DXG Airdrop Campaign – Claim 3000DXG ($30) & 50DXG for Each Referral

Following a very successful private sale, in order to enlarge and bootstrap its community, Dexage has decided to offer users the opportunity to get a share out of 250, 000, 000 tokens in the DXG airdrop and join the state-of-the-art decentralized exchange with multi-tier trading ecosystem

Dexage is rewarding its early birds through an airdrop by allowing each user to claim 3000DXG and 50DXG for each referral.

The airdrop has started running from October 10th, 2018, and would last till November 30th, 2018.

How Can I participate in the Dexage Airdrop?

Those interested in participating in this airdrop only have to go through a simple 5 minutes process.

  • Visit dexage.io and click “Join Airdrop”
  • Fill in all required info, this includes;
    – Ethereum wallet address that supports ERC20 tokens
    – Your telegram Username
    – Facebook Username
    – Twitter Username
  • After confirming your email, you need to complete the airdrop tasks by following DexAge on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.
  • After this, your tokens will be pending but credited to your main balance 24hrs after completing the airdrop tasks.
  • So also, all referral tokens would be pending until each referral completes his or her airdrop tasks before the transactions are completed and added to your token balance.

What do I Need to Participate?

To participate in the DXG airdrop campaign, you only need a few easy things which include;

  • An ERC20 Ethereum wallet address to be able to receive and store your tokens.
  • A valid Facebook account.
  • A valid Twitter account.
  • A valid telegram account.

When can I Withdraw my Airdrop Tokens?

According to the DexAge whitepaper, airdrop tokens are locked until a month after the crowd sale which will end on 28th February 2019.

After this, tokens will be automatically distributed to qualified participants.

This means users don’t have to worry about manual withdrawal as tokens would be sent automatically to their ERC20 Ethereum address provided during registration.

How Much is my 3000DXG Worth?

By March 2019 when distribution and withdrawal start, 1DXG will be worth 0.00005ETH.

Calculating using this value, your free 3000DXG airdrop tokens will be worth about 0.15ETH which as of today is worth approximately $34. This value can also increase following the listing of DXG on external exchanges.

One factor worthy of note is that all unsold token will be burnt, hereby fixing its supply and increasing scarcity.

After fixing its supply, Dexage has allocated 20% of its revenue to buy back DXG tokens until 50% of the circulating supply has been bought back and also burnt thus drastically increasing scarcity.

What does the Future hold for DXG?

Judging by the amazing concept of the Dexage project, the utility of its token, the scarcity mechanism been implemented, the ever-growing community of users, traders and investors and considering the dedicated team behind this token, we could see a tremendous increase within the first two years.

Join Airdrop

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