CoinMarketCap Earn: An Ideal Way To Earn While You Learn

Want to earn while learning? Then this CoinMarketCap Earn post is for you!

CoinMarketCap Earn is a feature of CoinMarketCap that allows users to earn tokens while learning about a crypto project.

In the subsequent parts of this post, I will be telling you how it works and what is required to participate.

Know you can’t wait to hear all about it (after all, who doesn’t like free coins)

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What is CoinMarketCap (CMC) Earn?

CoinMarketCap Earn is a feature of the CoinMarketCap platform.

CoinMarketCap is the top price-tracking website for crypto assets in the ever-growing crypto space.

The platform was founded in 2013 by Chez Brandon. This was prior to its acquisition by Binance in April 2020.

It launched CoinMarketCap Earn in August 2020; a feature just like Coinbase‘s Earn program.

This feature allows its users to learn about supported blockchain projects and earn tokens doing that.

CoinMarketCap Earn educational programs are subject to and governed by the CoinMarketCap User Agreement and CoinMarketCap Earn User Agreement

Now you might be wondering: How does it work?

Find the answer to that question in the subheading below.

How Does CoinMarketCap Earn Work?

How this works is basically you going through the crypto project videos (not up to 4mins each) and completing the quiz attached.

You will then earn tokens for doing this.

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

Step I

Sign Up for a CoinMarketCap account and a Binance account (and verify your account).

Step II

After that, go back to the CoinMarketCap page and hover your cursor over ‘Learn’. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Earn’.

Step III

It opens up to the image below. Click on ‘Get Started.

Step IV

This takes you to where you have a list of the available projects. Select the project of your choice to learn about it.

Assuming I chose Nervos Network, I will click on ‘Earn CKB’ to start up.

Step V

Go through the videos and after that, click on ‘Take the quiz’.

Step VI

Fill in all the required details, take the test, and submit. You will be notified of the receipt of your quiz answers via the email address you provided.

This is how you go about learning to earn tokens.

But before you can earn from CoinMarketCap Earn, there are some requirements.

Let’s see them below.

CoinMarketCap Earn Requirements

Before you can earn from the program, there are pre-requisites.

They include:

  • A CoinMarketCap account
  • A KYC-verified Binance account
  • You are not from these locations:
    • Belarus
    • Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Cuba
    • Iraq
    • Iran
    • Mainland China
    • North Korea
    • Sudan
    • South Sudan (SS)
    • Syria
    • The United States of America and its territories
    • Guam (GU)
    • Northern Mariana Islands (MP)
    • Puerto Rico (PR)
    • Virgin Islands US (VI)
    • American Samoa (AS)
    • The United States Minor Outlying Islands (UM)
    • Zimbabwe.

We will now see some of the CoinMarketCap Earn listed projects.

Scroll down.

CoinMarketCap Earn Listed Projects

Below, you will find a list of some of the crypto projects on CoinMarketCap Earn and answers to the quiz questions.


0. Crust Network (CRU)

Which storage layer protocol currently Crust provides an incentive layer for?

Ans.: IPFS

What technical framework is used to build the Crust public chain?

Ans.: Polkadot Substrate

What is the number of tokens generated when the Crust mainnet is launched?

Ans.: 20,000,000

In the Crust incentive consensus mechanism, what does the staking limit of a node depend on?

Ans.: Storage capacity

In what year and month did Crust open its storage function?

Ans.: Feb. 2021

Which application has used Crust storage to deploy Dapp?

Ans.: Uniswap

In which month and year will the Crust mainnet go live?

Ans.: Sep. 2021

What is your Crust Main Chain Address?*
Ans.: Visit to sign up and get your Crust Main Chain address.

[Bonus] Try Crust storage!

Ans.: The tutorial is in the lesson 3 video, leave the CID of the file you ordered, and we will verify it. (refer to the lesson 3 whole tutorial video)

Add Crust Network to Your “Public Watchlist” (URL/Link)

Ans.: Add Crust Network to your watchlist. For example: [] []

1. TheForce.Trade

What are the Services that Theforce.Trade provides?

Ans.: All Of The Above

What is the token symbol of TheForce.Trade platform tokens?

Ans.: FOC

What type of NFT can be traded on TheForce NFT Platform?

Ans.: All Of The Above

What are the scenarios where you can use FOC token?

Ans.: AOTA

What chain was TheForce.Trade initially launched on?

Ans.: Binance Smart Chain

What is your BEP-20 wallet address?

Ans.: Supply your address

2. Mobox (MOBOX)

What is the maximum supply of MBOX?

Ans.: 1,000,000,000

How many games are there on TradeAction?

Ans.: 3

MOBOX Protocol combine Yield farming DeFi with Gaming NFTs to create what?

Ans.: GameFi

True NFT interoperability means?

Ans.: Combining cross chain and cross platform functionality for NFTs

What blockchain does MOBOX utilize?

Ans.: Binance Smart Chain

What are the NFT’s called on MOBOX?

Ans.: MOMOs

What is your Binance Smart Chain Wallet Address?

Ans.: Supply your BSC wallet address

*Make sure you have a Binance Smart Chain wallet. Your BSC wallet MUST NOT be on a centralized exchange like Binance, Coinbase or other similar platforms. Submit your Decentralized Binance Smart Chain wallet from wallets like MOBOX, Metamask and other Web3 wallets are fine as well.

3. FIO Protocol

What is the max supply of FIO tokens?

Ans.: 1,000,000,000

What is the FIO Protocol?

Ans.: A service-layer solution that makes sending, receiving and even requesting cryptocurrency joyful and easy to do across all blockchains.

What does the FIO Protocol replace the need for?

Ans.: Long and complicated public keys

What can the FIO Protocol be used for?

Ans.: All of the above

The FIO Protocol enables…

Ans.: users to transfer value from one wallet or exchange to another in a way that’s joyful and easy

What is the FIO Token used for?

Ans.: All of the above

What is a FIO Address?

Ans.: A customized, unique human-readable wallet name and NFT

FIO Domains such as @domain…

Ans.: Are typically the name of the wallet or exchange

Create your own FIO wallet here.

Ans.: Add the wallet address here.


  • The first round of distribution is currently scheduled for May 1st, 2021.
  • You will need to create an FIO wallet in any of these wallets – Coinomi, ShapeShift, Edge, Guarda, Infinito, WhiteBIT, Scatter, etc
  • To customize your wallet address, click on Settings > FIO name new > get FIO name > check availability > register >

4. The Sandbox

What is the total supply of SAND tokens?

On which blockchain is The Sandbox ecosystem currently developed onto?

What is the main The Sandbox virtual world primary focus for users?
Playing games

What is NOT one of the main utility token of The Sandbox ecosystem?

What is the name of the NFT Maker creation tool in The Sandbox that lets you make 3D game assets and tokenize them for putting on the Marketplace?

How can users monetize their games on The Sandbox?
All of the above

What tokens standards do The Sandbox use for its technology?
All of the above.

What can users do with the ASSETS bought on the marketplace?
Complete quests, fight enemies, and collect resources.

5. The Graph

What is the total supply of GRT tokens?

What is The Graph?
An indexing protocol for orgainizing blockchain data.

What are subgraphs?
 Open APIS that anyone can query

What’s the query language used for Subgraphs?

What do Curators do?
Signal on quality subgraphs by depositing GRT (The Graphs native token) in return for curation shares.

What are Indexers?
 Node operators that index data and serve queries.

Why do indexers have to stake GRT?
For economic security so if they misbehave they can be slashed (lose their GRT).

By delegating GRT to Indexers what can you do?
 Help secure the network and make sure there are plenty of indexers to serve and process data for the crypto economy

6. 1inch

What is the total supply of 1INCH tokens?

What is the name ‘1inch’ inspired by?
 Oriental martial arts.

A prototype of the 1inch DEX aggregator was created in just 18 hours during:
ETHGlobal hackathon in New York;

Sergei Kunz, 1inch co-founder and CEO, used to be responsible for software development at:

Currently, 1inch supports most of the well-known protocols, precisely:

Which of these characters invited 1inch to the “Three Comma Club” for hitting 1,000,000,000 USD in volumes for the first time:
Russ Hanneman;

Recently, 1inch unveiled a major upgrade of its functionality that was based on an improved algorithm named:

A unicorn is 1inch’s totem animal, and the first mention of those mythical creatures dates back to:
 Ancient Greece

7. Nervos Network

What is the total supply of CKB tokens?
 33.6 billion CKBytes

What is the full name of the Layer 1 Blockchain of the Nervos Network?
Common Knowledge Base.

What consensus algorithm does the Nervos Network use?
Proof-of-Work (PoW)

What three features can be attributed to the Nervos Blockchain?
 Open-source, permissionless, and Proof of Work secured

The Nervos Blockchain is purposefully built for optimal…
Layer 2 development and scaling

What is the name of the Nervos Native Token?
The CKByte

Nervos Native Token can be used for…
 All of the above

The Nervos DAO acts as …
 Inflation shelter

NOTE: The projects listed are the ones that are live at the time this post was written(Feb. 2021). You can check for the status of the projects here.

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about CoinMarketCap Earn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About CoinMarketCap Earn

When do I get my tokens?

The distribution of tokens will begin after the campaign has ended. This may take up to one month.
You can also check for the token distribution status of the projects here.

How many times can I take part in a campaign?

You are ONLY allowed to participate ONCE in every campaign.

Can I take the quiz as many times as I want?

No, please.
Every account has the opportunity of taking and submitting the quiz only ONCE.
You can still go through the questions but you will be unable to submit them a second time.

Will I get tokens during distribution if my Binance account is not KYC-verified?

For you to really earn tokens, your Binance account has to be KYC-verified before you take the quiz.
If not, CoinMarketCap Earn cannot guarantee that you will get your tokens during distribution.

How do I get my Binance User ID?

Follow these steps to find that:
– Log in to your Binance account
– Once logged in, click on your account
– You will find your user ID on the top left-hand side of the page.
Check out this link for further explanation on how to do that

How do I verify my Binance account?

– Log in to your account
– Hover over your account and from the drop down menu, select ‘Identification’
– Then go ahead with the verification

Is there a way to contact the team at CoinMarketCap Earn?

In case of any issues, you can reach out to the support team under “Report a bug”.


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Here is where we come to the end of today’s post.

So far, I put you through on how to earn from the Earn feature on CoinMarketCap.

I also provided the projects that have been listed already. I will keep updating the list as more projects are listed.

Now, after reading through, I want to hear from you.

Which of the projects will you be checking out first?

Of all the listed projects, which of them caught your fancy? Any particular reason for your answer?

Do you still have questions apart from the ones I answered above?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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