Coinbundle – Making Crypto Investing Available to Everyone

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As cryptocurrency gains publicity, exchanges are also booming.

One drawback though – an investor has to visit several exchanges to invest or acquire certain crypto coins.

Why visit several exchanges when you can get everything on one?

This is what Coinbundle, a new crypto exchange and investment start-up is bringing to the table; Crypto investing open to everyone.

About Coinbundle


Coinbundle is a cryptocurrency trading and investing platform project that is making crypto investing available to everyone through several easy-to-use options for building their crypto portfolios.

As the name implies, the bundle concept allows investors to diversify their crypto investments. This helps to distribute the funds and minimize risks through calculated diversification.

Users on the platform can invest based on risk profiles and strategies with one click even for novices.

The investments are stored securely with a custodian and also insured against theft by Lloyds of London making the platform the only crypto investing platform to attain this feat.

For novice investors in the crypto market, Coinbundle makes their experience exciting with signature bundles. The platform offers options suitable for any category of investors; from conservative to aggressive.


  • Bundled crypto investments.
  • Diversification of funds.
  • No minimum investments.
  • Multi Crypto deposit gateways.
  • Credit card deposits and withdrawal.
  • Zero transaction fees.
  • Interactive interface.
  • One-click crypto investment and diversification.
  • The platform is insured against theft.
  • Physical and reputable team.
  • In demand products.
  • Security of funds.
  • Verification of users.

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Ease of Use

Coinbundle platform is very easy to use even for novices due to the interactive interface.

It displays full info about the contents of each bundle in percentages. It also provides graphs and profits over the last year, month, week, and 24hours for easy decision making.

 Requirements for registration


To register an account on Coinbundle is quite straightforward.

Firstly, you have to be 18years or older. Then, you are required to provide a functional and accessible email address and create a strong password. Also, you will be prompted to provide your phone number, full name, and date of birth (as it appears on your means of identification) for the purpose of verification.

How to Make Money on Coinbundle

You can make money on Coinbundle through;

  • The bundled crypto investment platform.
  • The referral program.

Bundled crypto investment

Here, you can invest in bundled crypto portfolios which have been carefully selected by experts to match your investment strategy either conservative or aggressive. When you select a bundled portfolio, it shows the percentage each crypto coin takes out of the whole investment.

This implies that if a portfolio is selected that has BTC of 50%, 50% of the funds invested in that portfolio is used to invest in BTC. To do this;

  • After registration and verification, select a portfolio that suits your investment strategy.
  • Click on the buy tab.
  • Indicate the amount of funds you are willing to invest in the selected portfolio.
  • Click on buy.

And voila! Your investment is diversified according to the percentages stated earlier.

You can choose to invest in more than one crypto portfolio at the same time.

Also, you can choose to sell off or liquidate any of your portfolios at any given time. This can be withdrawn, kept in your e-wallet or invested into another portfolio as you so desire.

Referral program

Coinbundle operates a very simple and rewarding referral program.

Users are rewarded with $5 for every $100 invested into any of the portfolios by any of their valid referrals.

This amount could be a one-time investment or as a result of cumulative investments.

To get your unique referral link, click menu, and click on the referral program.

Security and Regulations

As stated earlier, Coinbundle is a secured platform with investments been insured against theft with Lloyd’s of London.

As far as regulations go, the platform is also highly regulated.

It has an approved license as a cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines.


On the platform, the only fees charged are on deposits and withdrawals using your bank cards i. e. VISA or MasterCard.

Other than this, Coinbundle does not charge any fees whatsoever. No joining fee, no maintenance fee, and no transaction fees.

Deposits and withdrawals

To deposit or withdraw funds on Coinbundle is really a piece of cake. The platform supports several popular deposit and withdrawal options. These include payment giants like VISA and MasterCard and also cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.

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With its unique features like auto-investing, bundled portfolios, one-click diversification and with the backing crypto and investment giants such as Fundersclub and Amino capital, Coinbundle is surely ready to deliver on its promises of making crypto investment available to every class and level of investor.

However, a drawback is in the platforms customer support which is not prompt enough for a cryptocurrency exchange that is primarily targeting novices in the crypto space.

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This piece of article should not be taken as a guarantee or endorsement of any sort to any cryptocurrency exchange. It should also not be seen as a professional investment advice but just pieces of honest opinions formed by usage and extensive research. We would be liable for any loss suffered as a result of using this article as basis for investment.


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