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CryptoTalk is a very young forum dedicated to cryptocurrencies, including mining, trading and other types of earnings in this area. Launched in early autumn 2019.

The main feature that favorably distinguishes CryptoTalk from other crypto forums is that each registered user can receive a reward in the form of a small amount of BTC daily, simply by talking on topics of interest to him.

The audience of the forum is rapidly expanding, thanks to its convenience and simplicity, the vastness of topics covered and, of course, the sound payment of messages that comply with the rules established by the administration.

CryptoTalk Forum

This post is an in-depth guide on the forum “CryptoTalk” thus, for better understanding and grasp of the entire article a list of things to be covered has been provided below;

History of Creation

The forum is quite new- launched on September 26, 2019. On the same day, the project team created the theme “ Get paid for every post! »With the announcement of the launch of the campaign, in which users will be charged a fixed fee for each constructive message.

CryptoTalk Administration Announces Payment of User Messages 
CryptoTalk Forum Launch

The main sponsor helping the forum to pay for user messages is the YoBit cryptocurrency exchange. Many believe that it is involved in the creation of CryptoTalk, although this information has not yet been officially confirmed.

Register for CryptoTalk

How to register at the Crypto forum

How to register on CryptoTalk:

Step 1. Log in to the official CryptoTalk website. CryptoTalk Website

Step 2. Fill out a simple registration form.

Step 3. Confirm the registration by clicking on the link that CryptoTalk will send by email.

Step 4. Congratulations, you have become a member of the CryptoTalk forum.

Each step will be described in detail below.

To start making money on this CryptoTalk forum, the first thing you need to do is become a registered user. The registration procedure is launched using the “Sign Up” button, which is located on the site in the upper right corner.

In the registration form that opens, you need to specify a name, email address, and a strong password. There, if you wish, you can subscribe to receive the newsletter from the forum by ticking the option “Send me news and updates”.

Then, without fail, you must agree to the terms of use of the site (I agree to the Terms of Use) and click the “Create My Account” button.

CryptoTalk Registration Form

To complete the creation of the profile, it is necessary to verify the email address specified during registration. This is done by clicking on the button “Validate my Email address”, which will be contained in the message sent by the forum. After that, the specified username and password can be used to log in to CryptoTalk.

Forum Login

Login to Crypto forum

To gain access to all the functions of the CryptoTalk forum, a user must log in using his username and password. You need to specify them in the appropriate form, which is called by clicking on the “Sign In” button, located in the upper right corner of the site header.

At the same time, the “Remember me” option can be checked so that during subsequent logins to CryptoTalk it is not necessary to enter your data each time (if the same computer and browser are used). ☝️ You can also log in to the forum anonymously (the “Sign in anonymously” option) if the user, for whatever reason, does not want his username to appear in the list of online attendees.

Features of the Crypto forum

You can communicate on CryptoTalk in any convenient language, but the site interface is available only in two – English (by default) and Russian. Accordingly, all the main branches are duplicated directly on the main page of the site in both languages.

As befits the forum, CryptoTalk has a minimalistic design that is not overloaded with advertising banners (so far there are none at all). Most of the space on all pages are occupied by lists of sections, topics or their immediate contents (message feed).

But also in the site template, there is a column that contains statistics on the number of topics, posts and forum users. New posts published on CryptoTalk are also displayed there. Moreover, all that is allowed to users in terms of customizing the display of the site is changing the background image.

Chatting on CryptoTalk

Chatting on CryptoTalk


CryptoTalk Main Information Areas and Background Change Button

As for direct communication on the forum, you can write messages on any topic that interest the user. To select them, you can examine the pages in the main sections of the site or use the search bar. Those who want to participate in an active discussion will be helped by the Popular block located on the main page, as well as the Activity menu, through which the feed of the most recent posts of other users opens.

You can also create your own themes. To do this, you need to go to the thematically appropriate forum thread CryptoTalk and click the “Create a new topic” button. Alternatively, you can use the “Create” menu located in the header of the site next to the user’s nickname.

In the window that opens, fill in the “Title” field, indicate the appropriate tags, register your text content and, if necessary, attach the files supplementing it. This is done in a simple editor with a minimal set of tools for formatting text.

Before publishing a topic, you can activate the “Notify me of replies” slider to keep abreast of new user posts in it.

CryptoTalk: Pay Per Message

CryptoTalk Forum Communication Fee

According to the rules established by the CryptoTalk administration, for each post posted on the forum pages, The user that posted it is paid 1000 satoshi (0.00001 BTC).

Though, this only happens if the messages meet several conditions – they should be:

  • Original, thematic and constructive (meaningful and carry some value for the topic, without copy-paste of texts from the Internet or posts of other users, etc.).
  • No spam (advertising messages, referral links, malicious sites, etc.).
  • At least 100 characters in size.

An important nuance is that for the new CryptoTalk user to start receiving for messages, their total number must exceed one hundred. That is, you can receive a reward of 1000 satoshi only from the moment of writing the 101st quality post.

It should be borne in mind that beginners can not post more than 50 messages per day for 5 days from the date of registration on the forum. That is, it turns out that you can start making money on the CryptoTalk forum no earlier than on the third day after activating the profile, provided that 100 high-quality posts are written in the first two days. In addition, only 30 constructive messages per day are paid, that is, the maximum possible payout per day is 30,000 Satoshi (0,0003 BTC).

All other posts, above the specified number, do not affect the size of the daily payout. You will not be able to earn money on messages posted in the sections “Airdrops”, “Bounty campaigns” and “Offtopic” – when communicating in them, the counter of useful posts remains unchanged. But then the creation of a new original topic counts as one paid message.

CryptoTalk Forum Rules

Also, do not publish 30 messages in half an hour, because in this case, it will be clear that the only goal of the user is to earn money. Moderators are especially picky about such users, sparing no warnings and bans for frequent and not too informative posts that can be equated with spam.

It was also noted that it is best to write in topics not independent messages, but to respond to someone’s posts. In this way, a “live” conversation can begin, during which the right amount of messages will be quickly typed and the likelihood of paying for them will increase.

You can familiarize yourself with all the conditions for paying for posts in more detail in the forum topic ” FAQ for beginners .” In addition, it is worth studying the official rules of behavior on CryptoTalk , so that instead of the expected reward you will not get a ban, for example, for creating duplicate topics or trying to earn more than expected by using multi-accounts.

Satoshi Conclusion with CryptoTalk

How to withdraw funds with CryptoTalk

The withdrawal of earned funds from the forum is carried out through the affiliate program of the YoBit exchange.

To make this possible, you need to register on this site and then activate the desired function in your user account by selecting the CryptoTalk Campaign item in the menu.

Then in the field “Your CryptoTalk UID” you need to enter the same email address that was used when registering on the forum. The successful completion of the bundle of forum and exchange profiles will be indicated by the automatic replacement of the entered mail with the same number that is included in the account address on CryptoTalk.

A little below will be indicated the number of messages, after which the user will start to pay, and the current number of useful posts written by him.

YoBit CryptoTalk Affiliate Program Page

Satoshi earnings statistics are updated every 4-6 hours. The total amount available for withdrawal will be displayed in the “Earned” field. Details of all CryptoTalk payout transactions by day will be available in the table on the same page below.

It is worth noting that sometimes moderators do not have time to check the quality of posts published by the CryptoTalk user during the current day. In this case, he will be rewarded for all his messages (within the maximum possible 30,000 satoshi).

But if on the next day a part of yesterday’s posts will be deleted after verification, their cost will be deducted from the next amount earned during the day. Therefore, cheating by publishing low-quality messages closer to the end of the day in the hope that the moderators do not have time to process them will fail.

Whatever the size of the earnings received for communicating on the CryptoTalk forum, the user can withdraw them at any time. To do this, he needs to click the button “Add to BTC balance”, after which the funds will appear in the bitcoin wallet of his YoBit account.

Then these satoshis can be withdrawn from the exchange to your personal BTC address. At the same time, the site has no minimum limit on the withdrawal of bitcoin. The main thing is that the available balance is enough to pay a commission for an outgoing transaction. And this, as you know, usually means the loss of 1-2 or more dollars.

Therefore, the better exchange is received from CryptoTalk Bitcoins than any other cryptocurrency through trading interface YoBit and then withdraw funds through the appropriate payment channel with a lower commission (kriptokoshelki, bank cards, Qiwi, AdvCash et al.).

Benefits of earning with CryptoTalk

Earnings on the CryptoTalk Forum

The main reasons why users choose the CryptoTalk forum to make money are as follows:

  • It is quite simple to fulfil the conditions that give the right to receive a reward, in particular, because you can write messages and create topics in Russian and English
  • Payments of Satoshi earned are made daily and this is confirmed by numerous reviews;
  • There are no minimum restrictions on the amount of withdrawal;
  • Often there are opportunities for additional earnings in the form of competitions in which you can win a more serious reward – for example, last month the competition for user activity ended with the main prize of 1 BTC.

Well, the main advantage that seriously distinguishes the CryptoTalk forum from other options for earning without investments, of course, is the ability to guarantee and receive quite a significant reward by making relatively little effort.

If you receive the maximum allowable amount of 30,000 Satoshi daily, you can withdraw up to 0.0093 BTC per month (today it is ~ $ 70).

And if now this amount may seem paltry to someone, it’s worth imagining how much the coins received from CryptoTalk will cost when bitcoin goes up, for example, to $ 100 thousand. In any case, you can’t earn a tenth of the amount mentioned on bitcoin taps even with the current course of bitcoin.

How to earn bitcoin on the Crypto forum

To increase the likelihood of receiving the maximum possible payment, you can write daily not 30, but, for example, 40–45 quality messages of the right size, since most often moderators delete some of them, considering them non-constructive.

Although if you do not consider the CryptoTalk forum exclusively as a tool for making money, but simply go to it to actively communicate on topics of interest, the number of posts will quietly reach the desired limit, which will lead to a daily pleasant bonus in bitcoins.

At least, this is the case now, while this opportunity is present. After all, it is clear that this measure with the payment for writing messages was taken to attract as many users to the forum as possible, in the hope that some of them will remain even when the CryptoTalk generosity attraction is over.


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