BSV Hackathon Finalists To Present P2P Applications In Front Of Live Audience

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The three BSV Hackathon finalists have been announced by the organizer Bitcoin Association.

It is a Switzerland-based non-profit organization that pursues the enterprise adoption of the BSV blockchain.

The top three P2P applications are Bitcoin Phone, CATN8, and TKS Pnt.

A representative from each finalist will be flown into New York City to present their final projects in front of a live audience at the upcoming CoinGeek Conference on October 5 to 7.

The venue for the three-day blockchain conference will be at The Sheraton, Times Square.

The three BSV Hackathon finalists are already assured of a part of the $100,000 prize pool payable in BSV.

The winner will be awarded $50,000, while the second and third runners-up will receive $30,000 and $20,000, respectively.

Aside from the guaranteed prize money, these finalists will be able to attend the popular conference and mingle with CEOs and professionals in the blockchain industry—maybe even meet potential investors that will help launch their applications.

The theme for this year’s BSV Hackathon is more challenging than in the past as the theme is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications, and entrants are tasked to utilize the recently released SPV Channels solution and Merchant API (mAPI).

Despite these added difficulties, proponents and judges of the competition have been impressed with the final projects submitted.

“Working with all-new technologies—just like we tasked participants in the 4th Bitcoin SV Hackathon with doing with SPV Channels—is never an easy proposition.But challenging situations often lead to innovative solutions, which we’ve certainly seen with the standard of entries in this year’s Hackathon,”

~ Steve Shadders, nChain CTO and BSV Technical Standards Committee Chairman

Bitcoin Phone, developed by Joe Thomas from Canada, leverages the simple utility of the universal Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) combined with the functions and security of the Bitcoin protocol, making it one of the first applications to use the new Voice-over-Bitcoin (VoB) protocol.

“The protocol can broadcast voice data over the Bitcoin network by leveraging the non-finality of nSequence to enable close to real-time data streaming.”

CATN8, created by a group composed of Marcel Gruber, Dave Foderick, and Thor from Canada and the United States, is an online video streaming platform that utilizes micropayments in providing a full-feature SPV wallet, a streaming media server, and a monetized video player.

“Referred to as the ‘Money Button of video players’ by its creators, the project sources its inspiration from section eight of the Bitcoin white paper to realize the full potential of the BSV blockchain to empower the Internet of the future.”

TKS Pnt is created by the Japanese national, Meta Taro.

It is a point tokenization system designed for merchants and customers to access and spend points and tokens collectively.

“Points systems offered by various merchants can be integrated within the TKS Pnt application, where they are collected with the user’s other points and tokens. The app uses mAPI to communicate with miners when uploading the transaction history of points to the BSV blockchain.”

BSV Hackathon aims to promote the adoption of the BSV blockchain by encouraging developers to build their applications on it through the incentivized competition, at the same time providing a new avenue for rookies in the blockchain space to be able to show people what they can do.

The ultimate goal for entrants is to be able to launch their apps and establish a business they can earn from.


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