5 Best Ways To Earn Cryptocurrencies Without Fiat Investments

With cryptocurrencies becoming a more luring investment, many people are looking for ways to earn without continuously investing large sums of money.

As they “go down the rabbit hole” – more and more profit-making opportunities start to emerge.

But which of these opportunities are actually legit? And which require no additional cash investments?

There are many ways in which investors can increase the size of their portfolio without investing more of their own money.

And in this article, we will delve into each and every one of them.

Keep in mind that some of these methods require investors to already hold some bitcoin so make sure you buy Bitcoin at least once before getting started.

1. Receive Compound Interest

By compounding interest, we refer to the process of earning interest in crypto, simply by letting your funds sit in a virtual savings account.

Much like traditional banking, your money is accessible whenever you need it, and the bank – in this case, websites like BlockFi, Celsius Network, etc. – offers something in return.

Here is where it gets interesting.

Most banks in Europe and the US have extremely small interest rates.

Since the recent economic stir caused by COVID-19, the federal reserve cut down interest rates all the way to 0.

This means that people are no longer incentivized to keep their funds in the bank, and the only reason they still do so is the illusion of safety.

On the other hand, when you do the exact same thing with Bitcoin, interest rates are very high.

The most trustworthy (and insured) platforms that offer such a service, will offer at least 6,25% APY for your coins, with some going up to 25% APY for shorter timeframes (7 to 30 days).

This means that you don’t necessarily need to trade or HODL to make money. You can also put your coins to work and maximize your “safe” earnings.

2. Stake Your Coins

Staking is somewhat similar to the method we described above, but it comes with several subsectors that we will briefly talk about.

In short, Staking is a process where users “lock” their funds for a certain amount of days, weeks, or months, and earn interest in the same or a different token.

For example:

  • When users stake VET, they receive VTHO
  • When users stake NEO, they get GAS
  • However, when users stake BNB, they receive interest in BNB

There are three types of staking, all of which are very popular among experienced investors. These are:

  • Flexible staking – receive less rewards but cancel your stake whenever you want
  • Locked staking – receive more rewards but you are unable to access your funds for the staking period.
  • DeFi staking – Receive even more rewards but shorter staking terms and more risk involved.

The best place to start staking is, no doubt, Binance.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange has managed to increase its different products over the past year, making it the go-to place for all different types of staking.

3. Airdrops

Airdrops are a more “classic” way to earn free cryptocurrency but they will either pay off when investing significant amounts of time or when being very, very lucky (yes, that is 2x very).

Usually, the airdrops that require nothing but your time investment are not rewarding.

But there are cases where users earned a lot of money simply by applying on a page or taking some basic actions.

An example like that is BOMB, a cryptocurrency that grew in popularity back in 2019, offering more than $1000 to each user that requested to partake in the airdrop.

Then, there are the lucky instances. The most recent one was the airdrop of UNI coins, the governance token of Uniswap.

The platform airdropped 400 UNI coins to each wallet address that participated at least once in the platform’s trading functionalities.

Some users managed to create dozens of addresses and each coin ended up being worth a little more than $7.

For many, this aidrop accounted for more than a year’s worth of salary.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any future airdrops, check the following websites:

4. Earn.com and CoinMarketCap.com (CMC)

Both Earn (by Coinbase) and CMC are very popular with people who want to earn cryptocurrency without investing any money.

The platforms offer the opportunity for users to earn crypto simply by educating themselves about particular coins or taking small actions for small rewards.

While Earn.com has been a staple for the past two years, CMC only recently released its “Earn” section, which at this moment only lists BAND and KAVA, two Binance projects that recently hosted their IEO on the platform.

Note that CoinMarketCap was acquired by Binance earlier this year, so we will probably see more IEO projects getting listed in their Earn section.

The best thing you can do to remain alert of potential opportunities is to check both websites on a frequent basis and find earning chances that are actually worth your time investment.

In most cases, you will simply need to learn the basics of a certain cryptocurrency, which makes it a win-win if the industry interests you.

5. Bounties

Bounties became very popular in the earlier days of crypto when ICOs were more popular.

Newer projects would promote their new coin offering on Bitcointalk, Telegram, and more esteemed websites, like Bounty0x.io, in order to gain more public interest.

Bounties still attract a lot of public interest today, moreso from users of third-world countries that are willing to spend a significant amount of time promoting a particular cryptocurrency in order to, potentially, earn some value back as soon as the coin is listed.

From all options listed in the article, we would recommend this one as last, since the opportunity to actually earn a significant amount of money is rather small.

That being said, there have been recent bounty payouts that were very successful.

One of them was Energi (NRG), a coin which, after its listing, reached an impressive peak price of $4+ USD.

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