CryptoGold Review: 3 Facts The Reviews Won’t Tell You

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Welcome to my CryptoGold review

Is CryptoGold a scam? Is it Legit? Can you make money out of this opportunity?

News of CryptoGold is spreading like wild-fire; people seem to be flocking into this opportunity from left, right and centre.

Chances are you have come across adverts promoting CryptoGold or you simply learnt about them from a friend, relative or colleague. However, as a smart investor, you cannot afford to invest your money on mere recommendations, you require more background info to calculate your chances of making decent profits out of this.

We have gone into in-depth research to unravel what CryptoGold is really about, their ownership info, track records etc. Simply – all you need to know about CryptoGold.

We have been in the business of cracking open — fraudulent platforms for quite a while now and are happy to keep up the good work as recommended by our readers. Today we shall crack CryptoGold wide open, to give you a clearer picture of what to expect should you choose to invest your money.

Read on…

CryptoGold Review: Ownership Information?

All smart investors know that transparency is of utmost importance in any given venture, you need to know who is responsible for the safety of your funds at every given point in time, and you also need to know how your profits will be realised. Heck, why will you even bother investing if there is no profit guarantee?

Sadly, CryptoGold does not disclose any information on its ownership, executive team or anything of that sort on its website. Its investors do not even know where the company is located when it was created etc. They obviously don’t know where their money is heading to; they just put their money because the site says so.

Who does that?

Further research on the sites domain registration details led us to some pretty interesting findings. Firstly, CryptoGold has 2 websites, the first website “” was registered on the 26th of July 2016 to a certain Michael Bauer with an address in Cologne, Germany.

The second website “” claims a certain Sanscha Senft is its operational director with a PO BOX address to a Location in Dubai. The logical conclusion here is that CryptoGold is based in Dubai but uses the Germany address for its namesake site or the other way round, which by all indications is a RED FLAG to put into consideration before investing your money.

Moreover, how else will you define an investment platform with 2 addresses, in 2 different countries, registered to 2 different people?

Further attempts at finding more about Bauer and Senft yielded no results, maybe because they don’t exist or they are simply aliases.

CryptoGold Review: Products on Offer

CryptoGold does not offer any retail products like most Legit MLM platforms will do.

Affiliates with CryptoGold only have the affiliate membership to offer to their prospective referrals, the draw here is the commissions they stand to get for being members of this platform.

We are not new to platforms like this, there pop up now and then and more often than not end up as scams. (Another RED FLAG)

CryptoGold Review: Compensation Plan

Affiliates on CryptoGold invest their money in the hope of earning ROI’s (Returns on their investments).

CryptoGold offers 3 investment packages: $50, $100 and $500 and pays out daily ROI in the form of Bitcoins, the ROI’s on offer are not constant, they differ on a daily basis.

In addition to investing and earning a daily ROI, affiliates can also earn referral commissions from inviting new affiliates into the system.

Furthermore, the more affiliates refer and stimulate their referrals to invite more, the more money they stand to gain. Incomes here are calculated through a binary system and for an affiliate to qualify, he/she must upgrade to the highest package — the $500 package.

The higher your referrals and sub-referrals, the more points you get and the higher your affiliate rank.

The higher your affiliate rank, the higher your daily ROI.

At this point, I believe you can clearly see what this is all about? Referral, referral, referral.

Membership fee

To join CryptoGold you must pay a membership fee of $79 and to make any money out of it, you must invest a minimum of $50.

However, to make the most from CryptoGold’s compensation plan, you will have to upgrade to the highest package — the $500 package.

We have seen scam platforms use this very template time and time again and people still fall for them. It is a really sickening development.


CryptoGold promises to double its affiliates investments, there present a statement on their website that explains how these daily profits come about.

According to them, they generate these profits from investing in mining pools, these mining pools generate a variety of Cryptocurrencies, which are then paid out to its investors.

The question is: Is there any proof to these claims? NO!

How then do they generate the commissions paid out to affiliates who refer others into the system? And other residual commissions?

Your guess is as good as mine.

They simply pay old members from the investments made by new members, while they keep the rest for themselves, and when the volume of new members depreciates, chances are they will simply elope with all they can lay their hands on.

If you want our candid advice, stay off this platform.

You can make money trading in Cryptocurrencies and we have a beginner guide to get you up to speed in no time. Access it here.


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  1. Fatih Yavuz

    Crypto Gold has not been paying for months, has not kept its promises, people do not produce their production, the calculations are wrong,

  2. cryptogoldscam

    Crypto gold aylardır ödeme yapmıyor ve siteye girilmiyor


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