Make 40K Daily With Your Phone With This Crypto Arbitrage Opportunity

Searching for the best arbitrage opportunity to profit from? You are in the right place. ✔️

In this post, I will show you how to make 40K daily in crypto arbitrage with just your smartphone.

You don’t need to worry if you are a beginner because I will guide you through the process step-by-step.

This is the best crypto arbitrage trading article you will ever see online. Make sure you follow through to the end.

How To Make 40K Daily With Crypto Arbitrage

You may watch this video to see how Jude Umeano did it himself.

But if you’d rather read, I have explained the steps below. Enjoy!

Let’s start by understanding what arbitrage trading means!

What Is Arbitrage Trading?

Arbitrage trading is the practice of profiting from the difference in an asset’s price in two or more markets.

Let’s break things down a little further.

Assume we have “Market A” and “Market B” selling oranges.

One orange costs $10 in “Market A,” but in “Market B” it costs $5.

To make a quick profit, I can buy some oranges in “Market B”, then go to “Market A” and sell them.

But before I do this though, I need to make sure that other expenses like transport fare or exchange fees won’t eat up my profit.

If otherwise, the whole process will only be a waste of my time. I’m sure you get it.

This is how arbitrage trading works.

Now, in cryptocurrency, an arbitrage opportunity might exist between 2 or more centralized exchanges or between a centralized and a decentralized exchange.

It can also exist between different markets within the same exchange. An example is between a P2P market and a spot market.

This post is about the latter. Read on below.

Steps To Take Part In This Arbitrage Opportunity (P2P market and Spot market)

The exchange we will use is OKX.

i. Create an OKX account—this is the exchange where this arbitrage opportunity I’m about to show you exist.

ii. Buy USDT with Naira in the P2P market

iii. Swap the USDT for BTC or ETH using “Convert”

iv. Sell the BTC or ETH for Naira

v. Take your profit

vi. Repeat the same process.

Note: Before taking these steps, you have to first find out if the arbitrage opportunity still exists before you proceed.

This is because arbitrary traders tend to immediately exploit any arbitrage opportunity such that it quickly depletes.

How To Perform The Crypto Arbitrage

First and foremost,, if you are yet to sign up on OKX, do so here.

Next, we will check if the arbitrage is available. Let’s proceed.

OKX crypto arbitrage trading

In this example, we will check if there is an arbitrage opportunity for ETH. Remember, you can check for BTC as well.

  • Next, we will try buying USDT with 100,000 Naira.
    • Enter the amount and click on “Buy” attached to the first trader that was displayed.
  • Next, we enter the amount (100,000 Naira) again. The amount I will receive be displayed.

From the screenshot below, you will see that I will receive 139,37 USDT.

OKX crypto arbitrage trading
  • Go back to the homepage and click on “more”, then select “convert.”
  • Next, we will try to convert USDT to ETH to see the amount we will receive.
crypto arbitrage trading

I inputted 139.37 USDT, as you can see, and it indicates that I will receive 0.1097.

The next step is to check how much we can get for selling 0.1097 ETH on the P2P market.

  • Go back to “P2P, “and select the “Sell” option. Enter the amount and select a trader and click “sell”.
arbitrage trading
  • Once it opens up, enter the amount again to see how much you will receive.

From the screenshot, you can see that if we sell 0.1097 ETH, we will receive 102,131.25 Naira.

arbitrage trading

If you remember, we started this transaction with 100,000 Naira, but after selling the ETH, we are receiving 102,131.25 Naira.

This is approximately a 2000 Naira price difference. Cool!

It means that there is an arbitrage opportunity and we can go ahead and make the trade.

Now, if we were to repeat the transaction up to 20 times, we would have made approximately 40,000 Naira. It’s crazy, right?

Other exchanges where you can try this similar arbitrage opportunity include:

Scroll down and let’s conclude!


Arbitrage opportunities can be discovered at different times and on different exchanges.

If you know how to exploit them, you will be making yourself a regular quick buck.

This is where we end the post. I sincerely hope it was helpful.

Before you go, I would like to get your feedback.

Did you take advantage of this opportunity?

How did it go? Was it BTC or ETH, and was there a significant price difference?

Put your thoughts in the comment box.

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