronger. 

There is an inventory where the NFT cards can be stored.

They can also be staked on farms and pasted on a Sticker Album that rewards players for completing sections.

Players can trade their findings on a Marketplace. 

It’s also possible to acquire and exploit territories, which will have importance on the in-game battles and provide income in many different ways.

Stunning Planets NFTs represent them. 

Moving Fast

The ELV (native token) has already had confirmed listings on Exchanges, even before the launch, and other Centralized and Decentralized ones are coming soon.

It creates even more opportunities for those who join early. 

It counts on a very aggressive burning mechanism, which burns 60% of all tokens spent on chest purchases, to be a strong ally against inflation.

Elvantis still in the early stages of development, and the public sale has not even started yet.

That’s why it is a great opportunity for those who dare to be pioneers. 

Certik Security Tools

Besides an ongoing audit from Certik, which will be delivered before the public sale, Elvantis will also count on Skynet and Certik Security Oracle services to prevent and identify threats, making it easier for the DEVs to react. 

Elvantis will also have the Chainlink service to guarantee the randomized distribution of cards’ integrity among each Chest category, so users are sure that no one will manipulate their purchases. 

This set of products from trusted companies is enough to give a lot of credibility to Elvantis.

The team is dedicated to bringing whatever it takes to be the most reliable NFT gamified platform on BSC. 

The Ultra Glow NFTs 

For the launch, an exclusive collection of cards was created.

It counts on stunning NFTs presented with an engaging story as the background for their merge.

They will be the rarest NFTs on the platform, sold only on the presale.

After that, they will not be mined, sold, or gifted by the Elvantis team.

Those who manage to acquire items from the Ultra Glow Collection can win big because they will provide the best rewards on the platform.

The set counts uncomparable NFT cards of Aliens, Spaceships, and Planets.

Join now!

The tokens Whitelist presale has already ended, with almost all the available tokens sold.

But, it is still possible to buy ELV tokens, Elvantis NFTs, and Lands on presales to enjoy the project’s growth having the better entry point. 

The Lands are an excellent opportunity for investors who enjoy passive income because of the many different incoming sources it can provide.

They will also be very useful in the battles to come.

So, take the opportunity and make sure to buy your spot on the Elvantinian alter space. 

By collecting amazing NFTs, you can make your character stronger and prepare for defending your empire.

Have fun and the chance to make a tremendous profit on Elvantis.

Visit the website right now and join one of the greatest projects on BSC!


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